Why Good Vibes Matter: and why you want them


The idea of good vibes has been around for decades. It started (I believe) with the hippies of the 60’s and has kind of weaved in and out of society since then. Good vibes have also been making a comeback as of late (I’m writing this in July 2019) and I hope that it’s here to stay. You see it all over social media and on the clothes we wear.

Vibrations are also prominent in the spiritual world. While the idea of good vibes is cute and spreads a little bit of joy to those around you, doing a deeper dive on the implications of emitting good vibes in the context of your life and more importantly your life experiences is worth taking the time to do.

Unbeknownst to most people, emitting good, or confident, or happy, or abundant, or loving vibes is the key to a good, confident, happy, abundant and loving life.  In fact, it is so important, it should be the only goal worth pursuing. I know that is a bold declaration but hear (or rather read) me out for a little bit.

Trust me, it will be worth your time.

The Concept of Vibrations

First, let’s take a step back and understand this idea of vibrations. I believe, at our core, we all understand the concept of vibrations intuitively, but we’ve never really explored it. When you break anything physical into its smallest component (at the quantum level) what you discover is that matter doesn’t exist. Everything, (and I mean everything) at its core is made of empty space and energy waves, vibrating at a specific frequency.

Our physical senses simply translate energy into something we can hear, feel, taste, touch or smell. As Albert Einstein said:

“Concerning matter, we have been all wrong. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter.”

Source of quote

We see by detecting energy vibrations that has been slowed down enough to be visible.

Our ears detect sound waves that travel through our ear canal.

The vibrational makeup (salty, sweet, spicy etc.) of something we put in our mouths are detected by our tongue and translated by the brain.

The things we feel kind of works the same way. Our nerve ending translate the vibrational makeup of various objects (hot, cold, pressure, tickle etc.)

Our ability to smell is based on our olfactory sensory neurons that translate the vibrational makeup of an odour into something that makes sense to us.

Finally, we have the innate ability to feel the vibration of anything living. This is our intuition at play, and we’ve all been there before. You can sense when someone is happy, fearful, depressed, at peace, angry, nervous etc.

How to understand your vibrations

All this to say that energy is pervasive in our lives and we’re constantly translating and categorizing energy in a way that makes sense to us. So is everyone else. Whether they know it or not, every person you meet is receiving your vibrational makeup, translating it a specific way, categorize it a certain way, and then responding in kind.

The universe is doing the same thing. Before we get there though, we need to step back a moment and answer the question that is begging to be asked.

How do we know what vibrational frequency we’re emitting?

The answer is our feelings. Our feelings work as a guidance system, helping us translate our current vibrational frequency. Intuitively you understand this. When you feel good you carry different energy than when you feel depressed. When your angry you carry a different energy than when your nervous.

This is, in fact, the whole point of having feelings. To be used as a guidance system, helping us navigate, to the ultimate vibrational frequency, we all desire (some of us consciously, most of us unconsciously). LOVE. Of course, you knew this already, didn’t you?

LOVE is our natural set point. Don’t believe me? Spend 5 minutes with a baby, any baby and you quickly see the truth. You see, we all start off emitting the vibrational frequency of love, but through our experiences and conditioning, it gets replaced by other feelings.

Side note: You can substitute love with other feelings such as joy, gratitude, abundance and clarity, they all carry similar frequencies.

Our Ultimate Desire

It Is our ultimate desire to get back to the vibrational frequency of love and stay there as often as possible. When we’re not in alignment with that frequency, we FEEL the discord.

Why do we desire love to feel love? Because that’s who we naturally are. Our true selves come from, in fact, is a part of, the energy that creates worlds. Call it, God, the Universe, source or any other name that feels comfortable to us. Our true selves are tethered to the energy that creates worlds, which is true, unfiltered, pure positive, loving energy.

Now, it may seem like we’ve gone off course a little, but we haven’t, this is all necessary background to help us answer the question, why do good vibes matter?

Why do good vibes matter?

The answer is twofold:

  1. It is our natural setpoint as discussed
  2. It serves as the basis for attracting all we want in life

We’ve already discussed the first answer. Let’ spend some time on the second answer.

As you may have already guessed, the second answer has to do with law of attraction.

Most people think that we attract in our lives what we think. While it may seem a like a subtlety, I assure you it’s not. We don’t attract what we think. We attract what we vibrationally emit. Like vibrational frequencies, attract like vibrational frequencies.

When you emit the frequency of love, people on the same wavelength are attracted to you (not only on a romantic level), and the universe, which is managed by the law of attraction, responds in kind as well, and sends you more love.

Same with any other frequency. Anger attracts anger. Sadness attracts sadness. And, to bring it back full circle, good vibes attract good vibes.

So, now you know. Good vibes are more than a cute saying. It’s more than a term that hippies use. It’s really, really, good advice. Think thoughts that give off good vibes and spread those good vibes everywhere you, and you will be rewarded in kind.

  • Leslie Lampkin says:

    A well written post. I especially like when you speak of energy. I’m an individual who has epilepsy and through my experiences and research I know today there is a whole lot more going on when I’m in a seizure. It’s so sad however the medical community just wants to shut me down and fill me with a crap load of drugs. Thanks for your post.

  • WOW just what I was searching for. Came here by searching for hgf

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