How to Manifest Money: 17 powerful techniques!

There are many tips out there that try to teach you how to manifest money.

The problem is that these tips are vague and can take months to implement.

And so we don't implement them, because they are too cumbersome.

I'm not interested in giving you vague techniques. I prefer quick, powerful, and easily implementable techniques.

Below are 17 unique techniques that you can implement immediately. And the best part is they only take a few minutes to do.

Now, you don't have to implement all of them right away, but even 1 or 2 will help make a difference.

So, let's get to them, shall we?

Technique # 1: Let go of the outcome through reframing (5 minutes)

How to Manifest Money

If you ask 10 people why they work, 9 of them will tell you it's simply to make money.

Not only is this a recipe for killing off passion, it also places money front and center for something that you spend at least 1/3 of your life doing.

How are you ever expected to not be attached to the outcome of manifesting money, when so much of your time is spent doing something for the sole purposes of making money. 

In this technique, you will reframe why you work. Doing this will significantly reduce your attachment or resistance to manifesting money, clearing the path for money to easily flow into your experience.

Here's how to do this technique, step by step:

Step 1.

Identify why you work. This is easy to do. Simply ask yourself. If you won $100M in the lottery today, would you continue working in your current job. If the answer is no, then you are mostly working to just make money.

Step 2.

If your reason for working is not to make money, then your done with this technique. If your reason for working is to make money, go to step 3.

Step 3.

It's time to start the reframing process. Now imagine if you won the $100M and decided to stay in your job. What one purpose (outside of money of course) would you have to stay in this job? Think of the most noble purpose you can.

Step 4.

Take out a piece of paper and pencil and write down the following: "My noble purpose for working is ___." Fill in for the blank space based on your answer in 3. If you don't have a paper and pencil handy, feel free to type it on a new document and print it.

Step 5.

Your declaration in step 4 is the new, reframed reason why you work.

Step 6.

Place the paper or printed document somewhere where you can see it while you work.

Step 7.

If today is a workday, do one thing that lines up with this purpose.

Technique # 2: Get 2 dollars back for every dollar you donate (10 minutes)

How to manifest money

We are constantly sending signals to the universe and the universe responds in kind.

And that includes the subject of money.

In this technique, we are going to give money to a charity (even $5 is enough).

Why? Because when we give money to a charity, the signal we send to the universe is we have more than enough to give away.

The universe then responds by saying "Noted. You are in the vibration of money. And as a result, I will send you more money." 

There are several stories of people who have donated and received 2 times what they gave away or more.

Of course, we shouldn't be giving away just to get something back. We do it from our heart. The universe reads our vibes and therefore understands our intentions. 

If you want to learn how to manifest money, or anything for that matter, you need to understand that it's your vibes that matter not your actions. 

Here's the step-by-step breakdown of what you should do:

Step 1.

Find an online charity. I've taken the liberty to help you by listing some awesome online charity sites (amalgamators): (Country: USA)

Established in 2001, this site is a portal with thousands of charities. Each charity (over 160K of them) have been vetted by the organization and rated using their own system of criteria (a rating is given out of 100). That way you know the quality of the charity you're donating to.

1. Simply go to the website, and do a keyword search in their search bar and hit enter.

How to Manifest Money

2. In the search results you'll find a list of charities, where you can filter by relevance, name and rating. You can even filter within the ratings category. You can research the details behind their ratings.

How to manifest money

3. Once you find the charity of your choice, simply donate (right on the site). You decide how much you want to donate, but $5 would be a good suggested amount. (Country: USA)

Established in 2001, this site is a portal with thousands of charities. Each charity (over 160K of them) have been vetted by the organization and rated using their own system of criteria (a rating is given out of 100). That way you know the quality of the charity you're donating to.

How to manifest money (Country: Canada)

Portal with hundreds of charities. You donate directly through Canada Helps

1. Go to the website and on the main page you can search by category or simply add a keyword in the search bar and hit enter.

How to manifest money
How to manifest money

2. Navigate through the search results and choose the charity of your choice.

How to manifest money

3. Once you find the charity of your liking, simply follow the steps to donate. You decide how much you want to donate, but $5 would be a good suggested amount.

How to manifest money (Country: UK)

A site with thousands of verified charities to donate to in the UK. They essentially check to make sure the charity is legitimate, so that you can donate with confidence. You can sign up and start an online account, but you don't have to, if you wish to donate.

