107 mind-blowing law of attraction or manifestation techniques you can use starting today

If you want the most comprehensive list of Law of attraction techniques that you can start using today, then you’ll love this guide.

All 107 of these techniques have been proven to raise your vibration, helping you attract all that you desire in life.

And you can filter through the list to find the technique by type of desire.

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General Manifestation Techniques

These law of attraction Techniques can be used for any manifestation on any subject.

1. Visualize

What is it?

We’ve all heard this one before. Close your eyes and imagine something you desire. But visualization goes beyond that.

The key is to visualize with emotion. We live in a vibrational universe where like vibrations match like vibrations.

How you feel is an indicator of what your current vibe (or point of attraction) is.

The greater the positive emotion you feel while visualizing, the faster you move towards the manifestation of your desires.

Mike Dooley highlights 6 guidelines for visualization, to help you get going.

When to use it?

Visualizing something when you’re in a bad state of mind, won’t help you. Remember emotion is key here. It is very difficult to jump from feeling angry to feeling joy through a visualization.

The best time to visualize then is when you’re already in a positive frame of mind.

The following is a breakdown of the emotional scale created by Esther Hicks, that highlights the 22 levels of emotions (or some variation of) that humans feeling.

Law of Attraction Techniques: Emotional Scale
This emotional scale was taken from the book Ask and It Is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks and was created specifically for this blog post.

Obviously the higher up you go in emotion, the closer you become to manifesting your desires.

Visualizing is best when you’re between 1 (Joy) and 9 (Pessimistic) on the scale.

2. Meditate

What is it?

Again, we’ve all heard this one before. And that’s because it works for most people (if you’ve tried meditation before with no luck, then check out this article showing alternatives to meditation).

Formally, meditation is defined as follows:

“to engage in mental exercise (such as concentration on one’s breathing or repetition of a mantra) for the purpose of reaching a heightened level of spiritual awareness.”

From a law of attraction perspective, meditation is beneficial because it allows you to clear your mind or slow down your thoughts, automatically raising your vibration.

When to use it?

In terms of the emotional scale, you can use meditation anywhere from 1 (Joy) and 22 (Fear). In other words, you can meditate anytime.

Pro tip – Our thoughts have momentum, because of law of attraction sends us more like thoughts. When you meditate, momentum slows down. When you come out of a meditation, use that window of opportunity to deliberately focus your thoughts in a positive direction.

3. Write Positive Affirmations

Law of Attraction Techniques: Positive Affirmations

What is it?

A declaration of something.

We say affirmations all the time. Most of the time we’re not even aware that we are.

Do any of these statements sound familiar:

“I’m too old”

“I’m too young.”

“I’m a poor artist.”

“I have a bad memory.”

“I’m really good at sports.”

“Nothing ever works out for me.”

“Everything is always working out for me.”

These are all affirmations. Affirm something enough and it starts to change into a belief.

Positive affirmations are a deliberate (conscious) attempt to declare a positive in your life.

The challenge is saying affirmations are not very effective. Saying “I am rich”, when you are clearly not, won’t accomplish anything.

Writing them down is more powerful. Especially making up your own positive affirmations and writing the down.

First, it allows you to focus.

Second, a written statement has a lot more gravity (similar to signing a contract) than speaking.

Third, you tap into your own creative faculties when you write your own affirmations, making you feel more in line with the affirmations being written.

When to use it?

You can use this law of attraction technique no matter where you are on the emotional scale.

But there are some ground rules.

If you’re between 1 (Joy) and 8 (Boredom) on the emotional scale write strong, bold statements like “I am attraction incredible amounts of money in my life.

If you’re between 9 (Pessimistic) and 22 (Fear) on the emotional scale, soften the affirmations, to make them more digestible.

A statement like “I am slowly and consistently improving everyday” or “I have the ability to improve how I feel and therefore my point of attraction” are statements that carry little resistance and are therefore easier to accept.

4. Vision Board

Law of Attraction Techniques: Vision Board

What is it?

Defined by Google as:

“a collage of images and words representing a person’s wishes or goals, intended to serve as inspiration or motivation.”

But a vision board does more than inspire and motivate. It can leave an imprint on your subconscious mind, helping you attract the items you desire more readily into your life.

Now vision boards can be a physical thing or it can be a digital thing like this free app from Hay House..

When to use it?

There are two ways to look at something wanted. You can look at it in terms of the desire or in terms of the absence of desire.

You can desire to be rich or desire to not be poor. While they may seem like the same thing, they are vibrational opposites.

The law of attraction only yields that which you focus on.

When you focus on not wanting to be poor, your focusing on being poor and the universe says okay and yields more poor.

When you focus on abundance the universe says okay and yields more abundance.

And that’s why it’s only useful to look at a vision board when you’re between 1 (Joy) and 8 (Boredom) on emotional scale

Staring at a vision board when you’re feeling frustrated for example, will only cause you to focus on the lack of that which is desired on your vision board.

And that will of course have the opposite result of what you’re looking for.

How to create a vision board?

There are 5 steps to creating a physical vision board:

  1. Identify 3-4 of your top desires.
  2. Go through old magazines or do a google search of images that match these desires. For Google searches print (in color) the images) For example, here are some images you can use on a vision board if travel is top desire of yours. Just make sure the images create some level of positive emotion for you.

  1. Buy a board (Bristol board or if you’re really serious a cork board you can hang up somewhere in your house).
  2. Add the photos to the board.
  3. Enjoy!

5. Intend your day

What is it?

An intention is defined as follows:

“Something that you want or plan to do”

Intending your day simply allows you to consciously decide before hand how you want your day to go.

As the great Wayne Dyer said in his book The Power of Intention:

Law of Attraction Techniques: Power of Intention

When to use it?

You can intend your day the night before or the morning of.

Decide depending on when you generally are in a better mood. If you’re a night person, intend at night If you are a morning person, intend in the morning.

It is definitely more powerful to write down your intention.

“I intend for today to be a day of ease and flow, where ideas come to me perfectly and time is on my side.”

Be as specific or general as you desire.

Just make sure it is inspiring. And perhaps stretch your intentions a little beyond what you deem “realistic”.

The benefit of setting the intention for the day is you’re priming your mind and body for what’s to come.

6. Nightly prayer

Law of Attraction Techniques: Nightly Prayer

What is it?

We all know what a traditional prayer is. Praying to a deity or some being that we consider to be all-knowing or all-powerful.

Its usually a one-way conversation, where you’re asking for guidance or support.

That’s not what I mean by nightly prayer.

A nightly prayer is actually a prayer of thanks for the day you had and a prayer of thanks for the day, week, month etc. ahead, as well as a declaration of your intent to stay open to divine guidance and support.

The distinction is very important because a traditional prayer looks at the lack of something.

“Dear [Fill in the blank here], please send me money.”

Signifying that you don’t have money and what happens? Law of attraction says okay and gives you more not having of money.

When you send a prayer of gratitude for your day and for what’s to come, and when you declare yourself open to divine guidance, you activate a powerful vibration of faith and trust that all will work out in your favor.

When to use it?

Every night of course, while lying in bed, right before going to sleep. No matter how you feel.


Because you want to end your day on a positive note, as you’re more likely to start the next day on the same vibrational frequency.

It is much more powerful to say it out loud than in your head. You focus much more when you’re speaking out loud.

And don’t worry what others think. You are working on you, not anyone else.

7. Focus Wheel

What is it?

This is another Abraham Hicks technique.

On a sheet of paper, draw a circle. And in the middle of that circle draw another circle.

Then, jutting out of the circle in the middle, split the larger circle into 12 equal parts (like the picture above).

In the middle you write down a statement of desire or affirmation.

You can figure out what that desire is by focusing on a subject where you know what you don’t want. Because when you know what you don’t want, you know what you do want.

For example, I don’t want to be overweight, can be turned into, I want to be my ideal body weight.

Here are some other examples of desires:

“I want money to flow into my life”

“I want a successful career.”

“I want a healthy, strong body”

“I want a loving relationship”

Here are some examples of affirmations:

“There is abundance all around me”

“I am healthy and strong.”

“There is love all around me.”

And then in the 12 sections, write down general statements that you believe in, that match your desire.

“My family loves me”

“I live in a country with countless opportunities to make money.”

“I exercise regularly and watch what I eat.”

That’s the whole exercise. Not much more to it.

When to use it?

This is a wonderful tool to help you focus. And works best when you’re aware of what you don’t want, which typically falls in the range of 8 (boredom) and 17 (anger) on the emotional scale.

You can of course also use it when you’re feeling good (though admittedly, affirmations work better when you are feeling good, as it reinforces your affirmations).

If you prefer to use technology, there is a wonderful free app specifically built for focus wheels.

Click here for Android.

Click here for Apple.

8. Create a Morning Routine

What is it?

Morning routines have become quite popular over the past few years, with popular books such as The 5am club and The Miracle Morning.

But few people really understand why it’s so effective.

When you go to sleep, all momentum of thought stops (same as when you take a nap or meditate). Sleeping through the night is the most effective because you have a lot of time to stop momentum.

The morning therefore represents an opportunity to focus your mind in a positive direction, building momentum behind this positive direction, setting you up to think good thoughts and feel good feelings for the rest of the day.

Simply stated, a morning routine is a collection of deliberately techniques to help you get in a good mood.

It can be as short or as long as you desire and can include such things as moving your body, meditating, visualizing, finding things to be thankful for, drinking water, reading something inspiring, intending your day and more.

When to use it?

Obviously in the morning. And since its a routine, it should be every morning.

The length of the routine is up to you and you can mix and match different techniques every day.

The only thing that matters is that you feel good after the routine and that it’s at least 10 minutes long, which is enough time to build momentum.

9. Become more unconditional

What it is?

Most people live life by accident.

Meaning they unconsciously give attention to whatever is around them and they allow whatever is around them to dictate how they feel.

So, if something good happens, they feel good. If something bad happens, they feel bad. And so on.

The problem with this is that it’s a very disempowering way to live, as your vibration is dependant on outside forces.

That’s why it’s far more powerful to become more unconditional.

By that I mean, feeling good no matter what’s going on around you.

Now, of course we can’t do that 100% of the time, but we can definitely tip the scales in to become more unconditional more of the time.

How? By becoming keenly aware of how you feel and deliberately shifting your vibration when you don’t feel good.

Awareness is key here. The earlier you catch yourself not feeling good, the easier it is to turn it around.

Use any of the techniques in this list to help you shift your vibration.

With enough practice, you will feel good much more often, regardless of what’s going on around you. And there’s great power in this.

Eventually, (and I know this is hard to believe), feeling good will be natural to you (because it is natural).

When to use this?

Anytime you don’t feel good.

Again, the earlier you catch it the better because there’s less momentum behind your feelings and therefore easier to turn around.

Think about a car rolling down a hill and you’ll get a sense of how momentum works around how you feel.

10. Get in the right state first

What is it?

Let me start by asking a question? Do you think you’d do better on an exam if you’re feeling confident and sure of yourself or if you’re feeling insecure and fearful?

