The ultra-simple system Law of Attraction believers are using to gain 100% control of their future in as little as 14 days!

Are you frustrated with the law of attraction?

Are you confused by how it really works or don't know where to begin?

How about those damn negative thoughts which seems to grab a hold of you and never let you go?

Those same negative thoughts that many well-meaning gurus suggest you simply stop. Why not ask you to stop a moving train while your at it?

Or how about the inability to manifest the BIG things. Sure, the small things are easier to manifest, but you want the BIG ones like.....


- the kind of money needed to hop on a cruise around the world without batting an eye

- a relationship where you see yourself holding hands add a ripe old age, rocking back and forth on a swing on your front porch, reminiscing about your awesome life together

- that "Tony Robbins" kind of energy that he always seems to have on stage

- the kind of job that you feel guilty getting paid for because it feels like more fun than work

When are they coming? And speaking of when, how long do you have to wait for them to come? It seems like your waiting forever....and ever...

And while your waiting the doubt creeps in. Is law of attraction for real? And if it is, am I worthy of receiving all I'm asking for?

If you're having any (or perhaps all) of these feelings, I hear you. I understand. Because I've had all of these feelings my self.

Been there, done that! 

Hi, my name is Dave and I've been where you've been not that long ago…

Talk about frustrated. I was super frustrated. I couldn't figure the law of attraction out. And I read dozens of books and watched countless videos on the subject over several years.

There was conflicting information. Missing information. Generic techniques that never seemed to work.

Suggestions that just seemed to lack any thought. Don't get me wrong. These are well meaning people, who truly want to help. But I sometimes think they don't understand the law of attraction themselves.

And I get it. There is no handbook on the subject. In fact, most people are simply trying to figure it out as they go along.

And I was one of them. It took me years to figure it out. Slowly, and over countless hours I was able to pull the pieces of the puzzle together.

But it wasn't easy. I tried hundreds of techniques. Meditation, visualization, journaling, you name it.

Don't get me wrong, those techniques work. But they only work in the right situation.

For example, it makes more sense to meditate before visualizing because visualization is only effective when your in a good space. Or at least one of those spaces where you're biding everyone's head off (you know what I'm talking about...)

Meditation settles your thoughts down, kind of like dust settling after a wind storm.

Anyways, as the pieces of the puzzle fell into place, so did my life.

Time seemed to magically open up for me. I mean the kind of time where I could work full-time, start this business, raise three kids, do the house work, and stay best friends with my wife. 

My relationships went from "how are you? Good? Good...blah blah blah" to "Let's go on the same exercise program and diet together and get into the best shape of our lives."

My thoughts turned from "Ugh another day" to "awesome another day!". From "how can I make a lot of money in a mid-level corporate job working for someone else" to "holy crap I just built my own business helping people leverage the law of attraction...the universe has my back!"

I was manifesting both big and small things.

I gained that kind of confidence where I can walk in a room and not give a crap who's looking at me. 

And the kind of self-love, where I'd happily take myself on one of those vacations where we'd happily zipline across the rainforest

I felt happy way more often, no matter what was going on around me. I'm talking situations where people (ahem my kids) threw tantrums, where I made a calculation error in my job that was millions of dollars off, and when I caught Covid. 

And so much more….

The transformation was amazing.

In fact, I'm so happy with who I've become that I wanted to share what I've learned with you, in a way that's easy, actionable and doesn't take you years, like it took me.

Introducing the Law of Attraction Breakthrough Online Course

An online course that will help you truly understand the Law of Attraction, how to  get rid of your biggest blocks ("oh no I don't have enough money to pay my electric bill, I'll be poor forever) and most importantly set you on a path to manifesting that dream kitchen with the double stove (or whatever floats your boat).


By the end of this course you'll know exactly what to do and what steps you need to take in order for you to be sitting with that partner on the swing, in that awesome corner house with the pool and grotto, after a day of work play, getting paid what seems like an obscene amount of money, while your friends are thinking "how does she do that"?

Special offer! Enroll now and get a 97% discount !

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

Once you join you'll get immediate access to the entire course, including all the worksheets, quizzes, etc. This is a self-paced course (that you can finish in 30 days or less) consisting of 3 modules (plus an intro module), with several lessons inside each module. By the end of this course you'll know how the law of attraction really works, how to get rid of those major law of attraction blocks, and the exact steps you need to take to start manifesting that dream corner house! I'll be guiding you through each step.

in 29 days or less you could be saying things like...
"Finally, I know how to manifest the big money!"

