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The Ultimate Law of Attraction Planner (Free) for manifestation

Introduction - this is more than a productivity tool

Do a quick Google search for "Law of Attraction planner" or "Free law of attraction planners" and you'll get a bunch of planners aimed at helping you manifest your desires. The problem is most of them don't really have the elements that make up a good planner in the context of law of attraction. 

Some of them show goals you'd like to reach. While others ask you to input affirmations, or a mind map, or a vision board, or journaling, or ways to be productive. 

While the people who are offering these planners are well intentioned, they really miss the point. A good law of attraction (LOA) planner needs to consider how LOA really works and also keep the user in mind, from the perspective of attracting what they really desire.  

And that requires a deep understanding of the law of attraction. And that's why this blog post and free offer has been created.

Hi, my name is Dave Asch and I am a self-proclaimed law of attraction expert. Self-proclaimed because they don't teach this at school. Now, I'm not going to waste your time espousing how good I am or why you should trust me. Instead I'm going to take you through the free daily planner I created for you and why I added what I added. 

Every element (and there are 5) of this daily planner have been deliberately thought out and carefully crafted to help you get the most out of it. And they are based on a deep understand of LOA. 

In this post I'm going to take you through every one of the 5 elements. I will explain why they're there, how to use them, and what you should expect to get out of them. 

Before we begin though, just an FYI, that it would be best if you used this planner every single day. Your success in terms of manifesting your desires are heavily dependent on the concept of momentum. Meaning the more you focus your attention in one direction, the easier is gets. And that's because the law of attraction is matching you with like vibrations.

So, the more you use the planner, the greater the chances of manifesting your desires. Hence why this is a 365 day, undated planner. It's good for an entire year.

Oh and one more thing. I'm giving this away for free for 2 reasons:

1. I really want to help people change their lives and the more people who use this the better. So please feel free to share this post with your loved ones.

2. I'm hoping to get you on my email list, so that I can provide some more value to you. Full disclosure, I will also be offering some paid products. Of course, no obligation to buy them and no pressure either. 

Okay so let's get to it. As mentioned, there are 5 elements to this free law of attraction planner. 

ELEMENT # 1 - True Gratitude

Most law of attraction planners have some element of gratitude infused in it. There are even gratitude journals and apps. I know because I've used many of them myself. And while at the beginning they may help you feel more thankful, they very quickly lose their appeal. Why? Because you're simply supposed to list what you're thankful for and that's it. 

What starts out as a cool technique, quickly becomes boring and cumbersome, ironically leading to the exact opposite purpose. 

So, while gratitude is one of the most powerful vibrations out there and while expressing true gratitude will help you manifest your desires, most planners miss the mark. 

In other words, a different process of expressing gratitude is needed. And that's exactly what I did in this planner.

How? Two ways.

1. I'm only asking you to be thankful for 1 thing. This significantly reduces repeating the same thing over and over day in and day out. 

2. I take it a step further by asking you to give 3 reasons why you're thankful. Because when you answer why (and why to three different reasons), then you really dig into the core of what you're thankful for. And suddenly the chances of actually feeling grateful on a daily basis goes up exponentially. 

Let's use an example to drive the point home. Let's say you're thankful for your job. So you write down my job. That doesn't really have any feeling behind it. 

But now watch what happens when we answer why. 

Why are you grateful for your job:

1. It allows me to provide a good quality of life for my spouse and children

2. I get to interact with a group of fun and intelligent colleagues who in some ways are my second family

3. I get to contribute to my company in a positive way that ultimately keeps me and others employed

Gratiude element filled out

Now how do you think you'd feel? There's no contest right. That's the benefit of answering why. It's such a simple prompt, but also so powerful. And now you're cooking with gas. You're feeling good and that's enough for the law of attraction to kick into gear and begin to match you up with more of what you desire. 

Now before we move on to element # 2, one more important thing of note. 

What should you do if you want to list something you're not feeling so positive about. Should you still list it? 

And my advice is yes, with a caveat. And the caveat is this. Let go of the negative feeling first before you list why you're grateful for it. If you don't know how to let go of a negative feeling, we're going to go through it right now (including a free cheat sheet to help you). 