The first of course. Why? Because your state is always a predictor of how well you’ll do at anything.

Olympians know this. Professional athletes know this. Musicians know this. CEO’s know this. And now you do to.

If there is something (anything) you need to do (a conversation with someone, a project, writing a book, cooking, cleaning), get in the right state of mind first.

Not only will you be more successful, you’ll be far more productive too.

This is because you tap into your higher powers, or higher faculties, giving you access to guidance you couldn’t receive in a bad state.

When to use it?

Again, use any of the techniques in this list to help you get in the right state.

Though you’d probably want to use a technique that doesn’t take too much time.

5 minutes is probably enough, assuming you’re not in a really bad place.

11. Take a news break

What is it?

Simply stop watching the news.

Why? Because the news is intentionally negative (negative sells more than positive) and distorts your view of the world.

Remember the whole point of news is to share the outliers. It’s not interesting to hear that 99.9% of the world made it home okay today.

Now I know you’re reading the world to “stay informed”, but the only thing it’s doing is affecting your vibe in a negative way, negatively impacting your point of attraction.

And who wants that?

When to use it?

Now and until such time that you can watch the news and hold yourself in a steady positive vibration (i.e. until you are far more unconditional in how you feel).

As I say, it’s better to happy and ignorant than unhappy and informed.

12. Seek out positive news

What is it?

An awesome benefit of the internet is that you can find anything online today.

And that includes positive news. That’s right there are positive news sites out there and they are awesome.

They remind you how awesome the world is and helps you feel better.

And so, I recommend you intentionally seek out positive news.

Sign up to their newsletter. Follow them on Instagram. Whatever you want.

To help you get started, here are some sites to help you.





When to use it?

All the time. Flood your mind with positive. No matter what.

13. Look at the desire, not the lack

What is it?

It’s a matter of perspective.

Not wanting to be poor is vibrationally different from wanting to be rich.

Not wanting to be lonely is vibrationally different from wanting a healthy, loving relationship.

Not wanting to be sick is vibrationally different from wanting to be healthy.

The universe responds to what you focus on, and focusing on not wanting to be poor, still focuses on poor.

When to use it?

Whenever you’re aware that you’re looking at the lack of something.

It may not be easy to always tell by the thoughts your giving. But it’s definitely easy to tell by how you feel.

Concentrate on a subject (like money) and if you feel bad then you’re looking at the lack. If you’re feeling good, then you’re focusing on the desire.

And the best way to use this is by asking yourself, “What do I want around subject X?”

I feel bad about this experience, so I know what I don’t want. Now, what do I want?

14. Read books that challenge the norm

What is it?

Books have changed my life. I’m a voracious reader and always look for books that either help me feel good, inspire me or challenge the norm.

Why challenge the norm?

Because I believe that if one person can do something extraordinary, everyone can.

There are tonnes of books that challenge the norm, and here are some that I particularly like.

Reading these type of books will help you build faith and help you understand your true power.

When to use it?

The best thing about reading books like these is that you are reading for so long, they begin to have an effect on how you feel and momentum builds in a positive way.

That’s why I recommend you read them anytime you want.

15. Follow your intuition

What is it?

Steve Jobs said:

“Have the courage to follow your heart and your intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become.”

Google defines intuition as:

“a thing that one knows or considers likely from instinctive feeling rather than conscious reasoning.”

I like to believe that your intuition is your higher self and the universe guiding you.

Come over here. Do this. Call that person.

All in the name of guiding you to your desires.

But how do you know when your intuition is guiding you.

This video from Marie Forleo, is a great guide that will help you.


When to use it?

It is very difficult to hear your intuition when you’re not in the right state of mind.

In other words, the best time to tap into your intuition is when you’re between 1 – 8 on the emotional scale.

When you’re feeling good you’re in the vibrational vicinity to receive your guidance from your intuition, which always has your best interests at heart.

Even if you didn’t know how this intuitive feeling was in your best interests.

So, make sure you get in the vibrational vicinity first and then follow Marie’s advice to tap into your intuition.

16. Use Social Media to your advantage

What is it?

Social media has been known to cause depression and loneliness.

Mostly because people look at how other people are “living” and they see the gap between where they are and where they want to be.

In other words, they look at the lack not the desire.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Social media is full of inspirational content, that it can be used to your advantage.

I personally contribute to that inspiration on my Instagram Account.

It couldn’t be simpler, simply follow inspirational accounts (whatever you find inspirational) and unfollow accounts that are not inspirational or that make you feel bad.

Also follow accounts that allow you to dream. There are accounts that show dream homes, awesome vacation destinations, pets, love and others.

When to use it?

Right way.

The sooner you can shift your social media account to your advantage the better.

17. Segment Intend

What is it?

Segment intending is yet another technique from the great Abraham Hicks.

Effectively, what your doing is intentionally intending parts (or segments) of your day as you go through your day.

Have a work call? Intend for it to go well before hand.

Have a hot date? Intend the date to be fun before hand.

Eating breakfast? Intend for the meal to be satisfying and enjoyable.

Heading into traffic? Intend for it to go smoothly.

Read this article for more detail about segment intending.

The benefit of segment intending is that you’re putting yourself in an expectation of things going well.

And when you expect it, your mind becomes open to it. You also tap into your intuition. You also broaden your perspective.

In other words, you’re priming yourself for good things to come.

When to use it?

When you between 1 – 11 on the emotional scale.

In other words, when you’re in a pretty good feel place or not in a really bad feeling place.

Because the better you feel the easier it is to intend the next segment of your day.

18. Write some inspiring quotes

What is it?

Reading something inspirational is inspiring.

But writing something inspirational is way more powerful.

Because when you write an inspiring quote you tap into your creative faculties.

And creating always feels so much better than passively consuming.

Don’t think you have inspirational quotes inside you. Think again. We all do.

The first step is believing you do.

Because we all have access to the power that creates worlds.

We all have access to the creative intelligence of Da Vinci, Mozart, and countless other amazing artists.

When to use it?

When you’re between 1 -11 on the emotional scale.

In other words, you need to feel good or close to good.

You need to be in the vibrational vicinity of inspiration if you want to create inspiration.

Like everything else, there will be momentum behind your creations.

In other words, the first inspirational quote will be the hardest. The second will be a little easier.

After 6-7 it will be very easy. The more you do, the easier it will get.

And that’s why it’s important to write down many inspirational quotes. At least 6-7 to get your creative juices going, but the more the better.

19. Find the exceptions

What is it?

There are some incredible people in this world, who have done some amazing things!

You can even say that they’ve done the “impossible”.

These people always inspire me and make me believe that if they can do it, anyone can.

In fact, since Roger Bannister became the first person to run the “impossible” sub 4-minute mile in 1954, 1400 other people have accomplished it.

In other words, it’s only impossible until it becomes possible.

So, this technique it about finding those who achieved the “impossible.”


J.K. Rowling

Winston Churchill

Michael Jordan

Henry Ford

Walt Disney

Albert Einstein

Martin Luther King Jr.

Nelson Mandela

Mahatma Gandhi

Barack Obama

Or read this article, that highlights less famous people who have achieved the “impossible”.

Draw inspiration from them and begin to believe that there are no limits and that you can be, do or have anything you desire.

When to use it?

Again, use this technique only if it inspires you.

There’s no sense in researching someone inspiring, when you don’t feel inspired.

The only impact of that is it will cause you to look at the lack.

So, it’s probably best to do this technique if you are between 1-11 on the emotional scale.

20. Redefine Success

What is it?

Have you ever stopped to consider what success means to you?

Probably not. For most of us, our internal guide of success was handed down to us by our well-meaning guardians or teachers or siblings.

And it probably has to do with how much money you have, or how many things you have, or how often you travel, or how you look, or your career, or how your spouse looks.

In other words, most of us define success as something outside of us.

But this definition ironically sets us up for failure. Why?

Because we will never be satisfied with what we have. We are always seeking more. And this is not a bad thing. It’s the genesis of growth that contributes to the never-ending expansion of the universe.

We will always desire more, as there will always be contrast that causes us to ask for more.

We will never get it done. And because of that, success contingent on outside forces will always elude us.

So, it’s time to redefine success. How?

Well, let’s start with why we need anything. Namely, the only reason we desire anything is because we think we will feel good in the having of it. That’s it. That’s all. That’s everything.

And so, if the only reason we want is anything is because we believe we’ll feel good in the having of it, then isn’t the true definition of success feeling good? Exactly.

Feeling good is the only thing that matters. And when you define it that way, then you empower yourself. Because how you feel is completely in your control.

When to use it?

Whenever you feel bad. Anywhere from 11-22 in the emotional scale.

Because chances are, you’re feeling bad because you’re looking outside yourself and are unhappy with what you see.

Because there is something you desire that is not in your physical experience.

Simply remind yourself that success is feeling good and that you have the power to feel good and that should provide some much-needed relief.

21. Leverage Momentum

What is it?

This has been mentioned a few times already.

Your thoughts have momentum and this can be a very good thing when used properly.

More specifically, when your thoughts are building momentum in a positive direction, the best thing you can do is deliberately continue to focus in a positive direction.

Why? Because it will be easier to think positive thoughts when there’s momentum behind it.

The best way to understand this is by looking at its opposite.

Have you ever had a day where no matter what you do, you just can’t control your negative or anxious thoughts?

Like they have a life of their own? It’s because they do.

You can’t control them because law of attraction has taken a hold of your negative or anxious thoughts and continues to send you more like thoughts.

It works the same with positive thoughts.

When to use it?

This requires awareness.

Simply become more aware when you’re in a positive state and when you’re thinking positive thoughts and then deliberately continue to think positive thoughts.

In other words, deliberately build momentum.

This is especially important if you’ve been on a negative tailspin for a while.

Focus on things that please you.

Visualize positive experiences.

Express gratitude.

Or anything else that helps you feel good.

Practice this everyday and what you’ll find is that you’ll feel good more and more and more.

You are leveraging momentum and that is a wonderful thing.

22. Learn something new

What is it?

Have you ever been a position, where after not exercising for a while, you hit the gym.

And suddenly your confidence soars? You feel stronger. You feel thinner. You feel energized.

Its the same thing with learning something new.

Learning a new skill, or some words in a new language, or how to read faster, or how to memorize things or how to juggle, or how to play guitar will shift your vibration in a positive way.

More specifically, your confidence will go up as well as a renewed sense that no matter your age you are capable of learning new things (because you can).

In other words, your vibration will improve, improving your point of attraction.

When to use it?


No matter where you are on the emotional scale or how old or young you are, always try to learn new things.

With each successive skill, your confidence will get stronger and your vibration will continue to improve.

Plus, it’s fun to learn new things, just because.

23. Refocus

What is it?

If you have a lot of negative momentum behind a subject, the best thing to do is ignore that subject altogether and refocus on something else entirely.

Why? Because you want to deactivate the momentum about that negative subject, and you can ‘t do that by focusing on it.

So, let’s say you have some negative thoughts around money.

