The purpose of taking action

In the context of Law of Attraction, taking action is a controversial topic. It started with The Secret, which got criticized for not discussing the importance of taking action in manifesting your dreams.

The criticisms focused on the idea that you can’t simply think your way to a dream life. You have to do something about it. To give a popular example, you can’t lie on your couch all day visualizing wealth and abundance and expect it to come to you.

These criticisms furthered the discussion on Law of Attraction. The general agreement was that you have to take action.


But then the topic was further complicated by trying to understand what kind of action to take. Should you​​ hustle​​ and work hard 20 hours a day to make money? Should you only take inspired action? And if you take inspired action, how do you know what inspired looks like? Should you push through whatever obstacles come your way?

These are legitimate questions, which many experts are trying to answer.

Personally, like many things in life, I don’t think there is one right answer. I think there are many answers and many different types of actions you can take that will lead you to the same manifestation.


Simple observation will confirm this. There are people who​​ hustle​​ and make big money and there are people who make a fortune through passive income.


There are people who “bump” into their future spouse and there are people who are actively engaged in 20 dating websites before finding their future spouse.


There are people who work out 7 days a week and are healthy and strong and there are people who are food burning machines, metabolizing everything quickly, while living a sedentary lifestyle.

In other words, there is no one right way to achieve your dreams.

So, of course there’s confusion. And this confusion is amplified by our own paranoid thoughts. Are we taking the right steps? Am I really listening to my intuition or not? When am I pushing against, too much? Did I take this action step correctly?


In other words,​​ we can drive ourselves crazy. And the irony of ironies is that we’re actually sabotaging our chances of manifestation by thinking and feeling the opposite of what we want, through this paranoia.


So,​​ what are we to do? How do we navigate this taking action stuff?


Well I kind of already gave away the answer. Taking action is paltry compared to our mindset while taking the action.


For example, let’s say you want to find your future spouse. You visualize and think positively and then decide to “take action” (by the way visualizing and thinking positively are action steps as well). You join a dating website.


And then immediately your mind starts racing. Did I join the right website? Is my profile okay? Should I be doing more? Should I be meeting people in person instead? Suddenly your desired manifestation has been replaced with all this other stuff. And suddenly your mind is not in the right place.


You are too focused on whether you’re “doing it right” and not on actually having fun and meeting people. More so, you’ve abandoned one of the most important mindsets when manifesting. The knowing that the universe has already answered your request. Incessantly questioning your action steps sends a message to the universe that you don’t trust it. That the end result is not guaranteed.

 And so,​​ you sabotage your efforts.


The fallacy lies in the belief that there is one right path to get to where you want to go. There isn’t one right path. There are many. Some take longer and some take shorter. But to take it a step further, the reason some take longer has nothing to do with the steps you take. It has to do with your mindset while taking the steps.


As Abraham Hicks says, you’re not “allowing” the manifestation to flow into your experience.

Are you grasping the main point here? The steps you take are unimportant. They will ALL lead to the same desired result, as long as you maintain the right mindset. Which, again, is the KNOWING that what you’ve asked for has already been answered and WILL show up in your physical experience. Or as I like to say,​​ “It all works out in the end”.


Taking action is not about figuring out the exact steps to take to get to your desired result. You shut down opportunities for the manifestation to reach you in other, better, ways. You’re also so tied to taking those exact steps that your mindset again slips off the end result and becomes paranoid about each step of the process.

Instead, taking action is about giving the universe the opportunity to manifest your desires in physical form. You can’t possibly know the best or easiest path to get there. Nor can you know the right people and circumstances necessary for you to get there. The universe does, by lining up those people and circumstances with your intention.


You just need to show up (consistently and in the direction of where you want to go) and then let the universe do its thing, all the while maintaining the right mindset that it all works out in the end.

Further, you need to understand that the intention of taking action is to experience the process. That’s our whole point here on earth. To allow our greater parts to shine in all its glory.

If that’s a confusing statement, refer to this article to understand what’s meant by the greater part of us and then recognize that who-we-really-are seeks to experience itself, not just conceptually know itself.


In the same vain, the intention of taking action is to also experience the process of manifestation. To turn the CONCEPT of whatever you desire, to the EXPERIENCE of manifesting it. Because the experience is so much more delicious than the concept.

The whole point of this blog post is to shift your mindset on taking action.

Stop worrying about whether you’re doing it right and know that you are.

Stop worrying about the one right path and know that all paths will get you there.

Stop worrying about whether you will manifest your desires and start knowing that your desire has already been answered.


Simply do the best you can with what you have, moving in the direction of what you desire and most importantly have fun along the way!


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