1. Go to the website and click on the big button that says "Donate to a charity". That will take you to a page with a search bar.

How to manifest money

2. Throw a keyword into the search bar and hit enter.

How to manifest money

3. Based on the search results, navigate to and click on the charity of your choice. You can click on the link of the charity and it will take you to a page with more info about the charity (including a link to their website).

How to manifest money

4. Once you find the charity of your liking, simply follow the steps to donate. You decide how much you want to donate, but $5 would be a good suggested amount.

How to manifest money (Several Countries)

While you can't donate directly on the site, Charity Watch's mandate is to help give donators the information they need to donate effectively. A grade is given for each of the charities, along with the amount spent on programs compared to overhead, and their cost to raise $1000. There are thousands of charities here from all over the world, in every category imaginable.  

1. Go to the homepage and type in a keyword in the search bar.

How to manifest money

2. The results will list charities tied to the keyword. Click on a charity to find out the relevant information. They also provide a link to the top rated charities.

How to manifest money

3. Once you find the charity of your choice, click on the link to their website and follow the steps to donate (you cannot donate directly from Charity W. You decide how much you want to donate, but $5 would be a good suggested amount.              

Step 2.

After you've donated, keep your eyes open for unexpected money flowing to you from the universe. This can come in many forms including: money, savings, coupon for something you were going to buy anyways, a gift from someone, lost cash that you suddenly found, a generous tip for your services, an act of kindness from someone (like they buying you a coffee) and more.


How to manifest money technique 4

Most people pray from the perspective of what they want. 

Unfortunately, the vibe your sending to the universe is that you don't have that which you desire. And so, the universe responds by giving you exactly the vibe your giving out.

In this case, more not having of that which you desire. If you want to learn how to manifest money, you need to move away from this line of thinking. 

Fortunately, there's a far more powerful way to pray for something desired. And that is to give thanks in advance for that which you desire.

And in this case, that means money. Instead of asking for money you don't have, give thanks for the money that's coming into your life.

And here's an exact step-by-step breakdown of how to do that

Step 1.

Find a quiet place where you won't be distracted

Step 2.

Read the following (or a variation of It as you see fit) out loud (it carries more energy when said out loud):

" Deal Universe, thank you in advance for the incredible amount of money coming to me. I am so very grateful and I look forward to using this money to make my life better and to help others in as many ways as I can."

Step 3.

Say this as often as your inspired to

Pro Tip: If you're having trouble believing the prayer above, use the following prayer, which is more subtle but still powerful. Say this prayer as often as your inspired to, but once in a while, try out the first prayer to see if you're more comfortable with it.

"Deal Universe, thank you for the endless opportunities for me to manifest money. I am so very grateful that you have my back and I will keep my eyes open and act on these perfect opportunities when they arise."

Technique # 4: THE MONEY BLOCK HACK TECHNIQUE (5 minutes)

We all have money blocks in place.

The problem is we're not aware of what these money blocks are.

They kind of linger under the surface, just out of reach of our own awareness. And so it's difficult to even figure out what they are, let alone let go of them.

Fortunately, there is a hack that will help us let go of our money blocks, without even identifying what they are. And that's what this technique is for. Instead of identifying what our money blocks are, we identify times when our blocks were formed and let go of those times.

How? Through forgiveness. When we forgive, we essentially let go of that part of our past and the associated money block goes along with it.  

And here's exactly how to do that:

Step 1.

Take a piece of paper and Pen

Step 2.

Identify up to 3 times in your life where money was an emotionally charged subject for you. Perhaps you had to struggle through college, or perhaps your parents fought a lot about money, or perhaps you declared bankruptcy.

Step 3.

Write down the 3 reasons. For example, "I had to pay for my own tuition and money was always tight during my time in college"

Step 4.

Identify the source of your negative emotions.

  • For example, in the college example it could be the college for charging so much tuition, or the government for making college education private (or both).
  • In the parents example, the source is your parents
  • In the bankruptcy example, the source could be yourself, or the economy, or competition, or a new law

Step 5.

Forgive the source of these negative emotions for all 3 times, out loud by saying the following:

"I forgive so and so, for that time in my life where I felt negative emotions around money. I completely free myself from my experience." 