“It’s the root of all evil”

“I never have enough”

“There are no opportunities”

And no matter what you do, you can’t escape these thoughts.

You can try and change your thoughts as much as possible, but it won’t work. The momentum is too strong.

Simply focus on something else that you have no resistance towards.

How nice the sun feels on your skin.

How awesome it is to have indoor plumbing.

How appreciative you are that you can go to the washroom on your team.

Whatever it is, simply ignore the subject you have challenges with and eventually your negative feelings about money will weaken.

At some point you’ll have the opportunity to recreate new thoughts about that subject.

When to use it?

Whenever that negative subject comes to your mind.

Perhaps you have to pay a bill or an unexpected expense comes up.

Pay the bill or find a way to pay for that unexpected expense and then as soon as possible, refocus your mind on a less charged subject.

Don’t give the subject of money (or love or health or whatever) any more thought.

One of your greatest superpowers is your ability to focus. Use it to your advantage.

24. Book of positive aspects

What is it?

This is another Abraham Hicks technique.

The process is simple.

Get a notebook with blank paper and a pen or pencil (preferably a notebook that feels good in your hand).

On the top of the first page write down a subject or person that you always feel good about.

Ask yourself the following questions:

“What do I like about this subject or person?”

“Why do I love this so much?”

“What are its positive aspects?”

And then gently write down the thoughts that come to you.

Don’t force it. Be light and easy with it.

Once you finish writing it, read it over and enjoy what you wrote.

That’s it. Nice and simple.

When to use it?

On the emotional scale this is best used when you feel between 1 (Joy) and 10 (Frustration).

The first time you do this exercise take about 20 minutes to really get the hang of it and get into a good feeling place.

Every subsequent time, you can do this technique in less time.

25. One step ahead

What is it?

Uncertainty is to some humans what cryptonite is to Superman.

Its a weakness that we try to avoid at all costs.

Most of these people believe that the best way to cope with uncertainty is to plan every step on the journey between where they are and where they want to be.

What becomes clear through life experience and from understand spiritual principles is that you cannot plan every step of the way.

These are the “cursed hows” that Mike Dooley likes to refer to.

Figuring out how to manifest your desires.

The problem with this line of thinking is twofold:

  1. There are too many external variables to control. Humans are fickle and can change on a whim. The unexpected happens (good or bad). Twists and turns are inevitable.
  2. Our perspectives are far too limited to understand how to get from A to B.

The only thing you can do is give control to the universe (or God or Source) and simply move towards the next logical step, while holding the end desired manifestation in mind.

This of course requires faith. But more than that, this unlocks a tonne of creative energy that is otherwise tied up in planning steps ahead and trying to control every factor.

When to us it?

The beauty of this technique is that the next logical step is just that. Logical.

It will become obvious what to do next.

But only if you’re in the vibrational vicinity to receive it.

In other words, only if you’re between 1 (Joy) and 8 (boredom) on the emotional scale.

If you’re not in that range, then use the other techniques on this list to get in the range, and then allow the next logical step to come to you.

You’ll know it’s the next step by how you feel.

Namely, expansive, excited, a little nervous, joyous.

26. Freeze Frame Technique

What is it?

This was developed by the Heart Math Institute and it’s a wonderful technique to align your heart with your brain, or in other words, a wonderful way to tap into your intuition.

The technique simple and there are 4 steps:

  1. You have a problem you need to solve or a question that needs to be answered.
  2. Stop whatever you’re doing and quietly focus on your heart for about 10 seconds (or about 5 breaths).
  3. After focusing on your heart, begin to think about times in your life where you felt good, or had fun (maybe a vacation or a funny experience or an embrace with a loved one).
  4. Ask yourself how to solve the problem or what the answer to the question is.

This article goes into more detail around the freeze frame technique.

When to use it?

As mentioned above, whenever you have a problem you need to solve or a question that needs to be answered.

Heart Math suggests that you can use this anytime, no matter how you feel.

Judge for yourself if it’s effective.

Also, be patient. It may take a few times before you get the hang of it.

27. Take a nap

What is it?

Much like sleeping and meditation can slow down momentum, so can naps.

Take 15-20 minutes in the middle of the day and simply go to sleep.

Just remember after waking up to take the window of opportunity to focus your mind in a positive direction.

When to use it?

Take a nap when you’re between 10 (Frustrated) and 22 (Fear) on the emotional scale.

Of course, this is only if you can take a nap. If its not possible, use a different technique.

Also, try and catch yourself in the early stages of feeling bad and take a nap them. It will be more effective.

28. Embrace your desires

What is it?

Somewhere along the way, we were taught that it wasn’t a good thing to have desires.

That we should suppress them because having them is selfish.

Having desires is the most natural thing in the world

Its the reason you came into this physical world.

You came here to grow, to expand, to desire, and to manifest.

To deny it is to deny the most basic part of you.

What doesn’t help is pinning your happiness on the manifestation of those desires.

You can choose to be happy right now

And you should choose to embrace those desires now too.

Embrace them. Celebrate them. Let them soar in your imagination.

And decide to move towards them.

Denying them will cause you to feel bad because you deny who you really are.

And don’t discriminate. One desire is not more important or righteous than another.

They are all holy in the eyes of the universe

Also, don’t judge others for having them.

When to use it?


As long as you are alive, you will always have desires and as long as you’re alive you should embrace them and recognize that they serve as the source all expansion in the universe

Just remember that there’s a difference between focusing on the desire and focusing on the lack of the desire.

29. Embrace contrast

What is it?

There is only one way desires are born.

Through contrast.

Simply defined, contrast are unwanted experiences.

Of course, what’s unwanted is a personal choice, but here are some general ones that are almost universal to all people.

  1. Not having enough money
  2. Breaking up from a relationship or being lonely
  3. Being unhealthy

Whenever you experience contrast, you know what you don’t want (I don’t want to be poor) and at the same time you become clear about what you do want (I want to be rich).

Without even understanding what contrast is, most people hate it and do everything in their power to avoid it.

But it’s inevitable. Not because we live in a mean or unforgiving world, but because it serves as the genesis for expansion.

Instead of avoiding contrast though, it would be best to embrace it.

Embrace it for the important role it plays and appreciating the desires that come out of it.

You can also move through contrast a lot quicker by embracing.

Because if you’re not embracing it, you’re resisting it, and what you resist persists.

When to use it?

As quickly as you recognize that you’re experiencing contrast.

You’ll know your experiencing it by how you feel.

Namely that you feel the lack of money, the lack of love, the lack of health etc.

Once you recognize you’re in contrast, embrace it, appreciate it and as soon as possible shift from what you don’t want to what you do want.

This will save you a lot of pain and mental anguish.

30. Redefine Manifestation

What is it?

Manifestations are not goals.

Nor are they end results.

But most people think they are.

And it trips a lot of people up.

The truth is a manifestation is more than the end result.

Every step along the way is a manifestation.

Every idea is a manifestation.

Every “coincidence” is a manifestation.

Every synchronistic experience is a manifestation.

Every inspired action is a manifestation.

Even thoughts are manifestations sent to you by the law of attraction.

In other words, you are manifesting all day every day.

Why is it important to look at manifestations this way? Several reasons.

  1. Most people add a lot of resistance by believing they haven’t “manifested” their desires (because it hasn’t shown up in their physical world). This belief immediately gets dislodged when you redefine manifestation.
  2. Every thought, idea, inspiration, synchronicity, coincidence, chance encounter, provides crucial guidance in terms of where you are relatively to your desires and allows you to adjust along the way.

When to use it?

Now and forever more.

Become dislodged from the belief that a manifestation is the physical showing up of a desire.

It’s so much more than that and begin to enjoy the journey as a result.

31. Redefine failure

We grew up believing that failure is a bad thing.

That mistakes should be avoided.

And our schools reinforced it by “punishing” people with failure.

It’s time to redefine failure.

First, consider how Thomas Edison defines “failure”. He said:

“I haven’t failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that don’t work.

Further, consider the latest research about failure.

This is from Jo Boaler in her amazing book Limitless Mind:

“The times when we are struggling and making mistakes are the best times for brain growth.”

She cites an academic study on mistakes:

“The researchers found that when people made mistakes, brains were more active, producing strengthening and growth, than when people got work correct. Neuroscientists now agree that mistakes positively contribute to the strengthening of neural pathways.”

Finally, consider how “failure” is an amplified form of contrast, making your desires that much more powerful and clarifying your path that much more. `1

When to use it?

Again, redefining failure is something everyone should be doing right away.

It’s time to remove this stigma from society and celebrate failure for its benefits.

32. Spend time with a dog

What is it?

Did you know that there are at least 8 Science-Based Benefits to owning a dog, including:

  1. Relieving stress
  2. Healthier heart
  3. Increased happiness
  4. And even greater attractiveness

If that doesn’t sound like a vibe raising experience, I don’t know what does.

Now, not everyone can own a dog, but spending some time with a dog can help raise your vibe and therefore point of attraction.

Remember dogs love unconditionally and even 10-15 minutes playing with a dog can have a positive impact.

When to use it?

Spending time with a dog is for anyone between 1 (Joy) and 22 (Fear) on the emotional scale.

In other words, it’s always a good idea to spend time with a dog.

Of course, the dog should be threatening and only if you don’t have an allergy to dogs or fur.

33. Pattern Interrupt

What is it?

Let’s say you stubbed your toe and it hurts.

You’re annoyed and swearing.

Suddenly your partner comes running into the room jumping and up and down.

“What happened?” you say.

“We just won the lottery!!!!.”

How quickly are you going to forget your stubbed toe?

Pretty darn quickly.

That is a pattern interrupt.

An experience that interrupts your focus and pattern of thinking.

Now, not every interrupt can be a lottery win. Or something that happens to you.

But you can deliberately interrupt the momentum of your thoughts if they’re going in the wrong direction.

This can include taking a walk, taking a shower, reading a book, meditating, going for a bike ride, going for a swim, or anything that interrupts the momentum.

Typically, a strong interrupt is something that elicits some emotion. Maybe take a cold shower. Or go for a walk in a beautiful setting. Read an inspirational book. Or visualize your new awesome life while meditating.

When to use it?

Whenever you catch yourself on a negative thought train.

It’s especially powerful if you continuously interrupt a pattern of thought about a specific subject you keep worrying about.

By continuously interrupting it, you mess up the vibrational momentum to the point where it gets weaker and weaker.

34. Dream More, Act Less

What is it?

North American society is driven by the need to act.

Have a problem? Take action.

Want a lot of money? Hustle.

Want to lose weight? Go on a diet.

And on and on.

And sure. It makes sense to want to take action.

It seems like the quickest way to get to where you want to go.

Except that’s not always the case, is it?

How often do we not solve problems through action?

How many hustles fail?

How many diets fail?

Why? Because action that does not leverage the energy of the universe is far less effective than action that does.

That’s why this technique is so effective.

Take the time to dream more and act less.

When you dream about what you desire.

When you dream about how awesome your life is and going to be.