Or the perfect partner. Or the dream job, or the boundless energy etc. In other words, you will know how to manifest the BIG THINGS

"I couldn't turn off the negative thoughts, now I can't turn off the positive thoughts"

You will do a 180 and tap into the incredible power of momentum to THINK POSITIVELY ON AUTOPILOT

"I know exactly how to manifest and what to do everyday!"

In other words, you will have a clear path set out in front of you and how to stay on this awesome path day after day after glorious day!

"I know the manifestations are on their way. It feels soooo goood"

You will be confident that you're on the right path and that the manifestations are coming. And if you're off the path, how to get back on. 

Here's what you'll get in the course

There are four modules with individual video lessons , quizzes and worksheets in each module. 


Module 0: Fully Understanding Law of Attraction

By the end of this module you'll have a clear understanding of how this powerful law really works and how to use it to manifest your desires. It's time to eliminate the confusion once and for all. Specifically you'll learn what Law of attraction really is, the 4 major law of attraction myths busted, and how you attract your desires through law of attraction. Including the Cycle of Attraction model to understand how the law of attraction really works.


Module 1: Identify and eliminate your major LOA blocks

By the end of this chapter you'll know how to get rid of the 3 major law of attraction blocks that is stopping you from attracting your desires. The first block is confusion around how often to focus on your desires. The second block is doubt and impatience. The third block is attachment to the outcome. We'll tackle each one, including a powerful technique for each that'll help you get rid of them. 


Module 2: Empowering your mind

By the end of this module you'll shift your mindset from an unempowered state to an empowered one. We'll begin by focusing on responsibility and why it plays such a big role in the manifestation of your desires. We'll also help you move from a lack mindset to an abundant mindset. And finally,  we're going to discuss the issue of big vs. small manifestations and how to manifest the "biggies" as well as the "smallies".


Module 3: Creating the plan

By the end of this module you'll be well on your way to manifesting miracles. I'm going to take you by the hand and we're going to go step-by-step down the path to a new life. Including the FLOOD Method to get you started, the MOMENTUM HACK to think more positively more often, and how to take action the right way. You'll also know exactly when you're on your way to manifesting the BIG STUFF.

When you join you'll also get access to these bonuses....

Bonus 1
Private Facebook Group

You don't have to start this journey on your own. When you join you'll also join our private Facebook group. Learn from others, co-create with others, and help others on their journey as well. It's well known that people are a lot more effective when working together than when working alone. Of course I'll also be there answering questions and giving you some other cool, exclusive free stuff. A $97 value, totally free

Bonus 2
2 in 1 Daily Journal

When you join you'll also receive a 2-in-1 30-day daily journal. Expressing gratitude and setting intentions are 2 of the most powerful techniques to manifesting your desires. This journal gives you the opportunity to do both in a quick, easy to use way, that's fun. That's because writing is the best way to stay focused and on track. The prompts also help you stay on track.

A $30 value, totally free

Bonus 3
Letting Go Mini-Course

This mini-course will introduce you to the power of this amazing tool. You'll learn the the right way to let go and we'll be doing some exercises that will set you on your path to ultimate freedom. Once you learn this, you will be tapping into one of the greatest techniques around to not only manifest your desires, but also find peace of mind, and ultimately freedom from the past and the future, freedom from what's going on around you and freedom from limiting beliefs and excuses.

A $197 value, totally free

This course is not for everyone. I don't want to waste your time if you're looking for something else. Check out the list below to see if this is a right fit for you...

Who this course is for...

  • Anyone who truly wants to learn how to use the most powerful law in the universe
  • Anyone who's willing to put in the work to make real changes
  • Anyone who believes this is a real law, even if you have doubts from time to time.
  • Anyone who's open-minded and willing to accept things they can't always see.
  • Anyone who's looking to make lasting changes.

Who this course is not for...

  • Anyone looking for a quick manifestation
  • Anyone looking for a guaranteed manifestation. There are no guarantees.
  • Anyone looking for a subliminal path to manifestation. You have to do the work here.
  • Anyone who doesn't care about changing from the inside out.
  • Anyone who's skeptical about law of attraction or looking for scientific proof that it's real.

About The Course Teacher,
Dave Asch

     Hey Dave here. I'm a normal person, living a normal life just like you. Happily married with three young children, I understand the demands of a middle-class life. My obsession with spirituality and law of attraction began when my third kid was dangerously born three-months early. Not only was I freaking out for my son's life (he's okay now), I had 2 other children at home, a mortgage to pay and full-time job to hold down. 

