Hi, I'm Dave Asch

Self proclaimed law of attraction expert

Because they don't (yet) offer degrees in the law of attraction or spirituality. 

Anyway - what do you want to know? 

I'm in my 40's and live in Toronto

And no I have not yet met Drake (but I did drive by his house) and love the Raptors. 

I'm married with 3 kids

And they still like me, despite putting up with my incessant "you create your life" babble!

I love music 

All kinds of music, but I do lean towards rock and grunge (after all I was a teen in early the 90's)

I can help you manifest your dream life!

I'm talking about that dream corner house, that "are you for real?" partner, and that "I shouldn't be getting paid to have this much fun" career, life!

Now you're probably wondering...

Is this guy worth my time and attention?

For many readers, the answer is NO.

And here's why:

1. I can not help you with quick manifestations!

For 2 reasons. One, it doesn't work for most people (if it did we'd all be millionaires, right?). And that's because we have a lot of issues (i.e. blocks) we've picked up over the years and they get in the way. 

Two, it's not about the manifestations. Sure they're nice and to be completely honest that's what I market to people because it's more exciting than "I will teach you how to remove all of your blocks". But spirituality and the law of attraction is so much more than "manifest $1M and be happy forever". It misses the point. I had to learn this the hard way (chasing after the shiny penny dangled in front of me more than once). So if you're looking for the quick fix you're unfortunately in the wrong place!

2. I don't offer "subliminal" manifestations

Again for 2 reasons. One, they don't work for me (and I haven't heard that it's worked for other people either).

And two I believe that lasting change really requires conscious change. The key word being lasting. When you consciously work on yourself, you have direct control over who you want to be and you build the habit of awareness, which is the THE MOST IMPORTANT habit you can create. 

3. Manifesting "stuff" is secondary to what I teach

I know I mentioned it in #1, but I really mean it. While manifesting "stuff" is awesome, it won't lead to lasting happiness and a fulfilled life. Why? Because a manifestation will ALWAYS be quickly replaced with a new desire, and the only reason you want anything is because you believe it will make you happy anyways. 

Now the irony is, once you find happiness right here, right now, the stuff comes anyways. And usually a lot quicker than the alternative. Pretty cool stuff if you ask me. 


Here's what you can expect from me

  • Strategies  and tactics you can use  immediately to change your vibe and therefore what you attract in your life. Be forewarned they might change, as I change! I'm always looking to share the best tactics, based on what I read and more importantly what I try myself.
  • The truth! I won't sugar coat things. And if I don't know something, I'll flat out admit it. Because even though I know a lot (and I mean A LOT) about Law of Attraction and spirituality, I am also still a student. And always will be...
  • A regular guy...I am not a jet setter. I don't travel around the globe all the time. I don't have a network of superstars at my disposal. In other words, I'm not disconnected from every day life. Chances are, if you're reading this, I'm just like you...

How do I know if your stuff is any good?

I would recommend you try my free materials.

My YouTube videos, articles, my live streams on Instagram...If you like it and more importantly if it resonates with you, then my products will mostly likely resonate with you as well. 

If it doesn't resonate or appeal to you, then chances are my products won't either.

So who am I?

So here's where I'm supposed to convince you to like and trust me, by telling you how awesome I am and how much of an expert I am and all my accolades.

But the truth is I'm a regular guy. I am married, I have three young children. I live in a normal sized house. I drive normal cars.

And maybe you're asking, isn't a law of attraction guru supposed to live in a big mansion with everything under the sun? And my answer is not necessarily. As I mentioned above, it's not about the "stuff".

Don't get me wrong, I manifest cool stuff, but my purpose is not to "manifest cool stuff", it's to connect with my True Self and unconditionally be happy as often as possible. I'm not perfect, but I have made HUGE strides in the last few years. 

Why? Because through my own spiritual journey, I learned that happiness does not come from anything outside of you. There are depressed billionaires and happy people living in the slums. 

I've also fallen for the "shiny object syndrome" more than once, and it never worked out for me, because it never felt right for me. I never truly felt myself. 

I feel alive when I learn about the spiritual mysteries of the universe, when I discover new ways to connect with my True Self, and when I help others do the same. And so that's where I focus my attention. All the other stuff I desire will simply come in the right way at the right time. 

Here's what I will help you with specifically?

My main purpose is to help you remove all of those barriers that you've developed over the years, so you can manifest your life with ease. Without the frustration or overwhelm that usually comes with such an undertaking. 

Here are just a few examples of the kinds of barriers I'm talking about:

  • Not being able to control your mind from those damn negative thoughts that keep rearing it's ugly head day in and day out
  • Thinking your not worthy of manifesting your desires
  • Lacking the faith (at the times it matters most) that all will work out for you 
  • Being confused about what your "True Purpose is"
  • Sabotaging perfectly good relationships by "doing that thing you always do"
  • Freaking out about money every time an "unexpected bill" shows up
  • The nagging anxiety that never goes away and seems to show up at the worst times 
  • Starting and stopping meditation over and over again because you just can't make it work for you
  • Not knowing how to bring your Best Self to everything you do

And much much more...And the only reason I know how to do help you with these issues, is because I've helped myself (and others) with the exact same issues. Mostly by trial and error. 

Finally, here's what I suggest you do next...

I'm offering, a full fledged course called Law of Attraction Breakthrough. I'm talking four hours of premium content with actionable strategies to help you finally gain control of your mind and vibe, so you can begin to manifest your dream life.

I'm only charging $27 for the entire course (that's a 97% discount), and I'm even throwing in $324 of bonuses, totally free. 

And as if that wasn't awesome enough, I'm also throwing it a 30-day money back guarantee, no questions asked. So your risk is literally nil. 

Simply click on this link and see if it's something you'd be interested in. I really think it will help you.

Okay, sales pitch over!

Thanks for reading this page and speak to you soon.