When you dream about how good it’s going to feel to solve that problem, you tap into the energy that creates worlds and your able to leverage the resources of the universe.

Your intuition kicks in. Synchronicities abound. The right people show up in your life.

All of this leads to a far more productive way to live than the alternative.

When to use it?

Between 8 (Boredom) and 22 (Fear) on the emotional scale.

In other words, don’t take action until you’re feel good.

Line up with the energy that creates worlds (which is only unconditional love) first and then act.

At least to the best of your abilities.

35. 55X5 Technique

What is it?

I personally haven’t used this technique, but some people swear by it and some people believe it’s a waste of time.

I’ll leave it to you to try and figure out for yourself.

Basically, the exercise is to decide on a dream you have and write it down 55 times every day for 5 days.

The intent is to let it seep into your subconscious.

Writing it down helps you focus on the task at hand.

When to use it?

Whenever you have a hard time believing that the dream will manifest in your life.

The intent is to do the exercise once for each dream you have.

36. Throw your to do list away

What is it?

Take one day and play hooky from life.

Simply throw your to do list away for the day (if possible) and do whatever you like.

Sleep, take a bath, hit the beach, go for lunch, watch TV, whatever you like.

Sounds like fun to me!

When to use it?

Whenever you reasonably can and when you’re in a state where you’re not worried about throwing your to do list away.

If you’re going to freak out about missing a day, then the whole point is lost.

We’re trying to up your vibe, not create anxiety.

If you don’t believe you’ll ever be in a state of non-anxiety about throwing your to do list away, consider the following.

People can be up to 40% more productive with an extra day off.

37. Focus on the vibrational essence

What is it?

Sometimes getting to specific about what you want to manifest adds resistance.

This is because our minds are limited, and we get stuck in how this manifestation is to come about.

For example, desiring someone who is happily married would put many people in a world of resistance about how this person will manifest into their lives.

Instead of getting so specific, focus on the vibrational essence of what you want to manifest.

Continuing with the example above, focus on the essence of being in a happy, loving, relationship.

Don’t even consider the other person in the equation.

The benefit of this is that you allow the universe to deliver what you want vibrationally, be it this person or someone better.

When to use it?

Whenever you have resistance around a desire.

You know you’ll have resistance by how you feel.

If your focusing on the lack of desire or your frustrated because you can’t figure out how this manifestation will come about, then go to the vibrational essence.

38. Track your dreams

What is it?

Have you every noticed how your dreams line up pretty closely with your dominant thoughts?

This isn’t a coincidence.

Your dreams serve as indicators of your current point of attraction.

Not so much the specifics of the dream, but the feelings of the dreams.

If your dreams produce anxiety or fear, this is an indicator of your dominant vibration and therefore point of attraction.

If your dreams product joy and freedom, this is an indicator of your dominant vibration and therefore point of attraction.

Tracking your dreams will help you know more clearly where you are in relation to what you desire.

The process of tracking your dreams is simple:

  1. Intend before going to sleep to remember the dominant feelings of your dreams to come.
  2. Upon waking up, gently write down the essence of your dreams.

Don’t beat yourself up if the dreams are predominantly negative.

Simply use it as an indicator of where you are and adjust your vibe accordingly, by using a different technique on this list.

When to use it?

Anyone between 1 (Joy) and 22 (Fear) can use this technique.

Because we all sleep, and we all dream.

39. Read biographies

What is it?

Specifically, read biographies of successful people.

They say success leaves clues, but the most consistent clue I’ve picked up from reading biographies is that successful people show up and their success is mostly because of what they’ve attracted into their lives.

The right people show up at the right time.

“Coincidences” move them forward.

Opportunities knock and they answer.

“Luck” is on their side.

You’ll notice the same thing when you read biographies

When to use it?

Anyone with the time and inclination to read should ready biographies or autobiographies.

But read with intention. Intention to understand how law of attraction worked in these people’s lives and how the same thing can happen to you.

40. Embrace Duality

What is it?

In the book Conversations with God, a big theme emerges around how our world was created with duality in mind.

It’s through duality that we can choose to be anyone we desire.

You cannot choose love if fear didn’t exist.

You cannot choose happiness without sadness.

Experiencing something is also impossible without it’s opposite.

Can you experience the idea of up if down didn’t exist?

Left, if there was no right?

It’s only through duality that we get to experience this wonderful thing called life.

Knowing is one thing. Experiencing is completely different.

Embracing duality will allow you experience all life has to offer more fully, including the not so desirable stuff.

The irony is when you embrace the not so desirable stuff, you don’t stay there for long. You move to the other end of the spectrum more quickly.

When to use it?

Continuously remind yourself to be grateful when your up and graceful when your down (another suggestion from Conversations with God).

Anyone from 1 (Joy) to 22 (Fear) can embrace duality.

Of course, it’s more powerful when you’re in a negative state and embrace it more quickly.

41. Let go of what you can’t change

What is it?

There’s a very popular prayer called the serenity prayer that members of Alcoholics Anonymous say and it serves as the essence of this technique.

Here is the prayer:

“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.”

In other words, recognize that there are things you can change and there are things you cannot.

You cannot change the past.

You cannot change world events like elections, natural disasters, pandemics, economic meltdowns and the like.

You cannot change other people.

You will free up a whole lot of energy letting things you cannot change go.

The only thing you can change is you, the world you create, and who you are in relation to everything else.

When to use it?

This is a very empowering technique that everyone should be using.

Simply become aware of what you can and cannot change and let go of that which you cannot change.

42. Study Placebos and Nocebos

What is it?

The power of our minds and out ability to attract anything we desire is nothing short of amazing.

And they are strongest felt when considered in the context of placebos and nocebos.

We’re all heard about Placebos:

“a harmless pill, medicine, or procedure prescribed more for the psychological benefit to the patient than for any physiological effect.”

But very few people have heard about Nocebos:

“a detrimental effect on health produced by psychological or psychosomatic factors such as negative expectations of treatment or prognosis.”

In other words, our minds can harm or heal us.

And the research on both placebos and nocebos are incredible.

There are literally thousands of stories that highlight the power of the mind.

Research these stories. Look up what the research says. Read books about it.

Why? Because it’s a big leap into faith. Faith that our minds our powerful and that law of attraction is real.

When to use it?

This is best used between 8 (boredom) and 22 (Fear) on the emotional scale.

In other words, use it when you’re not in the best state and need to remind yourself of the power of the mind.

It’s also effective when you’re in poor physical health and need some assurance that you can heal through non-medical means.

43. Learn about epigenetics

What is it?

There’s an exciting and fairly new field of study called epigenetics.

Here is the formal definition of epigenetics:

“the study of changes in organisms caused by modification of gene expression rather than alteration of the genetic code itself.”

In other words, we can turn our genes on and off.

How? Through our sleep patterns, our eating habits, through out environment and through our minds.

The power of this is that you’re not limited by your genes.

And you can transcend genetic predispositions.

While the study of epigenetics can get technical, take some time to learn about it (there are many resources that can teach you in layman’s terms) and understand what’s possible.

When to use it?

Anyone can learn about epigenetics regardless where you are on the emotional scale.

It’s easy to research and can shift your perspective on what’s possible which is the exact vibration you want to manifest your desires.

44. How are you going to make today great?

What is it?

Questions are very powerful.

When we ask ourselvwres a question or when we hear a question, our mind automatically searches for an answer.

I took this technique from the app The 5 Minute Journal.

Journaling is a simple technique. Ask yourself “How are you going to make today great?”

And write down three answers that come to mind.

Obviously, it’s best to do this exercise in the morning.

Take as much or as little time as you want writing it down and be as general or as detailed as you want.

The app suggests you do this everyday and it’s a good way to prime you day and set the intention.

When to use it?

Every morning, no matter where you are on the emotional scale.

Just be easy with it.

45. Stay Silent for a little bit

What is it?

Sometimes our mouths move so fast, our brains can’t keep up.

Sometimes we need to give ourselves some psychological air and give our mouths a break.

Whenever you feel inclined, take an hour and just be silent.

You might be surprised at how our vibrations naturally rise when we’re not trying tgo think about the next think to say.

Also, keep your activities light when you’re silent.

Being silent when you’re heavy in thought doesn’t exactly allow your mind to breath.

When to do it?

Anyone between 1 (Joy) and 10 (Frustration) on the emotional scale can use this technique.

Being silent when you’re angry for example won’t help you. It will just turn your anger inwards.

46. Notice your thoughts

What is it?

Michael Singer and Eckhart Tolle both advocated the idea that we are not our thoughts.

That in fact, our true selves lie beyond our thoughts.

And the best way to understand this is to notice your thoughts and ask yourself, who is it that is noticing these thoughts.

This simple process alone helps you clearly understand you are not your thoughts.

That the true you is the person beyond your thoughts.

The power in this process is that you give a lot less power to your thoughts.

They come and they go and none of it represents who you really are.

And just like that you’re vibration rises.

When to use it?

No matter where you are on the emotional scale, you can use this technique.

Just (as Michael Singer says) fall beyond your thoughts or (as Eckhart Tolle says) ask yourself what your next thought is going to be?

You can do this exercise anytime you desire or when you’re thoughts are out of control (because remember, our thoughts come to us through the law of attraction).

47. EFT

What is it?

Emotional Freedom Technique is a form of treatment to help you with physical pain and with your mood.

It’s more commonly referred to as tapping and the intent is to set an intent (like letting something go) and tap along your energy centres or meridians to get the desired results.

Now, I’ve personally tried tapping several times in the past and it has never been effective for me, but tens of thousands of people swear by it.

This article will provide more detail around tapping.

This book by Nick Ortner is also quite helpful in understanding tapping and how exactly to do it.

When to use it?

Tapping helps people from 1 (Joy) to 22 (Fear) on the emotional scale.

In other words, it’s good for everyone.

48. The Compound Effect

What is it?

Darren Hardy wrote about this in his book The Compound Effect.

The premise is simple.

Small changes taken everyday compound over time and eventually lead to huge impacts.

The beauty about this idea is that it can apply to all areas of your life, including changing your whole vibration around and improving your point of attraction.

And it’s simple. Start small and start somewhere.

Everyday make small changes (using the techniques in this list) and be consistent. In time, the changes will be significant and before you know it, you’ll shift your entire vibration and to your natural set point.

Which is love, joy and freedom.

When to use it?

Anyone on the emotional scale can use the compound effect.

It simply starts with a small change and amplifies through consistent behavior.

Commit to doing something everyday to raise your vibe and see how your life will change.  

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Law of Attraction Relationship Techniques

These law of attraction techniques apply to all types of relationships (including the romantic variety).

49. Don’t join the complaining bandwagon

What is it?

Complaining seems to be a pastime for a lot of people.

They like to complain about the weather, the government, their spouses, their children, their jobs, their sports teams and more.

And don’t you feel the need to complain along with them? Like if you don’t, your rude?

Well here’s the thing. When you complain with them, you negatively effect your vibration.

This technique is therefore simple. Don’t complain with them. Just don’t go there.

