Moving past bad experiences in life

If you find yourself in a crappy situation, whatever the crappy situation is, maybe you're dealing with a breakup, or maybe your work has asked you to come back to the office five days a week, or maybe your parents are driving you crazy, or maybe somebody you know is sick and you want to change that circumstance then watch this video because in this video I'm going to share with you how to move past bad experiences in life.
Alright so stay tuned Make sure to watch it all.
Alright, I'm back.
So let's talk about these crappy circumstances that you find yourself in.
They're very frustrating.
You question, especially if you believe in law of attraction, you question yourself.
You question whether you're doing things right, you're questioning whether law of attraction is something that's real.
Because you're in this crappy situation and sometimes you can't even see a way out.
Now, I know a lot of the spiritual advice out there tells you, you know, there's value in these circumstances.
It's an opportunity to grow or it's an opportunity to get clear on where you want to go and those are very true.
Uh that's very true advice but the problem is it feels annoying when you're in that crappy situation you're like yeah I get it but I'm here I'm coming into the office five days a week or I'm dealing with a broken heart or somebody I care about is sick or my parents are driving me insane or any other circumstance, that advice is not very helpful for for me right now.
I see the value in it theoretically but my emotions are not in the right place and I just want to change the circumstance because I know if I can change the circumstance I'll feel better and I get it I understand why you want to feel that way but here's the problem most people struggle when they find themselves in these situations for two reasons.
Number one, they keep questioning why.
Why am I here?
I believe in the law of attraction.
I practice positive thinking.
I do all the right things.
I meditate.
I read the right books.
I listen to the affirmations.
I do the mirror work and I still find myself in this crappy situation.
How did I get here?
Why am I here?
What am I doing wrong?
It's fruitless to ask yourself why.
You're just reliving the circumstance over and over again and you're trying to come to an answer for something that you don't need to have the answer for.
It doesn't matter why you're here.
It really doesn't.
I know that's annoying because we like to analyze and figure it out but it doesn't matter why you're here the question is what are you gonna do about it now that you are here because that's more important than anything else how do I move myself from where I am to where I want to be so if you're asking yourself why if you're questioning the law of attraction spirituality or what you've done wrong or if you're blaming somebody else or if you're trying to figure out how those pieces fell in the place that found you in this crappy circumstance or if you're regretting or resenting the the experience that you went through to get here, drop all of that stuff.
Let it go.
Leave it alone.
Release it.
Because you're just spinning your wheels there.
You're amplifying the circumstance and you're actually making it worse because you keep analyzing where you are and we're analyzing beings I understand that but we want to let that go just drop it remove it the second problem for a lot of people is in addition to asking why they try to solve the problem by changing the outside circumstance.
So if you find yourself in the office five days a week, you want to plead to your boss or your boss's boss or whoever made the decision and and you want to either manipulate them, trick them, convince them, influence them into changing the circumstance.
Hey let me work at home again.
Hey ex-partner take me back.
Hey parents I need you to to behave like x y z in order for me to feel better and that is a far more exhausting process to go through Trying to change somebody else or trying to change outside circumstances is feeble at best.
I know we want to because that's what we see in front of us.
Our physical senses are showing us what's the reality.
I'm getting on the subway every morning And I'm going to work every morning and my boss is there every day, and I have to sit here till whatever five o'clock It's right here that circumstance is here, so of course we're going to want to change that circumstance of course We're going to try and manipulate and push and influence and change The problem is it never really works and that's because A.
It's very difficult to change other people.
Think about how difficult it is just to change yourself.
And B.
It's very difficult because you're not in the right vibrational state to influence other people, to influence circumstances.
You're not allowing the universe to work with you, you're not allowing circumstances to come in.
And so this is a long-winded way of saying ultimately that, and I know you're not gonna like this you are here where you are and you're responsible for where you are and more importantly You're responsible for where you want to go It's annoying I know But the powers in your hands and that's what I'm trying to share with you the powers is in is in your hands to change where you want to go.
You have the ability to Change it all right now, but it starts from within it starts with your thoughts more importantly it starts with your vibration how you feel And so you're gonna want to focus on yourself.
That's the easiest way to solve the problem.
I know it sounds crazy but it's the easiest way to solve the problem because what you're doing then is you're shifting your vibration and allowing the law of attraction to work with you.
You're allowing the universe to work with you.
I called it the field.
I'll explain what that is in another video.
But when you change your thoughts, when you move from a place of hopelessness of pain of suffering of anger of blame of shame of guilt to one where you are at ease where you feel at peace you don't have to feel happy but you can feel at peace with where you are.
Where you can accept where you are.
Where you can feel optimistic.
Where you have faith that the universe is working with you.
And that things will work out okay.
When you have faith in yourself that you're resourceful and capable of solving any problem where you know unequivocally that the solution to your problems are right there.
And when you keep it general enough to allow the universe to work with you things will change.
So what do I mean by general enough?
If you have a partner, an ex-partner and your heart is broken, you may think the best course of action, the best solutions to have that partner come back into your life.
You may think if you're in the office five days a week that the best solution is to go back to working remotely and so you try to manipulate that very specific outcome.
You're not allowing the universe to work with you because maybe there's a much better outcome for you.
Maybe that ex-partner is not the right solution.
Maybe somebody better is coming along or maybe you just need to be by yourself for a little bit.
Maybe you need to personally heal for a little bit.
Maybe you need to reevaluate where you are in your life and your work and see if there are other options available.
Maybe that job is not right for you.
Maybe a better job is lined up.
Maybe a business is better for you.
So you see we get stuck.
We get very narrow.
You say I was in X situation.
I had a partner and now I'm in Y situation.
I don't have a partner and that person made me feel happy.
I want to go and get that person back so I can feel happy again.
It's a fruitless exercise it's not very effective.
Change it to I'm gonna feel happy now.
I'm gonna feel good now.
I'm gonna feel at peace now.
I'm going to recognize my capability to solve any problem.
I'm going to recognize my capability to solve any problem.
I'm going to recognize my capability to express my true nature my ability to love compassion empathy confidence resourcefulness My ability to work with the power, the infinite power of the Divine to help me achieve anything.
I'm going to see people in a positive light.
I'm going to look at this circumstance and say, Where do I need to go from here?
And I'm going to find a solution.
What is my desire?
And I'm going to focus on that desire.
And I'm going to trust beyond everything that the outside circumstances are going to fall in line once my inside is in place, is lined up, is feeling good.
Because that's how the world works.
I know it sounds crazy but when you feel good on the inside, when you feel at peace on the inside, your outside circumstances fall in line and that's how you move past bad experiences in life. 
I promise you.
I know it works backwards from what you've been taught.
Here's the circumstance, I need to change the circumstance.
No, here's my thoughts, here's my vibe.
I'll change that and everything else around me will change.
Try it.
Believe me, it takes a lot less energy than trying to change other people and other circumstances.
Be at peace with where you are.
Accept where you are but stay focused on where you want to go.
And more importantly, learn to feel good unconditionally.
What does that mean?
Learn to feel good no matter what is going on in your life.
Find a way to take back your power and feel good.
Your whole life will change as a result.
I know this is generic because I don't know what your circumstance is.
But if you need help with figuring out how to feel good more often, let me help you with one clear thing.
The best thing to do is to remove the negative feelings that you have.
When you release those negative feelings, your positive feelings will come bubble up to surface because that's who you naturally are. And that allows you to move past bad experiences in life.

And if you need help with that, if you do need help with that, then please drop me a line, send me a message, leave a comment, Tell me how you feel.
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