So, without further ado, let's get to element # 2.

ELEMENT # 2 - Let Go

Here's a secret if there ever was one. Underneath all of the self-loathing, lack of faith, anxieties, fears, lack of intent, and every other negative emotion you can think of, is your True Self. 

And what characteristics does this True Self embody? Well, something like this:

That's right. At your very core, you are a loving, kind, grateful, peaceful, happy, abundant person. And that's the irony of ironies. 

Most people go chasing after all of these desired emotions, when it's been there all along. Like the sun that's hidden by clouds, it's always been there. All you need to do is remove the clouds. 

And the most effective, powerful way I know how to do that is by letting go of your negative emotions. 

It's more powerful than meditating, visualizing, being mindful, or any other technique you can think of. Not that those techniques don't have a place, they're simply just not as effective. Why? 

Because all of those other techniques don't adequately deal with your emotions. Because at the end of it all there are only 3 ways to deal with your emotions:

1. You suppress them

2. You express them

3. You let them go

And letting go is the most natural way to deal with your emotions. Don't believe me? Take some time to watch children go about their day and you'll quickly see that they are letting go of their negative emotions all of the time. 

Let's spend a little bit going over each way to deal with emotions. 

While we may have been naturals at letting go of our emotions when we were younger, eventually we were taught to suppress them instead. We push it down, ignore it, or drown them out in a sea of alcohol, drugs, entertainment, exercise, reading, or any other distraction you can think of.

Unfortunately, suppressing your emotions can be dangerous to our health as the stress we think we're removing simply turns inwards and wreaks havoc on our body's. Also, since the emotions are still with us, they amplify as we experience situations that cause us to be angry, lonely, cynical, fearful, anxious, or any other negative emotion, Causing us to double down on finding ways to ignore them. It's a vicious cycle that really doesn't help you in any way,

While expressing your emotions is better than suppressing them, they still don't get rid of the emotions. It's like releasing SOME steam from a pressure cooker but not all. It gives you temporary relief, but there are side effects. First, expressing anger or fear on a regular basis can have negative affects on the target of your anger or fear. People may get turned off by this and go elsewhere. 

Further, you still have the emotional trigger, because it's still inside you. So, let's say you get angry every time you're stuck in traffic. You may express your anger and honk really hard on your car horn, or yell at people, but that anger is still there. And so, every time you get stuck in traffic the emotion is triggered and you feel angry all over again. Not the most effective way to deal with an emotion, as it can derail your day or any progress you've made in feeling better. 

And that's why letting go is the most effective way to deal with your emotions. When you let go of a negative emotion associated with a specific event, the trigger disappears and you'll never feel negative emotions associated with that specific event ever again. It's gone. For good. 

At first when you let go, you'll feel a little lighter. The feeling will also be subtle at first. But give it a little time (perhaps a few days) and what you'll notice is that the trigger no longer holds the same emotional pull it once did. That's because it's gone.

Now, sometimes, you might have to let go several times for some especially stubborn triggers, but I promise it will eventually dissapear.

And that's why the second element in the law of attraction planner is to let go. 

So, how does it work? Simple. 

First, you can fill out this section of the planner anytime you want. Morning, evening, or anytime you feel negative emotion. 

Second, I'm asking you to let go of only 4 negative emotions so as to not overwhelm you at first. Of course, feel free to let go of more if it pleases you. 

Third, follow the letting go process. What is the process? Well, there are 3 steps:

How to let go on your own

1. Determine how you feel. This is easy. You can tell when you're feeling bad. 

2. Identify the source. This requires just a little more searching, but give it about 10 seconds and you'll intuitively know the source of your negative feeling.

3. Let go of the negative feeling and any associated feelings. You can let go in a variety of ways. You can close your eyes and visualize letting go of the emotion. You can hold a pencil and drop it like dropping an emotion. You can take a deep breath in and then exhale as you imagine letting it go. 

The only pre-requisite is you have to FEEL THE FEELING before letting it go. Sure, it's uncomfortable, but it's only for a few seconds and then it will be gone. 

After letting go, see if there is some resonance left. If so, feel free to let it go again, though it has already mostly gone. And one final note. Once you let go, cross out the negative feeling. 