Step 6.

Write down your forgiveness (word for word as written in Step 6) to amplify the letting go process.

Technique # 5: THE CAPTAIN AMERICA TECHNIQUE (7-10 minutes)

One of the most popular posts in my Instagram feed is this:

How to manifest money technique 5

And for good reason. We all desire to help our friends and families.

And that's why, for this technique, we're going to leverage this innate desire and play the hero of our familial and social circles (hence the name The Captain America Technique). When you tap into this powerful vibrational frequency, you let the universe know that you're serious about changing the lives of those you love for the better. A worthy intention indeed.

And here's exactly how you do that:

Step 1.

Take a piece of paper and Pen

Step 2.

Make a list of at least the five closest people in your life (feel free to add a couple or a nuclear family as one person).

Pro Tip: Exclude anyone who you feel would not appreciate or criticize what you are doing for them. Simply choose someone else. The key is to feel the good feelings of helping someone you love.  

Step 3.

Go through each person (or couple or family) one by one and write down how you're going to help change their lives once you have the money. There is no limit to how much money you have or how much you can spend. Examples can include:

  • Paying off their mortgage or student loan
  • Taking them on a dream vacation
  • Buying them a new house
  • Renovating their house
  • Paying for their college tuition
  • Paying for their wedding
  • Buying them jewelry
  • Buying them their dream car
  • Funding a start-up business
  • Paying for health care
  • Buying a condo in another city that they can use for free
  • Pay a specialist for a health concern
  • And more…

Step 4.

Read what you wrote. After each person, close your eyes and take a few seconds to visualize how that person will react to your helping them out.

Technique # 6: THE SPONTANEOUS FREEDOM TECHNIQUE  (10 minutes)

How to manifest money technique 6

I recently invested in a collection of visualizations from Mike Dooley

If you don't know Mike, he's a spiritual and law of attraction guru (he was also in The Secret), who believes that visualization is one of the easiest and most powerful techniques to manifest your desires.

One of my favorite visualizations is about freedom.

And in the beginning of that visualization he asks you to picture yourself going to the airport with your significant other and pick a flight from the standby board and fly to wherever. Now I love that visualization because it makes me feel so free.

It also gave me an idea.

Why not use that same strategy to manifest money, since money is so closely tied to freedom. And that's why this technique is called The Spontaneous Freedom Scenario. Though admittedly it's different from Mike Dooley's visualization.

And here's how you do it step-by-step

Step 1.

Take a piece of paper and Pen

Step 2.

Write down 1 major obligation or constraint in your life. Examples can include:

  • Your job
  • Seeing certain family or friends
  • Waking up early
  • Having to take care of people (i.e. kids, elderly parents)
  • Religious obligations
  • Financial constraints
  • Time constraints

Step 3.

Create and write down a visualization of yourself being freed of this obligation. Place no limits on your visualization (unlimited money, time etc.). Examples include:

  • Visualizing yourself quitting your job
  • Going away for the weekend with your significant other and having someone else take care of the kids.
  • Hiring someone to take care of your parents
  • Deciding to only attend the religious traditions that you want to
  • Having a week to yourself in an unknown place

Step 4.

Create and write down the setting for your visualization. Consider the following (there is no right or wrong way, it's a personal preference):

  • Are you in the visualization watching from your point of view, or are you observing yourself in it?
  • Is it in color, black or white, or sepia
  • Where are you (inside, outside, in your home town, by the beach, in your bosses office)
  • What temperature is it? Hot, Cold, Room Temperature
  • Where are you placed in the setting?
  • What will you be saying or doing specifically?
  • What sounds are there?
  • Does it have a smell?

Step 5.

Take no longer than 3 minutes, close your eyes and visualize the setting and scene to the best of your ability. Don't worry about getting it perfectly. Your mind may wander. The images may not be fully clear. None of that really matters. The only thing that matters is that you feel free.

Step 6.

Do this visualization as often as you'd like (preferably everyday if it makes you feel free).

Technique # 7: THE SURRENDER PROCLAMATION (3 minutes)

How to manifest money technique 7

Does this sound familiar?

Something you've been working towards goes off the rails and you do everything in your power to place it back on the rails? Sure you have, we all have.

But let me ask you, how well has that worked out for you?

I mean assuming you can even get it back on the rails, there's constant anxiety that it will fall off again.