Either walk away (if the opportunity presents itself) or change the subject.

Feeling good is more important than seeming rude.

When to use it?

Always. There is no situation when it makes sense to complain with another.

Be selfish enough to feel good no matter what and more importantly be selfish enough to lift another person up.

Don’t go down there to meet them.

50. Forgive

What is it?

We all know what forgiveness is.

By why is it a law of attraction technique?

One of the powerful techniques to raise your vibration (and therefore raise your vibration) is to let go of something painful you’re holding on to.

Kind of like when you’re holding something under water and you let it go, and it rises.

Forgiveness is one of the most powerful ways to let go.

There are several other benefits, which you can read about here.

When to use it?

No matter where you are on the emotional scale, forgiveness is an amazing technique to raise your vibes and align your point of attraction with your desires.

But there are some things to consider:

  1. You can forgive someone in your mind and that is powerful
  2. You can write a letter of forgiveness and that is more powerful.
  3. You can forgive in person (if possible) or on the phone and that is the most powerful
  4. Forgiving someone does not mean you condone their behavior. This is strictly for your benefit.

As the Buddha said: “Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.”

51. Send love to everyone

What is it?

As you are going through your day and meeting people and seeing people and sitting beside people, simply send everyone love in your mind.

Genuinely send love to everyone.

I do this regularly and this simple act puts me in such a good mood.

It doesn’t matter if you like the person, don’t like the person, or don’t even know the person.

We’re all one. We’re all from source and what you send out to someone comes back to you.

When to use it?

Between 1 (Joy) and 10 (Frustrated) on the emotional scale.

In other words, use it when you’re in the vibrational vicinity of thinking positively about people.

If you’re angry or in a hateful state, it would be a far leap to jump to sending love.

Another technique would be more effective in that state.

52. Give to others

What is it?

Giving to others have been scientifically proven to extend your lifespan, to help you feel better, to help with chronic pain and more.

It’s also an awesome signal to the universe that you have enough to give.

Enough money to give

Enough time to give.

Enough love to give.

The universe responds by giving you more. Why? Because the vibration your sending is you have enough to give, or in other words, you’re focusing on the desire, not the lack of desire.

Note that giving can include giving money, giving time, helping a person in need, actively listening to someone, giving your skills and more.

The opportunities are endless.

When to use it?

Anyone can give, no matter where they are on the vibrational scale.

Even small acts of giving can be powerful.

Take note of how you feel after giving and remember there is always enough to give.

Let the universe know that there is no lack.

53. Prepare for the special person in your life

What is it?

If you knew that “the one”, that “special person” showed up in your life tomorrow, how would you prepare for it?

How would you dress?

What kind of dates would you plan?

How would you re-prioritize your life?

What would you keep doing? What would you drop?

Instead of waiting for this person to come, start preparing for this person today.

When you prepare you signal to the universe that your ready and the universe responds in kind.

Write down your plans and begin as soon as possible moving into that new reality.

When to use it?

Prepare when you’re between 1 (Joy) and 10 (Frustration) on the emotional scale.

Take time off from preparing when you’re between 11 (Overwhelmed) and 22 (Fear) on the emotional scale

Obviously, this requires you to be aware of how you feel and act accordingly.

54. Positive aspects of people

What is it?

What you focus on expands.

And that’s true of people too.

For this technique you’re going to focus on the positive aspects of other people.

This includes people you love, people you hate and people your neutral about.

Simply take a piece of paper and write down their positive aspects.

You can always find the positive aspects of others.

How kind they are, how social they are, how smart they are, how tenacious they are, how determined they are, how passionate they are, how thoughtful they are.

If you can’t think of one nice thing about another person, then make it up.

Make up that their intentions are good. Or that they love their parents or children or spouses.

The whole point is to shift your vibes around another person.

When to use it?

When you’re between 1 (Joy) and 10 (Frustrated) on the emotional scale.

It will be much easier to find the positive in another (any other) when you’re in a positive space yourself.

And if you keep at it, momentum will kick in and it will get easier and easier to see the positive in another.

And in time, they will respond to your more positive vibe.

55. Mind your own business

What is it?

People love to judge others and people love to gossip.

Neither are really good for your vibe or, attracting healthy relationships in your life

It’s far more effective to mind your own business.

Remember that no one can vibe for you and no one can attract anything in your life unless you allow them.

So, there is no sense in paying attention to what another person is doing or attracting into their lives.

The best thing about this technique is you simply don’t have to pay attention to what others are doing and you don’t have to join in when other people gossip or judge.

When to use it?

It is best to mind your business no matter how you feel.

Anywhere between 1 (Joy) and 22 (Fear) on the emotional scale.

At first it may be difficult to mind your own business. It’s a habit of sorts.

Simply distract yourself with something else when you feel the need to gossip or judge until you no longer feel the need.

56. Apologize to someone

What is it?

If you’ve ever “wronged” a person you carry that burden with you.

Whether you think you are, or you think you aren’t, you still are.

Somewhere deep in your mind you carry that “wrong” with you and when it rears its ugly head, it negatively effects your vibration.

And that’s why its in your best interests to apologize to that person.

It doesn’t matter if that person has moved on or not.

And it doesn’t matter if that person doesn’t forgive you.

Apologizing is a way for you to let go of that wrong.

Of course, your apology has be genuine.

And of course, its more powerful if you apologize to the person in person or on the phone.

If that’s not possible, then apologize to them by yourself. Say it out loud. Write is down. Whatever works

When to use it?

Apologizing is probably best between 1 (Joy) and 14 (worry).

Your apology won’t be very genuine when you’re angry or in a vengeful state. You’ll also worry about whether this person will forgive you in these negative states.

57. Appreciate your co-workers

What is it?

Work is big part of people’s lives and it’s probably best if you like who you work with.

Of course, where you work and who you work with is a reflection of your vibrational point attraction around this subject.

This technique helps improve your vibe around your co-workers.

Simply appreciate your co-workers.

You can send them an email of appreciation or give them thanks in person or over the phone or even write down what you appreciate about them in your own journal.

This shifts your vibration around your co-workers and in time they will respond in kind.

When to use it?

Anywhere between 8 (boredom) and 22 (Fear) on the emotional scale.

In other words, when you’re not in a positive state.

Especially if that negative state is around the subject of the people you work with every day.

Be patient with this exercise and remember to appreciate them no matter what they do or don’t do.

In time they will respond to your positive vibes.

58. Send a thank you note to someone you care about

What is it?

People love to feel appreciated.

And people love to appreciate others.

This technique does both very well.

Simply find someone you care about and send them a thank you note appreciating all they’ve done in your life.

It is far more effective and thoughtful to write it down and send it to them, then even to tell them.

It shows that you took the time and effort to really appreciate them.

And when you’re in an appreciative vibe, you significantly up your point of attraction.

When to use it?

It is always easy to find things to be thankful for about a person you care about.

And that’s why anyone between 1 (Joy) and 22 (Fear) on the emotional scale can do this technique.

59. Hang out with kids

What is it?

Children know how to have fun.

They know how to laugh.

They know how to let things slide.

And they know how to keep their vibes up.

We can learn from children. And we should allow ourselves to be more influenced by their infectious energy.

If you have kids, spend some time every day playing with them.

This is one of the most productive things you can do.

If you don’t have kids but are friends with someone who does or perhaps a family member who does, take some time to hang out with their kids here and there.

It’s a great vibe booster. It will also remind you how to be a kid again and enjoy life.

Something we can all do.

When to use it?

If you’re anywhere between 1 (Joy) and 15 (Worry) on the emotional scale you can hang out with kids.

Allow their positive, fun energies to infect you and allow it to raise your vibe.

You’ll be so much the better for it.

60. Stop looking to others to feel good

What is it?

Since we were young, we took cues from our parents/guardians, teachers, and other adults about how to feel.

Overtime, many of us have created a dependency on the approval of others to feel good.

And this dependency carries into adulthood and transitions to friends, family, partners, kids, bosses and anyone else.

Here’s the problem. People are fickle. People are moody. And it’s a great burden to have others rely on them to feel good.

This is also disempowering as how you feel (and therefore what your attracting) is contingent on something outside of you.

It is far more empowering to stop looking to others to feel good.

And learn to look within to feel good.

Stop demanding that others behave a certain way.

Stop getting offended by the actions of others.

Stop doing nice things with the intent of being reciprocated.

When to use it?

This takes awareness.

Awareness that you are allowing others to influence how you feel (good or bad).

Every time you’re aware of the need to have others behave a certain way, simply stop and use any of the other techniques on this list for relief.

Be patient with yourself as well. You need to undo a lifetime of dependence and it takes time.

61. Give someone a hug

What is it?

There are several health benefits to hugs including:

  • Reduced stress or anxiety
  • Increases Oxytocin
  • Pain relief

And more.

Sounds like a vibe lifter to me.

So, simply if it’s safe to do so and you have the opportunity, give someone a big, fat hug.

When to use it?

A hug is something anyone on the emotional scale, from 1 (Joy) and 22 (Fear), can do.

Again, only hug someone if it’s safe to do so and if the person wants to hug you back.

And hug often if you can.

It’s a quick pick me up.

62. Don’t feel sorry for others

What is it?

This might seem controversial, but it doesn’t help you and it doesn’t help the other person to feel sorry for them.

If you really need to help someone you need to empower them.

When you feel sorry for someone, you put yourself in their vibrational shoes and that blocks any access to the greatest version of yourself and your no good to that person.

Feeling sorry for another also keeps that person stuck where they are.

Instead, begin to see that person for who they really are.

A powerful, infinite being with incredible powers.

If you stubbornly see them for who they really are, they will eventually respond in kind and become empowered to do something about their current situation.

When to use it?

Not feeling sorry for another requires you to be stable in your own vibrational footing.

This is best for people who are between 1 (Joy) and 7 (Contentment) on the emotional scale.

But not just that, you have to be more consistently between 1 and 7 to not be influenced by the negative vibes of others.

But it is one of the most effective ways to help another person.

63. Let others know your looking

What is it?

Setting an intention to find the partner of your dreams is powerful.

Sharing that intention amplifies that power.

Let others know that your looking for a partner.

Don’t be shy.

When you get out there you open avenues for the universe to deliver to you that which you desire.

Tell people you trust and if you so dare let them know the kind of person you’re looking for.

When to use it?

Between 1 (Joy) and 7 (Optimism) on the emotional scale.

People can read your vibes and when they sense your confidence, your joy, your optimism, they will be far more likely to recommend people to connect you with.

64. Stay open to all possibilities

What is it?

I’ve heard many people who have a laundry list of desires when it comes to finding the partner of their dreams.

Sometimes the list is so long, you begin to wonder if this person even exists.

While there’s nothing wrong having a list, it can also keep you closed to other (possibly better) people to flow into your life.

So, this technique is simple. Be open to any and all people when it comes to find “the one” (of course in the range of your sexual preference).

Give the universe as many options as possible to help you manifest your desires. In this case a dream relationship.