     And just like you I felt stuck at times. Wondering if I was going to make it or if I was going to be exposed as someone who couldn't cut it. Not to mention the fear of being a bad example to my kids. But I was committed to finding a better way and law of attraction was that way. Not only did I take the time to figure it out, I took the time to figure out what works and what doesn't. And now I'm here sharing my secrets with the world. I have built an online community of more than 100K like-minded people, with the intent of helping them find total freedom and I'd love it if you could join me. 

Estelle Potgieter


You are such an inspiration in my life...

I love love love your teachings. You're such an inspiration in my life and for that I THANK YOU!!!!! Every day I look forward to hearing from you. Please don't ever get weary of being my pillar of strength. APPRECIATE YOU.

Zack Smith

Art Director

His perspectives on spirituality and law of attraction are unique...

Dave's teachings are a source of inspiration. His perspectives on spirituality and law of attraction are unique and powerful. I definitely recommend you give his teachings a chance.

Magube Okworo

Marketing Specialist

I'm really being lifted everyday

Thank you for taking the time to help me. I'm really being lifted everyday by your teachings. Just be aware that I'm enjoying every minute of it, thank you and God bless you and your family.

What would you give if you had the ability to manifest all you desire?

I'm talking about money, relationships, health, a better outlook on life, more energy, happiness. Sure, you're going to have to put in the work and yes, you'll have to take action to manifest your dreams. But the law of attraction is the genesis of it all. When you're tapped into your true power and dancing with the most powerful law of the universe, your life will change. It has for me and countless others. And let me be honest here. You're outside life may not look significantly different in 29 days, but your inside life will. And when it does, the outside life soon follows. It has to. It's law. 

This course is going to set you on a new path to a new life. And you will begin to notice changes here and there. 

You'll be manifesting desires and sometimes in a more subtle way than you think. For example, over a six month period in 2021 I manifested $32,471 in small bite-sized chunks. I didn't even notice until I looked back and added it all up.

And that was just one area of my life. Imagine if you could do the same! On the flip side, imagine if you didn't do anything. And you continued down the path you were going  down now. Imagine the gap between where you could be in 6-months without a course like this and where you could be with a course like this. In other words, I want to see you succeed. I want to see you turn your life around and I want to help you. And I'm hoping you'll join me on this journey. 

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30-Days

     Even though the investment required for a life-changing course like this is very small (about the cost of a few lattes at Starbucks), I still want to make sure you have the ability to back out if you want. Give this course a spin and if, for any reason, you don't like it in the first 30 days, then simply ask for a refund. No questions asked. Click here to learn more about our refund policy.

     You really have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Frequently Asked Questions

With the potential benefits of this course, why are you charging so little?

Two reasons:

1. I'm here to serve and I want to keep the barrier low for people who want to change their lives. I truly believe that this is the most powerful law in the universe and the answer to many people's questions. 

2. This is just the beginning of the journey and I'm hoping you will join me in future journeys, because my ultimate intent is to help you gain emotional control. 

Is this going to take a lot of time?

The course itself won't take long, and the techniques are also relatively short to do, but in all honesty we're looking at a transformation from the inside out. This stuff doesn't happen in a flash. Some time and persistence are required. But the payoffs are more than worth it. 

How is this different from other law of attraction courses?

Most other law of attraction courses focus on just the manifestations, giving you generic techniques you can find anywhere. My course helps you leverage the law of attraction's true power, going beyond just manifestations and generic techniques.

Will you guarantee manifestations?

There's the old saying, you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink. No one else can vibe for you, meaning no one else can manifest for you. If you don't take action or put in the work, you won't manifest, it's as simple as that. And anyone who promises you will manifest is probably more interested in making the sale than being honest.

Do subliminal manifestations work instead?

If they did, we'd all be millionaires, manifesting with ease. But that's not the case. Consciousness is the bridge that will help you manifest all you desire.

Do you offer the bonuses immediately as well?

Yes. Upon signup you'll be sent a link to join our Facebook group and you will also have access to the 3-in-1 journal and the letting go course. I do recommend you take the Law of Attraction Breakthrough course before the Letting Go course though as it will provide context for you. 

One final note

Look, I know you've seen these offers before and I know you might be skepitcal. I get it. But I assure you, this is for real. I'm really proud of what I put together and I know you'll benefit greatly from it. I really hope you give me a shot and see you on the other side.