Why? Because we're trying to control external conditions. And as anyone with some life experience knows, that's an almost impossible thing to do.

There are so many variables and unknowns, that we can't possibly control it all. Talk about a waste of energy. Fortunately, there's a far more effective (albeit potentially scary) technique to use.

And that's to surrender your desires to the universe. In the context of manifesting money, that means surrendering how the money will flow into your life and allowing the universe to do it for you.

And here's exactly how to do that.

Step 1.

Find a quiet place where there is a mirror (or take a mirror with you)

Step 2.

While looking in the mirror, say the following out loud: "I am completely surrendering my desire for money to the universe."

Step 3.

After saying it out loud, take a deep breath (inhale for a count of 5 and exhale for a count of 5)

Step 4.

Repeat 4 more times (for a total of 5 times)

Step 5 (Optional).

Log onto a social media platform of your choice and share the surrender proclamation with your community. Again it's: "I am completely surrendering my desire for money to the universe." And post it with the hashtag: #surrenderproclamation

Step 6.

Continue on with your day, doing what your doing.

Step 7.

Do this technique as often as you like.

Technique # 8: PRAISE YOUR BILLS (5 minutes)

How to manifest money technique 8

Do you know anyone who really enjoys paying their bills? No, right? Well I was the same way until I read something from the great Louise Hay. She said the following about paying bills:

" A bill is an acknowledgment of our ability to pay. The creditor assumes you are affluent enough and gives you the service or the product first. I bless with love each and every bill that comes into my home. I bless with love and stamp a small kiss on each and every check I write. If you pay with resentment, money has a hard time coming back to you. If you pay with love and joy, you open the free-flowing channel of abundance. "

Isn't that an amazing and fresh new perspective on paying our bills? I think so and that's exactly what we're going to do in this technique.

Here's the step-by-step process.

Step 1.

Choose the last 3 bills you paid, (or are about to pay). Even if you don't have a physical bill. This can include:

  • Mortgage
  • Rent
  • Property Tax
  • Insurance
  • Car Payments
  • Credit Cards
  • Line of credit
  • Student Loan
  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Water
  • Internet
  • Cell Phone
  • Cable
  • Home Alarm

Step 2.

Find the physical bills, or navigate to the electronic version of the bills.

Step 3.

While looking at each bill, say the following our loud:

"Thank you [INSERT COMPANY NAME HERE] for providing the service first and allowing me to pay the bill after. I bless this bill with love and appreciation"

Step 4.

Bless all your bills with love moving forward.


How to manifest money technique 9

For Drake's 32nd birthday party he went all out.

It was a 2000's themed party that included a Blockbuster video wall, boozed filled Slurpees from 7-11, a who's who of A-Listers, Chanel bag giveaways and much more.

And while some thought it was extravagant, I think it's the perfect example of something that will get you in an abundant frame of mind and therefore a vibration of abundance.

And that's why for this technique you're going to throw the most epic birthday party ever in your imagination.

And here's the step-by-step breakdown of what to do:

Step 1.

Get a piece of paper and pencil.

Step 2.

Choose and write down someone to throw the birthday party for. This can include you, a friend, a family member or someone else you love and appreciate.

Step 3.

Choose and write down a date, time and location for your party, including the length of the party (it can be any date, any time, any location, and any length you desire)

Step 4.

Write down the following: "There is no budget to this party, the sky is the limit."

Step 5.

Write down a list of at least 5 people you want to invite to the party (it can be anyone including celebrities, and you can invite as many people as you like)

Step 6.

Write down at least three specific activities for the party. This can include:

  • A DJ (who is the DJ)
  • A band or singer (who would it be)
  • A night swim (where)
  • A meal (be specific with the kind of meal)
  • A dance party
  • Games of some sort (including drinking games)
  • Some form of entertainment (A concert, a show, etc.)
  • A flight somewhere (Paris, Vegas, etc.)
  • Some spa time (which spa, what treatments?)
  • An adventure (bungee jumping, skydiving, swimming with dolphins, skiing, etc.)
  • A sweet table (include the specific kinds of food on the sweet table)
  • Video game tournament
  • Sports event
  • Step 7.