And that's it. Simple but oh so powerful. And the more you let go, the more you allow your True Self and all the associated characteristics of being loving, kind, grateful, peaceful, abundant and happy naturally come through. 

Element 2 - letting go of negative emotions

ELEMENT # 3 - Celebrate your progress

There's a wonderful book that I read called The Gap and the Gain by Benjamin Hardy and Dan Sullivan. The premise of the book is that there are generally two ways people look at the world. Either from a perspective of what's missing, or what needs to be done, or from the perspective of how far I've come. 

Based on their research, and coaching with other people, it became very clear that focusing on how far you've come is a far more healthy, effective way to look at the world than how far you have left to go. 

From a law of attraction perspective, focusing on your progress is a far more beneficial vibrational state to be in, then what's missing. For two reasons:

1. The law of attraction matches your vibrational state. When you focus on what's missing, what's missing expands. Meaning your desires will always outpace your manifestations, leading to frustration and in some cases a desire to give up. 

2. You'll never get it done. We are desire making machines. The more we live life, the more we have "undesirable" experiences that cause us to desire a new improved life experience. This will continue as long as we're in this physical body. In other words, there will always be a gap. Now the size of the gap depends on how well you leverage the law of attraction. And focusing on how much progress you've made is a good starting point. 

Now, how to fill out this section is pretty self-explanatory. At the end of every day you simply take a few moments and write down any progress you've made. No matter how seemingly small.

Did you exercise? Write it down. Ate even a little bit of healthy food? Write it down. Read some pages in a book? Write it down? Cooked something? Did the laundry? Moved your business forward in any way? Got something on your work to-do list done? Followed your morning routine? Heck, even filling out this progress section of the law of attraction planner should be noted.

It doesn't matter what you've accomplished. The intent behind it is to slowly shift your attention (and therefore vibration) to what you have accomplished. And the more you do it, the easier it will get. And what's interesting is soon you'll be getting more and more done in less time. Almost like magic. 

But it's not magic; its the law of attraction at work. Like vibration matches like vibration. 

That's why this is such a powerful planner. 

Finally, for your viewing pleasure, here's an example of this section filled out:

ELEMENT # 4 - Morning Routine

It seems like everyone and their uncle are espousing the benefits of having a morning routine these days. And for good reason. How you start your day often dictates how the rest of the day goes. 

Now, I'm not going to explain to you the benefits of a morning routine from a scientific or even a self-help perspective. Instead I'm going to explain it to you from a law of attraction perspective. The most powerful perspective you can take, in my not so humble opinion. 

One of the most powerful side effects (and I'll explain why I call it a side effect instead of a benefit in a moment) of the law of attraction is momentum. 

Remember, that the the law of attraction matches you with like vibrations. Here's the thing. Everything emits a vibration, Your thoughts emit a vibration. Your words emit a vibration. Your actions emit a vibration. Your beliefs emit a vibration. Your interactions with other people emit a vibration. Your relationship with money emits a vibration. And so on. 

Meaning there's momentum behind all of these things. And the longer you focus in a particular direction, the more momentum you have. 

Now I call this momentum a side effect because it can have a positive impact on your life or it can have a negative impact on your life. Focus in a positive direction long enough and more positive things will come to you. Focus in a negative direction long enough and more negative things will come to you. 

And the only time the momentum stops is when you have what's more commonly known as a pattern interrupt. A pattern interrupt is an experience that counters your current direction of attention long enough to break the momentum.

Whenever you sleep you break momentum (in fact, this is the easiest way to break momentum). You also break momentum when you meditate. Shower. Exercise. Go for walk. Go for a drive. Or do anything that switches up your attention. 

It's at the point where momentum is broken that you have the biggest opportunity to create a new momentum, in a direction that pleases you. 

Since sleep is easiest way to break momentum and since most people sleep the longest before the dawn, it only makes sense that the largest window of opportunity to swing momentum in your favor is the morning. Hence why a morning routine is so powerful.

And really all a morning routine is, is a deliberate attempt to focus your mind and vibe in a positive direction long enough to create positive momentum. And the whole point of a routine is to take the guess work out of exactly how to build that momentum.  