When to use it?

It’s of course a lot easier to stay open when you’re in a positive vibration, but that doesn’t mean you should stay closed all other times.

In other words, stay open to possibilities the best you can.

Consider everyone you meet as a possible partner and/or someone who can introduce you to a possible partner.

Let go of the laundry list or at the very least tone it down a little.

65. Be more friendly (to everyone)

What is it?

Socializing can be exhausting.

But it can also be exhilarating depending on the nature of the person and the conversation.

And you never know who you’re going to meet and how it will impact your life in a positive way.

So, it’s good practice to be more friendly.

Talk to people. Ask them questions. Be nice to everyone.

If someone strikes a conversation, keep it going.

And look for the exhilarating in every conversation.

You would be very surprised how it can positively impact your life.

Also, stay open to messages from the universe through these people.

You never know what answer might come to you, or idea, or inspiration.

When to use it?

It’s always a good idea to be friendly to everyone, but it’s of course easier when you’re in a better mood.

That’s why it’s best to be between 1 (Joy) and 16 (worry) on the emotional scale.

If you’re really not in the mood to be friendly that’s okay.

Sometimes we’re just not in the mood. But make that more the exception than the rule.

66. Accept everyone

What is it?

They say variety is the spice of life and when it comes to the subject of law of attraction, it couldn’t be truer.

It is only because of our differences that contrast exists.

Without contrast, there would be no desire.

Without desire there would be no growth.

Without growth our world would die.

Imagine our world if everyone was the same? Not so much fun.

And so, this technique is simple, accept and love everyone.

Of all races, religions, sexual preferences, cultures, genders, backgrounds, countries and more.

To deny any part of it is to deny the perfection in which this universe was created and also the perfection of the law of attraction.

Which only leads to resistance in the face of your desires.

When to use it?

Anyone on the emotion scale between 1 (Joy) and 22 (Fear) should use this technique.

Now, of course, I realize that is easier said than done, given a lifetime of biases and beliefs.

If this is the case, then start small.

Love and accept one group of people. And then another. And so on. In time you’ll be more open and accepting.

67. Celebrate other people’s successes

What is it?

When you come to the realization that you cannot vibrate for another person and that other person cannot vibrate for you, the natural conclusion that follows is everyone creates their own reality.

In other words, there is no fixed pie where one person’s manifestation is another person’s loss.

What you attract has nothing to do with anyone else’s desire.

And so, wouldn’t it make sense to celebrate other people’s success?

To know that the law of attraction works for everyone.

That there is more than enough to go around.

That everyone can have a better life?

And when you celebrate other people’s successes, the message your sending to the universe is one of love instead of one of lack and jealousy.

When to use it?

If you’re between 1 (Joy) and 16 (Discouragement) on the emotional scale, then this exercise will help improve your vibration.

If you’re angry or jealous then you’re too far away from genuinely being happy for someone else, as you’re too focused on the lack of your life.

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Use the law of attraction to manifest abundance – Money Techniques

These law of attraction techniques are specific to attracting money and abundance in your life.

68. Spend money in your mind

What is it?

The universe doesn’t know the difference between the vibration of actually spending money and the vibration of spending money in your mind.

It doesn’t care.

All it cares about is your vibrational point of attraction.

This technique is easy.

Wherever you go, spend money in your mind.

See something you like? Say to yourself, “I’ll take one of those. Thank you, Universe.”

See something you like for someone else? Say to yourself, “It will be so nice to buy that for person X.”

There are no limits here. No limits on time. No limits on money.

When to use it?

Between 1 (Joy) and 10 (frustrated), on the emotional scale.

In other words, spend the money in your mind when you’re in a position to look at it as a fun exercise, rather then looking at it from a perspective of lack.

Because it’s supposed to be fun. And it’s supposed to make you feel rich and abundant.

69. Track money coming in

What is it?

We tend to think about the money flowing into our lives as simply the pay checks that are deposited into your account and nothing more.

But money flows into our lives in many more ways.

We just don’t see it.

Money flows in terms of coupons, savings, gifts from others, dinner invites, interest earned, tax returns, support from loved ones, “mistakes” at the cash register, found money on the street, drop in gas prices, benefits from our employers, government services (street repairs, garbage pickup), conserved energy and more.

In other words, money is always flowing to you.

You just need to open your eyes.

So, for this technique, simply track ALL the money flowing into your life.

Write it down in a journal or script, or add it to a note app.

This allows you to see the abundance constantly flowing into your life and helps you get into an abundant mindset.

When to use it?

This technique can be used anywhere from 1 (Joy) to 22 (Fear) on the emotional scale.

In other words, everyone can benefit from this technique.

Though admittedly it might be more difficult to see the abundance flowing in your mind if you’re in a state of depression for example.

To help you, categorize the different ways money comes in.

This will help you remember.

70. Prepare for the money flowing to you

What is it?

How would you prepare if you knew that in one month $100M was going to flow into your life?

Would you look for ways to invest that money? With what institution?

Would you look for a financial planner?

Who would you tell and when?

What would you buy first?

What credit card would you get?

Would you deposit it in a Swiss bank account?

This technique is a very effective way of getting you into the mindset of an abundant person with lots of money.

Very simply research what you need to do with so much money and make decisions now about how you would handle the money.

When you do this you signal to the universe that you’re expecting the money to come, a powerful vibration indeed.

When to use it?

This should be a fun exercise and therefore works best when your between 1 (Joy) and 10 (Frustration) on the emotional scale.

If you feel overwhelmed or annoyed or skeptical by this technique, simply do something else.

71. Money in your wallet

What is it?

Take a $100 bill or $50 or $20, whatever you can afford and carry it in your wallet wherever you go.

And then everywhere you go, virtually spend that money.

See a $80 pair of shoes you like, spend the $100 in your mind.

See a $100 bracelet you like, spend it in your mind.

It’s a fun exercise because you actually have the money in your pocket to spend, right now if you so desire.

Over the course of a day if you find 10 items you buy, you just spent $1000 in your mind.

A great way to get into an abundant mindset.

When to use it?

This is a fun exercise that anyone on the emotional scale can use.

If you want to kick it up a notch, look for things to “buy” for other people as well.

Giving makes us feel even better.

Be light and easy with the exercise and have fun with it.

72. The happy money technique

What is it?

This technique was taken from a book call Happy Money by Leina Buenostar.

And it’s a simply and powerful technique.

Go to the bank and withdraw 10 $2 bills.

Get 10 envelopes and in each one put in a $2 bill.

On the top of the envelope write, a little gift for you. Enjoy.

Then simply go to a public place (a store, a park) and leave the 10 envelopes in random places and leave.

Don’t stick around to see people picking them up.

This is a high form of giving (where the receiver doesn’t even know who gave it) and sends a strong signal to the universe that you have more than enough to go around.

When to use it?

This is a fun technique that you can do anytime you feel generous and an inclination to give.

Also, pay attention to how the universe subsequently rewards you. Often with more than the $20 you spent to give.

But don’t do it for the reward. Do it because it’s fun to give and it’s a great way to improve your vibe.

73. Go online window shopping

What is it?

The internet is a wonderful place with an incredible number of online stores.

You can literally buy anything online from a pack of nails to a villa in the Bahamas.

You can use this to your advantage.

Very simply go online window shopping.

Look for things you’d love to buy.

No limits to the amount of money it costs. No time limits.

And definitely don’t worry about how you’re going to get the money to buy it.

Also, be discriminating. If you prefer a private yacht in Monaco over a sunset cruise in Toronto, that’s totally cool.

When to use it?

Like other instances when you’re virtually spending money, this technique works best when you’re between 1 (Joy) and 10 (Frustration) on the emotional scale.

This is supposed to be a fun exercise and you need to be in the vicinity of feeling good to do it.

74. Find your dream home

What is it?

They say home is where the heart is.

But a nice mansion by the sea with an indoor swimming pool and movie theatre doesn’t hurt either.

So, for this technique you are simply looking for and finding your dream home.

There are no limits on how much it costs.

There are no limits about where the house is.

There are limits as to the size of the house.

Just go crazy. Be ostentatious and don’t worry if it seems “too much”.

The whole intent is to help you feel abundant and this will definitely use the trick.

Sites like Trulia and Point 2 Homes are good places to start.

When to use it?

Between 1 (Joy) and 10 (Frustration) on the emotional scale.

Again, because it’s a fun exercise, you want to be in the vibrational vicinity of fun to enjoy it.

You can also do this exercise more than once as your tastes change or even as a second dream home.

75. Create your dream vacation

What is it?

This is a fun technique, where you get to create your own dream vacation.

Some rules here:

  1. Money is no object
  2. Time is no object
  3. There are no limits where you go, how long you go, what you do
  4. You can go with anyone (real or imagined).
  5. Get as detailed as possible. How are you going to get there (first class flight, private jet, private train)? What will your itinerary be? What crazy things are you going to try? How many places are you going to visit?
  6. Write down this dream vacation (it amplifies the positive vibration).

The skies the limit here. Literally.

When to use it?

This is a fun exercise to do when you’re not feeling skeptical.

You don’t want to create your dream vacation, all the while saying to yourself “ya right, this will never happen.” That only defeats the purpose.

If you’re feeling bold and want to amplify the vibration further, share this with a supportive friend.

76. Be ok with receiving

What is it?

There’s a stigma in North American society about receiving.

We have trouble receiving gifts.

We have trouble receiving money.

We have trouble receiving advice.

We even have trouble receiving compliments.

It’s like we somehow seem rude or selfish by accepting from others.

But how are you ever supposed to allow the flow of all that is good to come into your life when you’re not okay receiving?

The universe delivers in endless ways and we have to be ok with all of it.

This technique is an ongoing technique and it’s simply to graciously accept all that comes your way with a simple and heartfelt thank you.

Even if you find an empty wallet with $1000 in it, accept it graciously.

When to use it?

Everybody should be okay with learning to accept, no matter where you are on the emotional scale.

Beginning today, be thankful for everything that flows into your experience.

Give thanks to the person who gave it and give thanks to the universe for sending it.

77. Celebrate paying your bills

What is it?

This technique may seem strange, but it was created by Louise Hay and I think it’s a brilliant way to shift your perspective on something most people like to do.

And that is to celebrate and be thankful for the ability to pay your bills.

There are two things to celebrate:

  1. The fact that you have the money to pay your bills
  2. The fact that these companies trust you enough to provide you service before even paying them back. That is a privilege indeed!

When you begin to celebrate paying your bills, you shift your vibration from one of lack to one of appreciation.

Which is of course a powerful vibration to have.

When to use it?

Anyone on the emotional scale can celebrate paying bills today.

Whenever you have to pay a bill, say thank you out loud or even do a little jig right after you pay for it.

In other words, be light and have fun with it. Paying bills doesn’t have to be so serious.

78. Write yourself a check

What is it?

Before he was famous, in 1985 Jim Carrey famously wrote himself a check for $10 million dollars for “acting services rendered”.

10 years later he received a $10M check for Dumb and Dumber.