    Write down an expensive gift to give to everyone who shows up to the party. Be specific with the gifts. It can include:

    • Jewelry (rings, necklaces, watches, bracelets)
    • Bags (brand of bag, type of bag)
    • Clothing (kind of clothing, is it matching?)
    • Liquor (what kind of liquor?)
    • Spa Gift Certificate (where, for how much?)
    • Gift basket (what kind of stuff is in the gift basket)
    • Getaway (where, for how long, what hotel)
    • Technology (smart phones, iPad's, VR gear, gaming consoles)

    Step 8 (Optional).

    If you chose someone other than you to throw the party for, call them up and share with them the details of the party. Or if it's for you, choose 1 person from your list of invites and share with them the kind of party your planning to have when you have the money.

    Technique # 10: RISE TO THE LEVEL OF BILL GATES (10 minutes)

    How to manifest money technique 10

    Here's an interesting question.

    Will Bill Gates legacy focus more on the fact that he created Microsoft or for his philanthropic endeavors. I personally think it will be the latter.

    Sure, Microsoft is one of the biggest companies in the world, but Bill and Melinda Gates have accomplished extraordinary things through their charitable foundation; tackling (with a great degree of success) some of the worlds largest issues.

    It is suggested that Bill and Melinda have saved an estimated 122 million lives as of the time of this blog. 

    That is a staggering amount of people.

    And so for this technique, you're going to rise to Bill's level and start your own imaginary philanthropy organization.

    Doing this will help you tap into the incredibly strong frequency of helping others. A sure way to substantially increase the chances of manifesting money. 

    And here's how you're going to do that step-by-step:

    Step 1.

    Get a piece of paper and pencil.

    Step 2.

    Give a name to your foundation. It can be anything you want.

    Step 3.

    Choose and write down one category of charity that's near and dear to your heart. This can include:

    • Poverty
    • Children's rights
    • Women's rights
    • Animals
    • Arts and Culture
    • Education
    • The Environment
    • Hunger
    • Health
    • Religion
    • Elderly support
    • Human rights
    • Emergency relief
    • War Relief
    • Race
    • Discrimination

    Step 4.

    Get more specific by writing down one major issue within that category. The easiest way to do that is by asking yourself the following:

    "What issue within this category do I have the strongest emotional attachment to?"

    The first answer that comes to mind should be the one you go with. Remember you're not actually creating a charity, you're just imagining it.

    Step 5.

    Create a 3 or 4 step plan to tackle this issue that's near and dear to your heart. Remember that money, time and resources are unlimited. Further, ignore logistical constraints as well. Also, get as detailed as you can with the plan.

    An example of a 4-step plan could be as follows:

    Category: Health

    Issue: Cancer

    4-Step Plan to treat cancer patients with a high degree of success:

              Step 1: Scour the world and identify the 3 most cutting edge cancer treatments that are not yet rolled out on a massive scale.

              Step 2: Expand the reach of the treatments by testing them on a much bigger scale and pick the one treatment that is most effective.

              Step 3: Gain regulatory approval to roll out the treatment to the general public

              Step 4: Roll it out to the general public

    Step 6.

    Close your eyes for a minutes a feel how good it would feel to successfully help change the world for the better.

    Step 7 (Optional).

    For added effect, Go to this site Break Your Own News - Breaking News Meme Generator, and generate your own headline and ticker for your philanthropic success. You can even upload an image.

    Technique # 11: PITCH A PRODUCT TO ELON MUSK (10 minutes)

    How to manifest money technique 11

    Did you know that more than 55% of the world's billionaires are self-made?

    Isn't that an amazing amount? And it makes sense. As an entrepreneur you create the business from the ground up and keep more profits than anyone else.

    And while we can attract money in an endless amount of ways, clearly the vibration of a successful entrepreneur is a powerful one.

    And that's why for this technique you're going to become an entrepreneur by thinking up a product and pretending to present it to Elon Musk for buy in and funding.

    Here's what you need to do:

    Step 1.

    Get a piece of paper and pencil.

    Step 2.

    Remove all money, time, and resource constraints. Also assume away any technological, scientific, or logistical constraints.

    Step 3.

    Identify and write down a problem that needs to be fixed. For inspiration check out this post:

    Step 4.

    Create and write down a solution to the problem. Again, there are no constraints to the solutions.

    Step 5.

    Write down an elevator pitch to Elon Musk. Put simply, an elevator pitch is:

    "A succinct and persuasive sales pitch."