At least at first. With time and practice you might decide to alter the routine in a direction that works for you. 

Okay, so let's get to the routine. First things first, you can grab the free morning routine here. Fill out your info and you'll get an immediate download. 

Here is how it looks for your purposes:

As you can see, there are 4 steps in the morning routine. And in the sheet you'll get all the details you need. 

The time required, the action to take, how to do it, the goal of the step, and how you'll know when the action step you'll take is effective in the context of law of attraction. 

The routine also includes some common questions including how to restructure the routine if you don't have enough time to do all of the steps. 

As an FYI, this routine has been designed in a specific way, and in a specific order to help you get the best out of it. 

Even which parts to keep and which parts to remove have been deliberately decided, 

As a side note, in the spirit of full disclosure, you will be asked to provide your name and email address and will be added to my email list. Don't worry, you can unsubscribe any time. You will also only receive value through my list. No hard selling techniques (though I do have some products I will be offering). 

So how does the morning routine tie into the law of attraction planner? Simple. All you have to do is put a checkmark beside each step you've completed. In the spirit of celebrating your progress on a daily basis, don't beat yourself up should you only take one action step as part of the routine. Or even none. Go easy on yourself. 

Anyways here's how it looks for your purposes:

And that's it with the morning routine. Very easy and yet very powerful. 

ELEMENT # 5 - Make today awesome

Wayne Dyer wrote an amazing book called The Power of Intention and the objective was to help the reader understand how powerful intention is, in the context of attracting your desires. 

And if you follow any Law of Attraction gurus, they will all pretty much say the same thing. Set your intention in advance. Get clear on what you want. That kind of thing. 

Now, while that can be powerful, setting your long-term intentions can be a double-edged sword. Sure you might be getting clear about what you want, but in the same vain, those intention could be too lofty for you or seem to far out. More importantly, they may amplify the vibe that what you want is not here. Which will only bring more not having of it. 

And that's why, element five of the law of attraction planner is a form of setting your intentions for the day ahead. In other words, I've kept it short-term on purpose. 

This way you're far less likely to get tripped up on the idea that what you want is not here.

Further, the way I structured this element was very deliberate, by asking the question "How is today going to be awesome?" 

This question helps you set intentions for the day in advance, but not in terms of what you're going to manifest or attract, but instead in terms of how you intend it to unfold.

This is a far more powerful vibrational state than asking for what you want. 

But this might beg the question. "Shouldn't I be focused on what I desire as often as possible?"

And the answer is no. And here's why. You don't need to keep asking the universe what you want. In fact, you don't need to consciously ask the universe at all. You're vibration has already asked.

And the universe has already lined up all the piece parts needed for the fruition of your desires. 

If you're confused, let me explain: As we go about our daily life and experience different experiences, we (usually unconsciously) are also are continuously refining our desires. This is especially the case when you have an "undesirable experience" 

So, for example, let's say you don't have a lot of money and suddenly an unexpected bill comes. It sets you in a tailspin as you need to dip into your line of credit to pay it off. You've been trying to avoid going into debt and yet here you are. 

That's an undesirable experience that results in some sort of negative emotion. Fear, anger, anxiety, whatever. At the moment of this experience two things have happened. You've come to the conclusion that you don't want to be in this position again, and simultaneously you want to be so financially secure that unexpected bills no longer bother you. 

You've just asked the universe for the financial security. That is enough. The universe has picked up on your vibe and there's no need for you to ask again. 

All you need to do is hook up or connect with Your Best Self (your soul) and then be guided to the fulfillment of financial security. 

Asking over and over, in fact, can be detrimental because you reinforce the vibration that what you're seeking has still not flowed into your physical experience. And the universe responds in kind. 

So, instead of asking for what you want. Simply intend to make the day awesome. 

Here are some examples of setting the intention to make today awesome:

- A problem I've been trying to solve will naturally solve itself

- I will have energy all day

- I will get along with everyone I meet today

- I will be super productive today

- Cool new opportunities will open up for me today

And so on...

Now, before you fill out this section, there are some ground rules I'd like to share. They are intended to minimize any resistance or friction with the intentions you set.

