The ultra-simple system Law of Attraction believers are using to gain up to 10X more control over their future in as little as 14 days!

Are you tired of struggling with the law of attraction, feeling lost and unsure of where to start? Are those persistent negative thoughts holding you back, like an unyielding grip that refuses to let go? It's frustrating, isn't it? Those well-meaning gurus tell you to simply stop those thoughts, as if it were as easy as halting a speeding train.

And what about manifesting those BIG dreams? Sure, the small stuff comes easily, but you crave the extraordinary:

Imagine effortlessly acquiring the kind of wealth that allows you to embark on a world cruise without batting an eye.

Picture yourself in a deeply fulfilling relationship, holding hands with your partner on a porch swing at a ripe old age, reminiscing about your extraordinary life together.

Envision having the same unwavering energy and charisma as Tony Robbins, captivating audiences with your magnetic presence.

Visualize a job that feels more like a thrilling adventure than work, a role that makes you wonder if getting paid for it is even fair.

But when will these dreams materialize? And how long must you wait? It feels like an eternity, and doubt starts to creep in. Is the law of attraction even real? And if it is, do you truly deserve to receive all that you desire?

I get it. I've been exactly where you are. My name is Dave, and not long ago, I was as frustrated as you are now. I struggled to comprehend the intricacies of the law of attraction, devouring countless books and videos over several years. But amidst the conflicting information, missing pieces, and generic techniques that fell flat, I began to question whether even the experts truly understood this powerful force.

The truth is, there is no definitive handbook on the subject. Most people are simply figuring it out as they go along, myself included. It took me years of relentless exploration and countless hours to piece together the puzzle of the law of attraction. I experimented with hundreds of techniques, from meditation to visualization to journaling. And yes, they worked—but only when applied in the right way.

Let me share with you the secret that transformed my life. As I unraveled the mysteries of the law of attraction, my entire existence underwent a breathtaking metamorphosis. Time seemed to expand magically, allowing me to work full-time, start a successful business, raise three amazing kids, manage household chores, and maintain a deep connection with my wife—all without a hitch.

My relationships transformed from superficial pleasantries to shared ambitions and mutual growth. My daily thoughts shifted from "just another day" to "another incredible opportunity!" Instead of seeking financial success within a mediocre corporate job, I created my own business, empowering others to leverage the law of attraction and watching the universe align in my favor.

I began manifesting both the big and small desires of my heart, embracing a newfound confidence that liberated me from caring about the opinions of others. I discovered an unparalleled self-love that prompted me to embark on thrilling adventures, like ziplining across rainforests, all on my own. And regardless of external circumstances—whether it was tantrums from my kids, financial miscalculations costing millions, or even battling Covid—I found true happiness more frequently than ever before.

The transformation was nothing short of astounding. And now, I am overjoyed to share my hard-won knowledge with you in a way that is easy, actionable, and far quicker than the years it took me to uncover it all.

Introducing the Law of Attraction Breakthrough Online Course

Introducing the Law of Attraction Breakthrough Online Course - a transformational journey designed to empower you with the knowledge and techniques you need to manifest your deepest desires. This is not just another run-of-the-mill course. It's a revolutionary approach crafted by someone who has walked the same path you're on right now and has cracked the code to manifesting a life beyond your wildest dreams.


By the end of this course you'll know exactly what to do and what steps you need to take in order for you to be sitting with that partner on the swing, in that awesome corner house with the pool and grotto, after a day of work play, getting paid what seems like an obscene amount of money, while your friends are thinking "how does she do that"?

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

Once you join you'll get immediate access to the entire course, including all the worksheets, quizzes, etc. This is a self-paced course (that you can finish in 30 days or less) consisting of 3 modules (plus an intro module), with several lessons inside each module. By the end of this course you'll know how the law of attraction really works, how to get rid of those major law of attraction blocks, and the exact steps you need to take to start manifesting that dream corner house! I'll be guiding you through each step.

in 29 days or less you could be saying things like...
"Finally, I know how to manifest the big money!"

Or the perfect partner. Or the dream job, or the boundless energy etc. In other words, you will know how to manifest the BIG THINGS

"I couldn't turn off the negative thoughts, now I can't turn off the positive thoughts"

You will do a 180 and tap into the incredible power of momentum to THINK POSITIVELY ON AUTOPILOT

"I know exactly how to manifest and what to do everyday!"

In other words, you will have a clear path set out in front of you and how to stay on this awesome path day after day after glorious day!