Jim credits this to the check he wrote.

And if you believe in the law of attraction, then this technique makes sense.

You are sending a message to the universe that this ask has been answered.

Writing a check for “services rendered” and carrying it around in your wallet will keep this abundant vibration active.

When to use it?

Write the check when you’re in a positive state.

Between 1 (Joy) and 8 (Boredom) on the emotional scale.

And look at the check and feel the money flowing to you, when you get the inclination to.

The key is feeling it every time you look at it.

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Gratitude Techniques

These law of attraction techniques focus on cultivating a gratitude mindset. One of the highest forms of vibrations.

79. Appreciate your environment

What is it?

Stop…..Look around you and find things to appreciate in your current environment.

The loved ones your hanging around with.

The building or home or office your in.

The birds singing.

The sun shining.

It does not matter where you are or what you’re doing, there is always something to appreciate in your current environment.

If you’re so inclined write them down.

When to use it?

This technique works for anyone between 1 (Joy) and 15 (worry).

The lower down you are on the emotional scale, the more difficult it will be to appreciate your environment, as first.

But remember there is momentum behind your thoughts and with enough time and practice it will get easier.

80. Gratitude Journal

What is it?

Simply put it’s a written journal of things you appreciate.

Whenever you get the inclination, take out your journal and write about something you’re appreciating at this moment.

If you appreciate more than one thing, than write that down as well.

There are many ways to keep a gratitude journal, but no one right way.

The only thing that matters is that you feel good during and after writing in your journal.

Remember it may be hard to get going every time you begin to write in it, but let momentum carry you and it will get easier.

I have personally found that the more detail I write the better I feel and the more emotion I express in the journal the better I feel.

Something you may want to try as well.

When to use it?

Because writing requires focus, you can write in a gratitude journal anywhere on the emotional scale.

Just be patient with yourself when doing this and if you need to start by expressing gratitude for something small, then by all means go for it.

If you can’t think of anything to be thankful for, be thankful for the fact that you can read and write.

That’s a gift in and of itself.

81. Practice deep gratitude

What is it?

This is gratitude on a whole other level.

This is not finding something to be thankful for and expressing your appreciation.

With this technique you find a subject to be thankful for and research in depth all that had to happen for this thing to be in your life.

For example, did you know that there are 10 steps required from “seed to cup” when it comes to coffee?

Read this article to understand the process better.

When you understand all that’s required to get from “seed to cup”, you gain appreciation for something on a much deeper level.

If you need some inspiration, research how:

  • Roads were built
  • The history of money
  • How food gets to a grocery store
  • How computers or smart phones are made
  • How airplanes fly

And million other subjects.

When to use it?

This is best used when you’re between 1 (Joy) and 10 (Frustration) on the emotional scale.

But you can also use this technique when you’re in a curious mood.

When you look at this technique from the perspective of curiosity, you will eventually gain appreciation for whatever it is your researching.

82. Give thanks in advance

What is it?

Did you know that the vibrational equivalent of anything you desire is already there waiting to flow into your physical experience?

It is.

In other words, it’s already done before you see it.

As Wayne Dyer said:

“You’ll see it when you believe it.”

The problem is most people don’t believe it.

Giving thanks in advance for whatever it is you desire, is a powerful technique signaling your belief in the universe to deliver.

You can give thanks in advance as a form of prayer or you can write it down if it strikes your fancy.

When to use it?

This technique is best used between 1 (Joy) and 8 (Contentment), since this is an advanced technique best used when you’re in the right frame of mind.

Remember the universe hears your vibration not your words.

Giving thanks in advance for something you don’t believe in won’t work.

83.Appreciate where you are

What is it?

As Abraham Hicks says, be thankful for where you are while eager for where you want to go.

Appreciating your current life, however happy or unhappy you are with it, is the whole point of this exercise.

If you’re generally happy with your current life, expressing gratitude for where you are should be easy.

If you’re generally unhappy with your current life, then simply express gratitude for two things:

  1. What you’re currently manifesting is as a result of past thoughts and vibes and is already old news. There is a time lag between thoughts and experience.
  2. Your current life serves as powerful contrast, where some focused thoughts allow you to define quite clearly where you want to go with your life.

When to use it?

This is best used between 1 (Joy) and 15 (Worry) on the emotional scale.

You will be hard pressed to see the positive if you’re in a state of anger or blame or fear.

But it will be much easier even if you’re in a worried state, because you can be worried about what’s coming while thankful for where you are.

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Self-Love Techniques

These law of attraction techniques focus on improving your love of self and your sense of worthiness.

84. Say “I love you” in the mirror

What is it?

Louise Hay invented the technique Mirror Work.

Basically, the intent is to sit in front of a mirror and speak to yourself, with the intent to self-heal.

Louise had many uses for mirror work, but this is one of the most important.

Sit in front of the mirror. Look yourself in the eye and say to yourself (out loud) “I love you.”

The first time you do it, say it to yourself 100 times.

Even if you don’t believe it Even it’s it hard to do (especially if it’s hard to do). Even if you start crying.

Every subsequent time say it 20-30 times. Keep doing it until you feel comfortable saying it to yourself.

Until you actually love yourself. And even after keep saying it every time you walk by a mirror

Self-worth is crucial for manifestation.

A large source of resistance for most people is a lack of self-worth.

How are you going to allow anything desired to flow in your life if you don’t believe your worth receiving it.

When to use it?

You can use this technique between 1 (Joy) and 22 (Fear) on the emotional scale.

It’s of course more important to use it the lower down the scale you are.

Be patient with yourself and recognize that these things take time.

85. Forgive yourself

What is it?

Everyone makes mistakes.

Everyone does something they regret.

But hardly anyone forgives themselves for what they’ve done.

When you forgive yourself, you let go of that past transgression.

Freeing up some very important energy, allowing you to focus on the future.

It’s also an act of deep self-love.

Remember we’re all human and mistakes are part of our wonderful journey.

Simply, sit in front of a mirror and say to yourself “I forgive you for so and so…” out loud.

Do it as many times as necessary and for as many transgressions as necessary.

You’ll know it’s working when you feel relief. Or lighter than you felt before.

When to use it?

If you’re between 1 (Joy) and 22 (Fear) on the emotional scale, then technique is good for you.

Remember we’re moving into self-acceptance and self-love, so this is good for everyone.

86. Be Selfish

What is it?

Uh oh. The S word.

Selfishness is shunned in society. And mostly because it has a bad connotation.

But there’s a kind of selfishness that is not only acceptable but encouraged.

And that is being selfish enough to feel good no matter what.

Being selfish enough to line up with your best self.

Because this is the only relationship that really matters.

The one between you and your higher self, or expanded self, or soul, or inner being or whatever you call it.

Because when you line up with your higher self you tap into a greater power.

You gain a broader perspective.

You love yourself.

And you see yourself for who you really are.

When to use it?

Always. Simply always care about how you feel and make sure you feel good.

But this requires an awareness of what kind of selfishness you are wanting to display.

The selfishness I’m talking about is an inside job.

The selfishness that most people are referring to is an outside job. One that focuses on manipulating people, places or circumstances to further your own interests.

87. Celebrate your uniqueness

What is it?

Did you know that there will never again and there never has been someone exactly you?

The way you look. The way you think. The way you see the world.

You are a snowflake and that’s your superpower.

And the universe needs you exactly as you are.

It’s about time you celebrate this.

Take out a journal and write down everything that makes you unique and if you’re so inclined, throw yourself a little party.

Review that journal all the time and stand tall for being you. Don’t bother fitting in with the crowd.

When to use it?

Now. Today. No matter where you are in your life and no matter how you feel.

This technique works for everyone.

88. Write a letter from your future self

What is it?

Take out a piece of paper and write a letter from your future self to your present self about how awesome your life is in the future.

Write about the incredible amount of abundance you have.

How awesome your love life is and the amazing friends you found along the way.

Write about what incredible shape you’re in and how your career took off in amazing ways.

Don’t get too specific. Keep it general.

Also encourage your present self to keep going and to relax, because your future self now knows that everything is always working out for you.

When to use it?

If you’re between 1 (Joy) and 15 (Worry) on the emotional scale, then this is a good technique for you to use.

Just go easy on yourself if it doesn’t feel real at first but keep pushing through because it will get easier.

Feel free to read this letter everyday whenever you get the inclination or want a pick-me-up.

89. Take responsibility for it all

What is it?

This will be a tough one for many people to swallow, but it is also one of the most empowering things you can do.

And that is taking responsibility for everything you’ve ever created, everything in your life today and everything until the day you die.

Because you are responsible for attracting it all.

You create your reality, no one else.

And so, this technique is to accept responsibility for it all.

Or put another way, stop blaming anyone else for your current life experience.

Not only are you creating it, by accepting responsibility, you are also empowering yourself to do something about it.

Trying to change another person’s behavior is a lot more difficult than changing yours.

When to use it?

Now, today. And forever more.

Empower yourself (number 1 on the emotional scale) to recreate your life anew.

And remember it doesn’t matter what you have manifested (including what is currently in your life).

The only thing that matters is your current point of attraction. And you’ll know what that is, by how you feel.

90. Recognize how far you’ve come

What is it?

We tend to recognize manifestations as big events that occur. But that doesn’t happen too often.

Think about relationships.

Let’s say you find “the one”.

Are you going to marry this person right away?

Most likely not.

You usually need to go on a few dates and then get to know each other better and then meet each other’s families and then move in together etc.

In other words, there is a journey from A to B.

This technique is simple.

Simply look back and see how far you’ve come on any subject in which you’ve manifested a desire.

When you recognize how far you’ve come two things happen:

  1. You gain some pride around your accomplishments (a great vibe lifter)
  2. It helps you understand that where you are today will at one point be a step on your journey to your manifestation. Perhaps resulting in your calming down a little and appreciate the journey some more (another vibe lifter)

When to use it?  

This technique can be used between 1 (Joy) and 16 (discouragement) on the emotional scale.

In other words, it can encourage you to keep going, and it can help you feel better.

If you’re so inclined, write down all the steps that got you to where you are on a particular subject.

How far you’ve come career wise. Relationship wise. Money wise. Health wise. Body wise. Etc.

91. Tell a softer version of the past

What is it?

There is a general consensus that our memories of the past are not as reliable as we believe.

We have memory gaps, we reinterpret situations, we fill in the blanks, and sometimes we even change the past to match our current moods.

While this may be troubling to some, it’s also an opportunity.

An opportunity to redefine the past in a more positive way.

More specifically, telling a softer version of the past.

Tone down those bad memories.

Assign good intentions to those who have “wronged” you.

Consider your past in the context of how it benefited you.

Appreciate those who have helped you grow.

If you’re memories aren’t so reliable in the first place, why not redefine it to your advantage.

When to use it?

Anyone on the emotional scale can redefine the past.

In fact, many of the reasons we’re lower down on the emotional scale is because of how we define our past.

It might help to write down a new version of your past and read it every time you begin to look at the past in a negative light.

92. Be eager for the future

What is it?

