Ignore this and you will block manifestations

So I started on my law of attraction journey like most other people do.
By listening to the gurus, by reading the books, watching the videos.
And the advice was always the same.
The advice was think positively, affirm, do affirmations, meditate, Banished out.
Like you could banish doubt like keeping away from the sand to borrow a metaphor from the sound of music.
And it never worked for me and I got so frustrated every day.
I'd be like, all right, I started off well.
I affirmed, I meditated, I did a morning routine, it was okay.
And then I kind of gone through my day and then something happened and I went in a negative emotional tailspin and it undid everything I did.
And I didn't understand why.
Nobody was talking about it.
They were just saying, think positively, banished out.
Why is this not working for me?
And It took a long time for me to figure this out and the reason why it took a long time to figure it out is Because nobody was talking about it.
In fact, nobody is talking about it in the law of attraction space, but it is so Important so big that if you ignore it you block manifestation.
So what is this thing that you can't ignore any longer?
It's the barriers and walls that we put up through our life experience.
You see as we go through life we have particular experiences that force us, or not force us, but motivate us, if you will, to put up a barrier or block because we don't want to deal with the emotions there, or we don't want to get hurt, or we come to conclusions about certain things.
So for example, when I was growing up, my parents had financial difficulties a lot of the time.
My dad had a business and there were some good years but there are some really bad years and when there were the bad years it caused a lot of financial issues in my house.
It caused fighting and I of course internalized that being a kid and I came to a conclusion.
The conclusion I came to is don't start a business it's not gonna work.
Get a safe job in an office and get a steady paycheck because that way things are gonna work out.
So this was a barrier block and underneath that barrier block was a lot of fears associated with money.
Fears that to this day I'm still dealing with and working through and I've made significant progress but I'm not perfect.
Those are the walls that we put up and you probably have experiences like that too.
You probably have had your heart broken and so when you had your heart broken you put up a wall or you were passed over for a promotion and so you put up a wall or you were fired from a job and so you put up a wall or you were surfing you did a surfing lesson and you broke your collarbone And so you decided never to surf again, you put up a wall.
You see, we put up these walls as we go about our experiences and we don't know how to deal with them.
We don't even know that they're there because the walls are often unconscious in nature.
But if you don't deal with the walls, with the barriers that you put up you block manifestation.
It's like trying to cross a raging river with no bridge.
You got to have the bridge there in order to get to the other side otherwise you're gonna run into a lot of problems and it's the same thing here.
So these well-intentioned law of attraction experts don't talk about the barriers and walls.
I don't even know if they're aware of it a lot of the time.
I had to actually leave that space and learn from other areas in order to understand that we have these barriers that we need to knock down.
So if you're feeling frustrated because the positive thinking and because banishing doubt is not working for you because you're going through your day starting off well intentioned but running into barriers and walls it's because nobody's telling you to deal with it and so you're unconsciously unknowingly ignoring them as you bump into them and you see law of attraction is an emotional game.
Meaning, the law of attraction responds to your vibration.
Your vibration represents your emotions.
And when you start off well, you're attracting good things.
If you feel good, you're attracting good things.
But if you hit that wall or barrier you start attracting negative things the law of attraction gets all confused and your life doesn't really make a lot of progress as a result what you need to start doing is recognizing that a you have these walls and B that you not gotta knock them down and knocking them down is scary.
We put up the walls for a reason.
If you've had your heart broken who wants to face that again?
So we try to ignore it.
We try to stay away from it.
We try, we, and by doing this, by the way, we kind of box ourselves in.
We don't allow ourselves to go out there to quote unquote, get out of your comfort zone.
We don't want to, so we stay into this bubble and we don't want things to knock against things at the fear that it's going to feel bad.
So if somebody broke your heart and that person who broke your heart was somebody with blonde hair and green eyes, then you might be avoiding people with broad blonde hair and green eyes in the future because that represents heartache.
You see how we put up these walls as we go along.
And so I want you to start thinking about the barriers that you put up and more importantly I want you to stop beating yourself up because the positive thinking and banishing doubts are not working for you they're not working for a reason and that's because you have these barriers and walls.