"I know the manifestations are on their way. It feels soooo goood"

You will be confident that you're on the right path and that the manifestations are coming. And if you're off the path, how to get back on. 

Here's a glimpse of what awaits you when you embark on this transformative journey:

There are four modules with individual video lessons , quizzes and worksheets in each module. 


Module 0: Fully Understanding Law of Attraction

In this module, you will gain a profound understanding of how the Law of Attraction truly works. Say goodbye to confusion as you discover the core principles, debunk common myths, and unlock the secrets of attracting your desires. We'll dive deep into the Cycle of Attraction model, revealing the intricacies of this powerful law and how it shapes your reality.


Module 1: Identify and eliminate your major LOA blocks

Uncover and eliminate the three major blocks that have been holding you back from manifesting your desires. Say farewell to confusion, doubt, and attachment to outcomes as we provide you with powerful techniques to overcome each block. You'll gain clarity on how often to focus on your desires, cultivate unwavering belief, and let go of limitations that hinder your manifestation potential.


Module 2: Empowering your mind

Shift your mindset from disempowerment to unstoppable determination. This module will empower you to take responsibility for your manifestations, cultivate an abundant mindset, and conquer the distinction between "big" and "small" manifestations. Get ready to unlock your full potential as you witness your dreams manifest into reality, big or small.


Module 3: Creating the plan

In the final module, we'll guide you through creating a personalized manifestation plan that aligns with your desires. You'll discover the FLOOD Method, a proven technique to kickstart your manifestation journey, as well as the Momentum Hack to amplify positive thinking and take inspired action. By the end of this module, you'll be well on your way to manifesting the big stuff and living a life beyond your wildest dreams.

But that's not all. When you join the Law of Attraction Breakthrough Online Course, you'll also receive exclusive bonuses to support you on your manifestation journey:

Bonus 1
Private Facebook Group

Embark on this transformational journey alongside a supportive community of like-minded individuals. Our private Facebook group is a hub of inspiration, learning, and collaboration. Share your experiences, gain insights from others, and receive guidance directly from me. Together, we'll create a powerful vortex of manifestation energy.

A $97 value, totally free

Bonus 2
2 in 1 Daily Journal

Discover the art of manifestation journaling and unlock the transformative potential of putting pen to paper. This comprehensive guide will provide you with journaling prompts, techniques, and tips to supercharge your manifestation practice.

A $30 value, totally free

Bonus 3
Letting Go Mini-Course

Unveil the extraordinary potential of this remarkable tool in our immersive mini-course, curated to introduce you to its awe-inspiring power. Prepare for a transformative journey where you'll learn the art of letting go, guided by exercises that pave your path to ultimate freedom. Discover how to manifest desires, attain peace of mind, and liberate yourself from the constraints of the past, future, and limiting beliefs. Embrace this technique to unlock boundless possibilities and propel your life forward. 

A $197 value, totally free

This course is not for everyone. I don't want to waste your time if you're looking for something else. Check out the list below to see if this is a right fit for you...

Who this course is for...

  • Anyone who truly wants to learn how to use the most powerful law in the universe
  • Anyone who's willing to put in the work to make real changes
  • Anyone who believes this is a real law, even if you have doubts from time to time.
  • Anyone who's open-minded and willing to accept things they can't always see.
  • Anyone who's looking to make lasting changes.

Who this course is not for...

  • Anyone looking for a quick manifestation
  • Anyone looking for a guaranteed manifestation. There are no guarantees.
  • Anyone looking for a subliminal path to manifestation. You have to do the work here.
  • Anyone who doesn't care about changing from the inside out.
  • Anyone who's skeptical about law of attraction or looking for scientific proof that it's real.

About The Course Teacher,
Dave Asch

     Hey there, it's Dave, and I've got a thrilling story to share with you. Buckle up because my life took an extraordinary turn that led me to discover my incredible special skills. Despite living a seemingly ordinary life like yours, I faced a moment of sheer terror when my third child was born prematurely, a staggering three months early. The fear for my son's life consumed me, and I had two other kids to care for, a mortgage to tackle, and a demanding full-time job.

Just like you, I experienced those moments of feeling trapped and uncertain, questioning whether I had what it takes to succeed. I worried about setting a bad example for my children and the possibility of being exposed as someone who couldn't handle it all. But deep inside, I had an unrelenting determination to find a better path, and that's when I stumbled upon the captivating world of spirituality and the awe-inspiring law of attraction.

