How to find true power and freedom


Many people desire to be powerful. Almost everyone desires to be free.

But not everyone knows what that truly means or how to get it. Through this post how to find true power and freedom and how to keep it.

The idea of stability

True power and freedom begins with the idea of stability. I don’t mean financial stability, or stability in your relationships, or job security. In fact, true stability has nothing to do with anything outside of you. External stability is an illusion because nothing is permanent in our lives.

The very fact that you will die one day (and we all will), is enough to refute that argument. You take nothing with you to the grave. Sure, you may leave a legacy, but you won’t be around (at least in your current physical form) to enjoy it.

And even before death, change comes as surely as you breath. Our desires constantly change. The people in our lives constantly change (even if they stay in our lives). Anyone with grown children understand this. Our career trajectory changes (we may end up owning a business our entire life, but it’s always changing). So do our cognitive abilities change (for better or worse) and our bodies (every 7 to 10 years, every cell in our bodies change).  Even our level of power changes.

As the popular saying goes; change is the only constant.

As a result, expecting stability from something outside of you will eventually become a failed endeavor. To some people, this is a very scary realization, that can result in erratic and unpredictable behavior. And understandably so, if you’ve come to depend on something outside of you for stability.

How to find true power and freedom

True stability, and through that true power and freedom, can only come from within. That is the only place where you have complete control (although admittedly not right away for some as momentum has taken hold in a lot of cases).

Your mind and the way you perceive your experiences and the way you act and react to the world around you is the source of true freedom and power. And that happens through your focus and thoughts.

Let me step back a moment to explain a little further.

How you interpret the world

Through our upbringing, conditioning, habits and beliefs we have developed an elaborate interpretation of the world around us. We categorize, define, compare and contrast, and assign meaning to everything we experience. And they tend to fall on the spectrum from purely positive to purely negative and everything in between.

For example, divorce might seem like the end of the world for one person and a new beginning for someone else.

Failing might be devastating to someone and an opportunity to another.

Work might seem boring to one, exciting to another, and life giving to a third.

Art might be beautiful to one person, ugly to another and confusing to a third.

The number of interpretations on any one thing can be endless. It all depends on how we define it.

What’s more there is no one right way to see something (though many of us believe there is). An experience (any experience), or a person, or an object, or an animal, or anything in and of itself has no inherent meaning. It just simply is. No less, no more, no better, no worse.

It is us who assigns meaning to it. And for good reason. It is the only way we can stay sane and bring meaning to our world. But understanding this is crucial for understanding how to become stable.

Your opportunity to find true power and freedom

Anything you experience represents an opportunity to define it any which way we desire.

This is very important. It is an opportunity. Assuming you are consciously aware of the opportunity. All of our lives we have defined everything unconsciously; filtered through our beliefs. And when you define something in a harmful (that is negative) way, it makes you feel bad. It takes your power away. It restricts your freedom. That’s because you fail to see the opportunity that comes from it.

If you see your job as a dead-end waste of time for example, you limit your possibilities. But you need to understand, that job just is.  You’ve ascribed meaning to it that’s self-defeating. What if, instead, you consciously see that job as an opportunity. Perhaps an opportunity to learn, or an opportunity to save money, allowing you to move onto bigger and better things, or an opportunity to find the beauty in the mundane, or an opportunity to meet new people, or an opportunity to become an expert in the field, or an opportunity to deal with difficult people.

In other words, why not deliberately begin to see it in a positive way? It will make you feel better and it will serve as a launchpad to something bigger and better.

Because your thoughts affect how you feel. And thinking good thoughts, help you feel good. Imagine learning how to feel good, no matter what you do, or what you experience, or who you’re with, or what anyone says to you, or how much money you have, or how unhealthy you are. Isn’t that true power and freedom?

Wouldn’t it be amazing to feel good no matter what? That is stability. Stability that you have complete internal control over anything and that cannot be taken away from you. This is a goal worth pursuing.

Now of course, this doesn’t mean that you stop striving to grow or become more. It just means that you feel good along the way. It means that you appreciate where you’ve been (because you can also interpret the past any way you want), love where you are, and look forward to where you’re going.


It all starts with how you think and where you place your focus. And becomes easier as momentum kicks in and as you replace positive beliefs with negative ones.

You must go easy on yourself and enjoy the process of change. Changing beliefs and habits can take some time, but now you know how to find true power and freedom and how no one can take it away from you.

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