Don't beat yourself up it's okay I've been there I totally understand where you're going through and it's frustrating as hell.
Sorry if I'm getting a little bit passionate here but it was very frustrating getting to the end of the day and going oh my god I totally undid everything I meant to do.
Oh well I'll start again tomorrow And then tomorrow comes and the same thing happens and the next day comes and the same things happen.
You go, why can't I think positively more often?
Well, that's the reason.
We're not dealing with the walls and the triggers that come our way.
And so you gotta ask yourself, if I don't deal with them, what's gonna happen?
And the answer is very simple.
If you don't deal with the walls or triggers, you're gonna keep bumping into the walls.
You're gonna keep not manifesting your desires, making very little of any progress at all and it's going to be frustrating as hell and do you want to continue that what's more important ignoring the walls and living within your bubble but not making much progress or facing them dealing with the pain of them for a little bit and then breaking through them in order to make some significant progress.
I think you know what the answer is.
So then the question becomes how do you break through them Dave?
Good question and the answer to that is simple.
You need to release the barriers, the emotions.
You need to let them go.
You see Everything in our lives, every emotion we have is something we're hanging on to and those walls are the same thing.
I'm just like I'm hanging on to this phone right here.
If I don't let it go, it's stuck to my to my hand.
It's tethered here.
We do the same thing with the walls and negative emotions.
They're stuck to us.
We have to simply let them go.
When you let them go, they're gone forever.
When you release them, they disappear.
And so really there's two things you need to do.
Number one you need to actually three.
Number one you need to be aware of the fact that you have walls and barriers because everybody does.
You're no exception and that's okay.
Number two you need to recognize or identify those walls or barriers and then number three you need to release them or let them go.
When you do that, I promise you're going to make some significant progress when it comes to manifesting your desires.
Because as you break through the emotions, as you break through the walls, your natural positive self, your natural confident self is going to come to the top.
It's going to bubble up.
But I need to be very clear about something.
If you've put up these walls and barriers, well not if, you have put up these walls and barriers, they are in many different areas of your life.
Let's say you want to manifest money.
The walls and barriers you put up don't just apply to financial circumstances.
You have walls and barriers when it comes to faith in the universe.
You have walls and barriers when it comes to your purpose or intent.
You have walls and barriers when it comes to your future.
You have walls and barriers when it comes to relationships, to money, to anxieties and fears that you've developed over the years, to even spiritual tools like meditating and visualizing.
You see every aspect of your life has walls and barriers that you put up and for a good reason.
Again, don't beat yourself up for it.
It's a natural response to pain.
We don't wanna have the pain again, but you're not gonna actually deal with it.
So the best way to break through these walls is to identify the different areas when you bump up against them and then release them.
Or what you can do is you can actually go to somebody to help you with these barriers or walls.
I've created a program called Total Manifestation Mastery Program.
Shameless plug, I know I'm being honest here, where in fact I've helped identify the major walls that 99.9% of people have in each of those areas controlling your future, how you feel about yourself, faith, purpose, relationships, money, anxieties, fears, spiritual tools, and learning how to connect with your best self.
And the intent is to knock down those barriers once and for all so that you can actually manifest your desires with ease.
When you do that you move into what I call, you become what I call or you transform into a spiritual maverick which is somebody who creates their own lives with ease on their own terms in the way they want to do it.
Not what society says, not what everybody else says.
So the key takeaway here is this.
Stop ignoring the barriers and walls.
You didn't even know you had them in the first place most of you and that's okay but now you know now you've taken the I think it's the blue pill in the matrix anyways you've taken the pill and you can't go back You can't undo what you've just done.
So you know that there's walls.
Pay attention to them.
Start knocking them down

Make them a priority and I promise you life will change in such a significant way.
Don't worry anymore about thinking positively or banishing doubt recognize that those are very difficult things to achieve when you have the barriers and walls in the plane place I hope you found this video helpful if you need my help in any way shape or form I've given you a one page free cheat sheet and training for the total manifestation mastery program it takes you through each step exactly how to deal with each issue as they come along so you can find that link you can download it in the link here or maybe in my bio depending on where you're watching this.
Again, I hope you found this helpful.
Have yourself an awesome day.
Speak to you soon.