    In other words, imagine you're in an elevator with Elon Musk and you have 30-seconds to pitch him your idea. What would you say? Here's an example to help you.

    Problem: Forgetting your lines while shooting a video, or acting in a play or film or TV show.

    Solution: An artificially intelligent pair of glasses

    Pitch: My product is a pair of artificial intelligence glasses for performers who can't remember their lines. It has a script loaded on it and allows you to read each line one at a time, as it knows exactly what line you just spoke and what's coming next. The line you need to read appears to you like it's in the middle of the audience or at the perfect spot in the camera.

    Step 6.

    Close your eyes and imagine Elon liking your idea and agreeing to invest 25 million dollars to fund it.

    Technique # 12: CREATE YOUR OWN OASIS (10 minutes)

    How to manifest money technique 12

    Living in Toronto my whole life has made me appreciate the summer and warm weather to no end. And that's reflected in the importance my wife and I place on our backyard.

    Our outdoor space is precious to us and we treat it like so. And if you look at the richest people in the world, they think so too.

    Consider the number of millionaires, billionaires, and celebrities with incredible backyards and it's easy to see why creating your dream backyard is a powerful technique to manifesting money.

    And that's exactly what we're going to in this technique. Here's how:

    Step 1.

    Get a piece of paper and pencil.

    Step 2.

    Remove all money, time, and resource constraints, to your outside oasis. Also, assume there is no limit to the size of your backyard and that weather is not an issue.

    Step 3.

    Identify and write down at least 3 main features to your backyard. Examples could include:

    • A swimming pool
    • A trampoline
    • An entertainment area
    • A outdoor kitchen
    • An outdoor spa complete with shower and massage area
    • A playground
    • A tennis court
    • Outdoor furniture
    • Fire pit
    • Pizza Oven
    • Outdoor movie screen
    • Swim up bar
    • Waterfall
    • Grotto
    • Garden or greenhouse
    • Treehouse
    • Fountain
    • Clubhouse

    Step 4.

    Create a simple drawing of the backyard. Where will the amenities be placed, what are their shapes and sizes (you don't have to be a good drawer to do this)

    Step 5 (Optional).

    Create a digital vision board with your perfect backyard oasis. This free app can help you build one quickly and easily.


    Here's what Steve Jobs said about our intuition:

    “Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”

    Now if one of the most successful entrepreneurs that ever walked this Earth (the same one who invented the iPod, iPhone, and iPad) trusted his intuition (and made over $10 Billion dollars doing it), then why shouldn't you?

    The problem is, most people don't know how to tap into their intuition, let alone know when it's speaking to them.

    Fortunately, this simple hack will help you immensely.

    Here's the quickest way to tap into your intuition for guidance:

    Step 1.

    Find a quiet place

    Step 2.

    Get a piece of paper and a pencil

    Step 3.

    Write down a current problem you're having that is related to money. Examples can include:

    • Not having enough to pay your bills
    • Hating your job
    • Being in too much debt
    • Not knowing where your next chunk of money will come from
    • Not having the money to buy something you desire
    • Owing money to someone else
    • Can't get a mortgage or loan
    • Can't find a job

    Step 4.

    Read steps 5 and 6, first and then follow the instructions

    Step 5.

    Close your eyes

    Step 6.

    Slow down your breathing. Inhale for about 5 seconds. Hold your breath for 5 seconds. Exhale for 5 seconds. Do this 5 times. Doing this exercise places your mind in an alpha state. Which calms you and expands your awareness. Fertile ground for your intuition to kick in.

    Pro Tip: if you're asthmatic and cannot hold your breath or exhale for so long, reduce it to 4 seconds.

    Step 7.

    Open your eyes, read the problem you wrote down and ask out loud: "How can I solve this problem?"

    Step 8.

    Calmly listen to the first answer that bubbles up inside you. That is your intuition speaking.

    Pro Tip: If no answer comes to you, do the breathing exercise again. In time an answer will come.

    Step 9.

    Write down the solution and decide whether you want to take action.

    Technique # 14: ADOPT A POWER PERSPECTIVE ON MONEY (5 minutes)

    How to manifest money technique 14

    Everything in this world is a function of our perspective and there are an infinite number of perspectives in this world on an infinite number of subjects.

