Gratitude Mindset – Day 5 of 63

Welcome to day 5 of the gratitude module.

Please have your journal and a pen or pencil ready and let’s jump right to it.

Today we’re going to express gratitude for the closest person in our life.

Often, we take for granted those who are always in our lives.

And not through any fault of your own.

Our brains are wired to get used to what is.

It takes conscious effort to express gratitude for these things we take for granted.

And people are no exception.

So, today I would like you to write down 10 things you appreciate about the closest person in your life.

It might be hard at first because you’re so used to this person, but with a little thought you’ll begin to recognize how much this person does in your life and your appreciation for them will grow significantly.

And amazingly law of attraction will kick in and you’ll see more things to appreciate about this person.

So, have fun with this one and only if you’re comfortable share it with our Facebook group.

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