You have to be happy where you are while eager for where you’re heading.

This is the right balance needed to allow law of attraction to send you everything you desire without resistance.

Think about how exciting it is to step into your new life.

Think about the amazing freedom and financial abundance and health and friends and love that are coming to you.

Get excited and eager for the future.

Feel it as if it’s done.

This will put you in the right vibrational state to allow all that you desire to come to you.

When to use it?

This is best use between 1 (Joy) and 10 (Frustration) on the emotional scale.

In other words, it’s difficult to get excited about something if you’re not in the right state of mind.

93. Don’t judge how you feel

What is it?

Remember that there is momentum behind your thoughts (law of attraction is sending you more like thoughts) and therefore momentum behind how you feel.

Therefore, it makes no sense to judge yourself for how you feel.

You don’t judge a snowball for getting bigger when rolling down a hill

So, don’t judge yourself if you’re feeling down.

In fact, judging yourself only makes you feel worse.

Simply accept that you feel the way you feel and refocus your mind on something else that makes you feel good.

When to use it?

Obviously, you will only be judging how you feel when you’re not feeling good, so this exercise is best used between 8 (Boredom) and 22 (Fear) on the emotional scale.

Just go easy on yourself and know that you can turn things around. It just might take some time and practice.

94. Make amends with your inner child

What is it?

Many of Louise Hay’s techniques for healing dealt with your inner child.

As she defines it:

“There is a little child within who needs love and acceptance.”

And its time to make amends with your inner child.

That includes talking to your inner child, telling it how much you love it and that everything is okay.

Visualizing yourself hugging your inner child.

Writing a letter to your inner child and more.

You’re basically healing that part of you that suffered when you were young.

When to use it?

Anyone from 1 (Joy) to 22 (Fear) on the emotional scale can make amends and develop a relationship with their inner child.

Just be gentle with yourself and your inner child and recognize that it can get a little uncomfortable and emotional.

95. Give yourself a pep talk

What is it?

Look in the mirror and give yourself a pep talk. Out loud.

Rev yourself up and remind yourself that you can do anything and solve any problem that comes your way.

Tell yourself how everything is always working out and that today will be an awesome day.

The outcome should be increased confidence.

When to use it?

Anyone between 1 (Joy) and 17 (Anger) can use this technique to prime yourself and build the confidence to move through the day.

This of course is also a great vibe lifter and therefore improvement in your point of attraction.

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Use your body Techniques

These law of attraction techniques focus on ways to up your through movement and use of your senses.

96. Exercise

What is it?

We all know about the physical health benefits of exercising.

But did you know that there’s a myriad of mental benefits as well?


  • Reducing stress
  • Relieving depression
  • Reducing anxiety
  • Reducing stress
  • Helping with ADHD and more….

Sounds like a vibe lifter if you ask me.

And it seems like a combination of strength and aerobic training is best for your mental health.

Yet another awesome benefit to exercise.

When to use it?

Anyone on the emotional scale can exercise as a technique.

Of course, consult a physician before embarking on any exercise regime and consider the shape you’re in the context of your exercise.

Also, consider that even 10 minutes a day will yield benefits and if you can only exercise a few days a week, so be it.

It’s better than nothing.

97. Tidy Up

What is it?

There’s some truth to Marie Kondo’s book title The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up.

It can change the way you feel.

And as you know, when you change the way you feel, you change your point of attraction.

Have you ever tried to work or focus in a cluttered environment? It’s not so easy.

You keep being reminded that there are things on your to do list that needs to get done.

When you clean up your environment, you clean up your mind.

And a clear mind automatically raises your vibration (akin to meditation).

If you need help figuring out how best to tidy up, consult Marie Kondo’s book.

It’s a great one.

When to use it?

Tidying up can be used between 1 (Joy) and 22 (Fear) on the emotional scale.

In other words, anyone can tidy up.

And remember this is more than just cleaning your house.

This is organizing your environment to eliminate clutter altogether.

98. Dance

What is it?

Blast some awesome music and dance your heart out.

Much like exercise dancing has a whole host of mental health benefits and lifts your vibe.

Unlike exercise, dancing is more fun and you can sing along with it.

Not to mention, learning a new dance strengthens coordination and creates new learning grooves in your brain

And if you’re able dance as often as you can to as many different genres of music as you can.

When to use it?

Anyone on the emotional scale can dance as long as they’re physically able.

99. Smile

What is it?

About 10-12 muscles are used to smile, but the benefits of smiling are worth it.

Smiling not only boosts your mood, it reduces blood pressure, reduces pain and reduces stress among others.

Even fake smiling can help you feel better.

In other words, you can fake it till you make it in the context of smiling.

Smile at strangers and loved ones. Smile at yourself in the mirror. Smile at children and animals.

Heck, even smile at a tree.

When to use it?

We began smiling when we were very young.

Everyone knows how.

And knowing that you can fake it till you make it means that no matter where you are on the emotional scale, you can smile.

So, smile away and have fun.

100. Stand in a power pose

What is it?

Amy Cuddy popularized the term Power Pose in her landmark Ted Talk.

This technique is very simple.

Stand in a posture that you associate with power.

The woman in this picture is standing in a power pose.

Wonder woman stood in a power pose.

When people win a competition, they raise their hands up in the air in a V-shape pattern, which is also a power pose.

Her research showed that standing in a power pose for 2 minutes can boost testosterone and increase confidence.

Which is a definite vibe lifter.

When to use it?

Because it’s a biological hack, anyone on the call emotional scale between 1 (Joy) and 22 (Fear) can use it.

Feel free to use it prior to something important in your life like a job interview or a public speech or a hot date.

You can also stand in a power pose for no reason at all, other than to boost your confidence.

101. Smell something that boosts your mood

What is it?

Aromatherapy leverages aromatic materials to help boost your mood and raise your vibe.

There are several scents that can help you feel better.

Some are better used during the day and some better used in the evening.

Pull together a list of scents and their suggested properties in terms of how it affects your mood and see for yourself if they work and what works best.

You can always tell by how you feel.

When to use it?

Anyone on the emotional scale, from 1 (Joy) to 22 (Fear) can use aromatherapy since it has a biological response, regardless of mood.

102. Watch a funny show

What is it?

This one is a strange one, and probably one you won’t see from many spiritual gurus.

But once you understand that we live in a vibrational universe where your vibration is your point of attraction, this technique becomes clear.

It’s all about how you feel. And laughter is a strong vibration that moves you up the emotional scale, aligning you more closely with the attraction of your desires.

When to use it?

There’s a reason why many people bury themselves in TV and alcohol and food when they’re not feeling good.

It is in our nature to want to feel good and these vices serve as good distractions.

But it’s not enough to distract yourself. You need to distract yourself with the right stuff. And that’s where a funny show comes into play.

They are fun, light-hearted and make you feel good.

The best time to you use it is when you’re between 8-22 on the emotional scale.

In other words when you’re not in a positive state and need to move up the scale.

The only caveat is to keep the number of shows you watch down. 1, maybe 2 at most before you move on to other techniques to improve your mood.

103. Listen to Good vibe music

What is it?

Simply listen to music that improves your mood.

Did you know that there’s such a thing as music therapy?

It exists. And it’s an effective way to help people reduce anxiety, depression and other mental health issues.

It also can boost your mood, as this article explains.

Now, of course the right kind of music is needed.

There are certain genres of music (like death metal) that have known to bring people’s moods down.

So be selective with what you listen to

You’ll know what works for you by how it makes you feel.

When to use it?

Between 1 (Joy) and 22 (fear) on the emotional scale.

But recognize that certain kinds of music will appeal to you more than others depending on where you are in the scale.

You might line up more closely with Rage against the machine when you’re feeling anger, revenge or hateful for example.

But that kind of music might not appeal to you if you’re feeling passionate for example.

Perhaps some upbeat music will work better in that case.

Again, you’ll know by how you feel.

The key is to use it to lift your mood or vibe.

104. Listen to the birds

What is it?

Bob Marley sang the following:

Rise up this mornin’
Smiled with the risin’ sun
Three little birds
Pitch by my doorstep
Singin’ sweet songs
Of melodies pure and true
Saying’, (this is my message to you)

Singing’ don’t worry ’bout a thing
‘Cause every little thing gonna be alright
Singing’ don’t worry (don’t worry) ’bout a thing
‘Cause every little thing gonna be alright

Bob Marley believed that the birds were sending him a message of love and faith.

And technique is the same thing.

Anytime you hear birds, believe that they are sending you messages of love, hope, inspiration, abundance, health and anything else that gives you the warm and fuzzy’s.

Whether this is true or not doesn’t matter.

All that matters is you interpret it that way.

The benefit of this technique is that you have an anchor (birds singing) that will remind you to feel happy, hopeful, inspired, faithful and the like.

Thereby increasing your vibes.

When to use it?

Easy, whenever birds sing (which is pretty much all the time).

Simply pay attention when in nature, if proactively go outside and listen for the birds.

Or if it’s the dead of winter and there are no birds, play a YouTube Video of birds chirping.

This will work no matter where you are on the emotional scale.

105. Plant a tree

What is it?

It’s pretty obvious what it is.

But why is this a law of attraction technique?

Because in our collective history we’ve lived more in nature than we have out of nature

We have an ancient, spiritual and biological connection to spirt, that lifts us up and makes us feel good.

When you plant a tree, you give back to nature. You honour and respect it. And you reconnect with it.

A definite vibe lifter and improvement in your point of attraction.

When to use it?

Anywhere between 1 (Joy) and 22 (Fear) on the emotional scale.

In other words, it’s always a good idea to reconnect with nature and give back.

106. Let out some aggression

What is it?

If you look at the emotional scale, what you’ll notice is that there are 6 emotions that are below discouragement, beginning with anger.

Now it’s very difficult to jump from a low emotional state to a high one just like that.

You almost have to move up in a sequential fashion because feelings like optimism and joy and passion are too far away to vibrationally jump to.

In other words, you need some level of relief.

Letting out aggression is a form of relief.

This could include screaming into a pillow or punching a pillow (poor pillow) or kicking something that won’t break your leg or swearing like a sailor or whatever.

As long as it’s safe, letting out aggression is a good form of relief.

When to use it?

It’s best to use this between 17 (Anger) and 22 (Fear), because when you’ve moved up from anger letting out aggression could ironically move you down the emotional scale.

Just don’t let it out on people and please be safe when doing so.

107. Sing

What is it?

It doesn’t matter how bad your voice is, signing an awesome song at the top of your lungs puts you in an awesome mood and can quickly shake you out of a rut.

Sing in the shower.

Sing in the car.

Heck, sing naked in your living room.

The whole point is to boost your mood.

When to use it?

Anyone on the emotional scale can sing.

If you’re singing to a song, just make sure you love it and it boosts your mood.

If you’re singing without a song, just make sure you sign at the top of your lungs.

So…What Do You Think?

Now I want to hear from you.

What do you think of this list?

Or maybe I missed one of your favorite law of attraction techniques.

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below.

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