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Let’s explore what law of attraction is all about


What is Law of Attraction?

Here’s my definition

There are lots of definitions of law of attraction, but many of them confuse people instead of help clarify. While all of them follow the same general idea, the details make all the difference.

Based on my experience and years of learning, I have come to understand law of attraction as follows:

Law of attraction is a universal law specifying that like vibrations attract like vibrations. 

It’s a simple definition, but there’s so much more to it than the simple words you see before you. Let’s break it down.

We’ll start with universal law. Think about the components behind the law of gravity.

  1. It applies to everyone equally. It doesn’t discriminate across gender, race, colour, gender expression, age, national orientation, social status or anything else.
  2. It is constant and consistent. It never waivers for even a second. It also never turns off
  3. How you use it and its associated effects is always the same. Jump off anything and you will fall.
  4. It is completely objective. Meaning it is not influenced by anything.

Law of attraction follows the exact same principles. Too often people believe that there is some force out there conditionally approving the manifestation of money or love or health. That is not the case.

The sooner you adopt this understanding, the sooner you move towards learning how to make the law of attraction work for you.

Next, let’s quickly discuss the idea of vibration. Very simply, if you drill down to the core of every “solid” object in the universe, you will see that we are nothing but balls of energy vibrating at certain frequencies.

There are an infinite number of frequencies that vary by object. A rock for example vibrates at a different frequency than a running cheetah.

Humans have the capacity to vibrate at an unlimited number of frequencies as well. Specifically, it varies by how we feel. A happy person vibrates at a different frequency than a depressed person. You intuitively understand this.

So, when we say, like vibrations attract like vibrations, we mean just that. Happy people attract more happy. Sad people attract more sad. And so on.

Understanding these two factors alone (the fact that it’s a universal law and that like vibrations attract like vibrations) will go a long way to helping you properly understand law of attraction and how to consciously use it.

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When discussing the law of attraction, one has to include the idea of intention. 

In that you must set an intention behind whatever it is you desire. 

In the same vain, we have set an intention behind Vibe Tribe United.

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