    And money is no different.

    We each have our own perspective on money. Some empower us, others disempower us, and some elicit no feeling in us at all. But in order to manifest money, you need to see it from the perspective that empowers you in the best way possible.

    I call this a Power Perspective, because it carries great energy and power behind it. And that's what we're going to do with this technique.

    Here is the step-by-step breakdown for creating a Power Perspective on the subject of money:

    Step 1.

    Get a piece of paper and a pencil

    Step 2.

    Write down your feeling on the subject of money. It's either positive, negative or mixed.  

    The easiest way to identify your general feeling is by deciding which statement below you resonates with more.

    It doesn't matter if you agree with the statement or not. It only matters if you feel more strongly one way or the other. You also might resonate with both. In which case you have mixed feelings (which is totally fine):

    Here are the statements:

    Statement 1: Money is one of the most powerful sources of positive energy and it helps the world expand in amazing ways.

     Statement 2: Money is the root of all evil and is the cause for so much pain and suffering in the world.

    Step 3.

    • If the feeling is positive then simply add to your positive feeling by writing down 3 ways in which money has been a positive source of energy for you (this reinforces your positive view)
    • If the feeling is negative, then do the following two things:
    • Forgive all people who have used money in a negative way by saying the following statement out loud:

    "I forgive all people who have used money in a negative way and I hope they become inspired to use it for good."

    • The say the following statement out loud:

    "I further forgive all people who have used money in a negative way, as they are confused about the intention of money and I hope they gain clarification for the incredibly positive power that money holds."  

    • If the feeling is mixed, then do both A and B above.

    Step 4: Regardless of how you feel about money, affirm the following out loud:

    "Money is one of the most powerful sources of positive energy and it helps the world expand in amazing ways."

    Technique # 15: OOZE VIP VIBES THROUGH THE PERFECT VACATION (10 minutes)

    How to manifest money technique 15

    Let's face it. Rich people carry with them VIP vibes, while poor people don't.

    And this is simply because they pay to be treated like a VIP (and there's nothing wrong with that). Now, of course, it's easy to feel like a VIP when you pay for the privilege of it, but the next best thing is to imagine yourself a VIP.

    And that's why for this technique you're going to feel like the ultimate VIP by creating your dream vacation.

    Here is how we're going to create the perfect VIP dream vacation.

    Step 1.

    Get a piece of paper and a pencil

    Step 2.

    Remove all financial and time constraints.

    Step 3.

    Pick and write down a location and the name of at least one person you will take on this vacation.

    Step 4.

    Write down how long you will be going on vacation

    Step 5.

    Write down how you're going to get there. Examples can include:

    • A road trip, driving the most epic car you can think of
    • A private plane ride to your destination(s)
    • First class flight
    • A private yacht to your destination

    Step 6.

    Research and write down the hotel or Airbnb you'll be staying at.


    1. Go to and in the search bar, type in the city that you're going to and press enter.

    How to manifest money

    2. Click on the top result, which should be your city.

    How to manifest money

    3. Click on the hotel tab and make sure to sort by Traveler Ranked. Also ignore the sponsored hotels as you see in the screenshot below:

    How to manifest money

    4. Choose the hotel that most appeals to you.


    1. Go to the Airbnb website

    2. Fill in the details (make up the dates or choose whatever dates you desire) and hit enter

    How to manifest money

    3. Select the type of stay you want

    How to manifest money

    4. Also, choose the right filters

    How to manifest money

    5. Choose the place that speaks to you most

    Step 7.

    Write down at least 7 activities that you're going to do while on vacation. Examples can include:

    • Swimming at the beach
    • Swimming with dolphins
    • Ziplining
    • Water sports
    • Skiing or Snowboarding
    • Visiting major sites
    • Partying
    • Gambling
    • Bungee jumping
    • Skydiving
    • Fancy dinners
    • Watching live entertainment
    • People watching
    • Hiking
    • Visiting Wineries
    • Road tripping
    • Going off the beaten path
    • Visiting museums and art galleries
    • Bar hopping
    • Nightclubs
    • Bonfires
    • Cycling through the city
    • Lounging at the beach
    • Lounging by the pool

    Step 8 (Optional).

    Share your plans with the person you're planning on taking with you.