I didn't stop at merely scratching the surface—I delved deep into this fascinating realm, exploring its intricacies, and uncovering the secrets that truly work. The countless hours I invested were worth it because now, I'm here to share my invaluable discoveries with the world. And guess what? I've built an online community of over 100,000 like-minded individuals who are seeking something extraordinary. Together, we're embarking on a transformative journey towards total freedom.

Imagine joining a tribe of individuals who are eager to unlock their true potential, manifest their wildest dreams, and unleash their hidden powers. Picture a vibrant community where we exchange mind-blowing insights, engage in powerful discussions, and uplift one another on this exhilarating adventure. That's the place I've created, and I want you to be a part of it.

So, if you're ready to break free from the chains of mediocrity, to discover the awe-inspiring possibilities that lie within you, then I extend an open invitation. Join me, and together, we'll transcend the boundaries of what's considered normal. Let's unleash your hidden potential, empower your life, and create a future that exceeds your wildest imagination. Together, we'll make dreams a reality. Are you ready to embark on this thrilling journey of self-discovery and unlock your true power?

Estelle Potgieter


You are such an inspiration in my life...

I love love love your teachings. You're such an inspiration in my life and for that I THANK YOU!!!!! Every day I look forward to hearing from you. Please don't ever get weary of being my pillar of strength. APPRECIATE YOU.

Zack Smith

Art Director

His perspectives on spirituality and law of attraction are unique...

Dave's teachings are a source of inspiration. His perspectives on spirituality and law of attraction are unique and powerful. I definitely recommend you give his teachings a chance.

Magube Okworo

Marketing Specialist

I'm really being lifted everyday

Thank you for taking the time to help me. I'm really being lifted everyday by your teachings. Just be aware that I'm enjoying every minute of it, thank you and God bless you and your family.

What would you give if you had the ability to manifest all you desire?

I'm talking about money, relationships, health, a better outlook on life, more energy, happiness. Sure, you're going to have to put in the work and yes, you'll have to take action to manifest your dreams. But the law of attraction is the genesis of it all. When you're tapped into your true power and dancing with the most powerful law of the universe, your life will change. It has for me and countless others. And let me be honest here. You're outside life may not look significantly different in 29 days, but your inside life will. And when it does, the outside life soon follows. It has to. It's law. 

This course is going to set you on a new path to a new life. And you will begin to notice changes here and there. 

You'll be manifesting desires and sometimes in a more subtle way than you think. For example, over a six month period in 2021 I manifested $32,471 in small bite-sized chunks. I didn't even notice until I looked back and added it all up.

And that was just one area of my life. Imagine if you could do the same! On the flip side, imagine if you didn't do anything. And you continued down the path you were going  down now. Imagine the gap between where you could be in 6-months without a course like this and where you could be with a course like this. In other words, I want to see you succeed. I want to see you turn your life around and I want to help you. And I'm hoping you'll join me on this journey. 

Frequently Asked Questions

With the potential benefits of this course, why are you charging so little?

Two reasons:

1. I'm here to serve and I want to keep the barrier low for people who want to change their lives. I truly believe that this is the most powerful law in the universe and the answer to many people's questions. 

2. This is just the beginning of the journey and I'm hoping you will join me in future journeys, because my ultimate intent is to help you gain emotional control. 

Is this going to take a lot of time?

The course itself won't take long, and the techniques are also relatively short to do, but in all honesty we're looking at a transformation from the inside out. This stuff doesn't happen in a flash. Some time and persistence are required. But the payoffs are more than worth it. 

How is this different from other law of attraction courses?

Most other law of attraction courses focus on just the manifestations, giving you generic techniques you can find anywhere. My course helps you leverage the law of attraction's true power, going beyond just manifestations and generic techniques.

Will you guarantee manifestations?

There's the old saying, you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink. No one else can vibe for you, meaning no one else can manifest for you. If you don't take action or put in the work, you won't manifest, it's as simple as that. And anyone who promises you will manifest is probably more interested in making the sale than being honest.

Do subliminal manifestations work instead?

If they did, we'd all be millionaires, manifesting with ease. But that's not the case. Consciousness is the bridge that will help you manifest all you desire.

Do you offer the bonuses immediately as well?

Yes. Upon signup you'll be sent a link to join our Facebook group and you will also have access to the 3-in-1 journal and the letting go course. I do recommend you take the Law of Attraction Breakthrough course before the Letting Go course though as it will provide context for you. 

One final note

Look, I know you've seen these offers before and I know you might be skepitcal. I get it. But I assure you, this is for real. I'm really proud of what I put together and I know you'll benefit greatly from it. I really hope you give me a shot and see you on the other side.