1. They should not too detailed. The more detailed it is, the more likely it is to trip you up if it doesn't work out exactly as you'd like it to. In fact, it's never a good idea to insist that every step unfolds in a specific way. You need to create room for the universe to deliver in the best way for you. The universe and your True Self (soul) has a much broader perspective than you. Put another way, our unconscious minds can process 11M bits of external stimuli per second, while our conscious minds can only process 30. Let that sink in for a second and recognize that we consciously know far less than what is really going on. 

2. They shouldn't be too far of a jump for you. If you make $100 a day, intending to win the lottery could be too much of a vibrational jump. It's not that the universe can't deliver it to you. It's that you're vibration around money is not at that level yet. Stretch your intentions a little, but not too much. 

3. Don't involve anyone else specifically. Intentions like "Daisy will call me today", will not be effective, but you don't know what level Daisy is vibrating at. And besides the intention is yours not someone else's, so make it about you.

4. Don't get too fussed if your intentions don't come to fruition. It doesn't necessarily mean you're doing anything wrong. The purpose behind this element is to become more conscious of your day moving forward. Most people live by default. Meaning they simply react to what's going on in their experience. This exercise helps you flip the script and become more deliberate about how your day is going to go. That's getting out ahead of it, which ultimately gives you more control.  

Not that you have the ground rules, you are ready to set your intentions. Every morning as you're filling out this part of the planner, take the few moments to fill this out. 

Also, feel free to fill it out throughout the day if you're so inclined. For example, you can add one intention in the morning and three more throughout the day. 


And there you have it. The ultimate (or deluxe) law of attraction planner. Again this is completely free, undated, monthly planner. You can even call this a life planner or manifestation planner to help you achieve your dream life. Simply leave your info and download it right away. 

Should you have any questions about it, feel free to leave it in the comments below and I'll respond. 

And more importantly, have fun with this. This shouldn't be a stressful or obligatory exercise. That kind of defeats the purpose. In fact, if you do feel stressed or like it's an obligation, then I prefer you don't fill it out at all. No need to mess up your vibration. 

Alright, that's it. Remember to download the planner and leave a comment below with either a question or if you'd prefer, contribute to the conversation with your own suggestions for a planner. 

Setting Our Planner Apart from a Freedom Mastery Planner

Now, let's address the elephant in the room – how does our 12 month Deluxe Law of Attraction Planner differ from a Freedom Mastery Planner? It's a fair question, considering that both tools aim to help you unlock the secrets of manifestation and live your dream life. So, here's the lowdown on what makes our planner uniquely valuable.

Tailored Techniques: While Freedom Mastery Planners provide a solid foundation for personal growth and manifestation, our 12-month Deluxe Law of Attraction Planner takes a personalized approach. We've packed it with strategies like the "Let Go" and "Make Today Awesome" sections, which delve deeper into harnessing the Law of Attraction in your daily life.

Deluxe Insights: Our Deluxe Law of Attraction Planner isn't just a run-of-the-mill monthly planner. It's a manifestation powerhouse. We've incorporated features that cater to different aspects of your life, including productivity, gratitude, and daily intentions. It's all about providing you with a comprehensive toolkit for creating your dream life.

Monthly Self-Check: One of our standout features is the monthly reflection section. It's like having a mini life-coach right in your notebook. This self-assessment tool helps you track your progress, tweak your strategies, and stay aligned with your manifestation goals.

Changeable Covers: Yes, we love variety too. That's why our planner allows you to switch out the cover whenever you fancy a change. It's all about ensuring your A5 sized planner complements your style and vibes perfectly.

The Power of the Pen: Speaking of personalization, our planner is all about putting the power in your hands – or rather, your pen. With blank journaling pages and plenty of space to jot down your thoughts and intentions, it's more than just a planner; it's your personal manifesting journal.

In a nutshell, both our 12 month planner and Freedom Mastery Planners share the Law of Attraction foundation, but they come at it from unique angles. Our planner is your all-in-one manifestation companion, with extra tools to boost your personal growth journey. So, whether you're a seasoned manifestor or just starting out, our planner offers a fresh perspective to help you achieve the life you've always craved. Celebrate the differences, leverage the strengths, and start manifesting your dream life today

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