    How to manifest money technique 16

    People who have a lack mentality, believe that the world is a fixed pie with a limited amount of money (or success, or love, or whatever) to go around.

    Conversely people who have an abundant mindset, believe that the pie is always expanding and that there's always more than enough to go around.

    Which mentality do you believe will help you manifest money more easily?

    That's right an abundant mindset. And so, for this technique, we're going to help you shift from a lack mentality to an abundant one.

    Here's how:

    Step 1.

    Find a quiet place

    Step 2.

    Get a piece of paper and a pencil

    Step 3.

    Think about and write down 3 times in your past that you "lost" something. This doesn't have to be only about money. It can be anything. We're focusing on the mentality in this technique, not the subject. Examples can include:

    • Losing a loved one
    • A failed relationship
    • A bad investment
    • Dropping out of or failing school
    • Being fired from a job
    • A wasted opportunity
    • A failed business
    • A bad contract
    • Losing the championship
    • Being rejected
    • Losing in the stock market
    • Wasted time
    • Being injured

    Step 4.

    Think about and write down what you've actually gained through these experiences. We've all gained through our "negative" experiences.

    This subtle, but powerful, mindset shift will dislodge your lack mentality and move you to an abundant one.

    Building on the example above, here are some ideas to help you:

    • What I "lost"
    • What I actually "gained"
    • Losing a loved one
    • How to appreciate life more
    • A failed Relationship
    • What I really want in a relationship
    • A bad investment
    • What makes up a good investment
    • Dropping out of or failing school
    • Learning life skills instead
    • Being fired from a job
    • New opportunities to start a new career or business
    • A wasted opportunity
    • Better able to spot new opportunities
    • A failed business
    • Being immune from failure
    • A bad contract
    • Knowing what makes up a good contract
    • Losing the championship
    • Closing weaknesses on the team
    • Being rejected
    • Having a better opportunity come along
    • Losing in the stock market
    • Gaining better investment skills
    • Wasted time
    • Appreciating the time you have now
    • Being Injured
    • Appreciating your body more

    Step 5.

    We tend to either blame ourselves or others for these past experiences.

    And as long as we blame, we stay stuck in the bad experience and hold onto that lack mentality. Letting go of it will help shift you further to an abundant mentality.

    The easiest way to let go is to forgive yourself or another for the experience.

    You do so by saying the following out loud: "I forgive [myself/other person] for this past experience. And I full let it go, in order to move on to bigger and better things."


    How to manifest money technique 17

    The vibration of jealousy will definitely not help us manifest money.

    We're essentially sending a message to the universe that we're not as deserving of the same success as someone else. And of course, the universe responds by saying, okay, then I'll make sure you continue to have less than this other person.

    But when you celebrate the success of another, not only are you letting the universe know that you're deserving, you're also letting it know that you're confident that your day will come too.

    And that's a far healthier vibration for manifesting money. That's why for this technique we're going to celebrate the success of another through the milestone technique.

    Here's how you do that, step-by-step:

    Step 1.

    Identify someone in your life who just accomplished something in their life. Examples can include:

    • Got a new job
    • Launched a successful business
    • Bought a new house
    • Renovated their house
    • Graduated
    • Got promoted
    • Got married
    • Had a baby
    • Moved to a new city
    • Entered into a new relationship
    • Retired
    • Healing from an illness
    • Crossing something off their bucket list
    • Buying a new car
    • Losing weight
    • Leaving the 9 to 5

    Step 2.

    Send an email or text of congratulation to this person for their milestone (and mean it). You can let them know the following:

    • Congratulate them for their milestone
    • How excited you are for them
    • How you wish them the best with this new part of their life

    Step 3.

    Send an email or text of congratulation to this person for their milestone (and mean it). You can let them know the following:

    • Congratulate them for their milestone
    • How excited you are for them
    • How you wish them the best with this new part of their life

    Step 4.

    Continue to send these emails of congratulations to others as opportunities arise. When you get in the habit of congratulating others, you truly let go of jealousy placing you in a powerful vibration of receiving.


    And that's it. 17 Unique and powerful techniques, you can use if you want to know how to manifest money. If you're looking for more awesome techniques, check out this post

    Remember, you don’t have to do every item on this list right away. Start with one or two and slowly add ore to the list if you notice a difference.

    Now it's your turn. What other techniques do you use to help you manifest money?

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