Frustrated with Law of Attraction? Here's why!

Do you struggle to make the law of attraction work for you?
Have you tried everything that the gurus and experts have told you to do, but it's just not working?
Are you frustrated with law of attraction?
If you are, I've been there.
I've been at this law of attraction and spiritual game for 10 years.
I've read dozens of books, watched hours upon hours of videos and audios, I've taken the courses and I've tried every technique and I was just like you frustrated to no end.
But over time I figured it out.
I figured out why it was not working for me and more importantly, why it's not working for you and what I'm about to share with you in this video today has not been shared by any of the other gurus or experts.
I'm not sure why but that's okay cuz in this video, I'm going to explain to you why you struggle with the law of attraction, why it's frustrating for you and how you can turn things around starting today.
So, stay tuned.
Okay, so let's get started.
Most people are attracted to the law of attraction because of the promises it holds.
It's a perfect marketing tool, right?
It tells you, hey, just do this.
Change your thoughts or change your vibe and everything you desire is gonna come to you with ease.
The money, the relationships, the career, the weight loss, the happiness, whatever it is you desire, the travel, etcetera.
And so people are drawn into it and they start their law of attraction journey.
They pick up a random book or they listen to a random video or talk or podcast and then they kind of try what that guru or expert is telling you to do.
That's how I started my journey too and I tried everything.
Meditation, visualization, expressing gratitude, journaling, the 3-6-9 method, affirmations, mirror work, you name it, I've tried it.
Thinking positively, talking positively to myself all day long surrounding myself with positivity all day long and just it just didn't work Yeah sure I made some progress I manifested a couple of things here and there but nothing too big nothing too earth-shattering nothing too serious and it got very frustrating.
I would let's say wake up one morning and go okay today I'm going to find things to be thankful for the entire day and I wake up all energized in the first five minutes of my day be like thank you toothbrush for keeping my teeth clean and thank you sink for collecting this this toothpaste junk that's being kept And thank you toilet for flushing and all this other crazy stuff And I'd be good for five minutes and then my day would begin and you just get distracted and then the next thing I knew the day would go by and the next time I thought about oh I should be thankful was like right before I go to sleep I'm like oh man I just missed the entire day okay fine I'll do it again tomorrow so The next day comes and I start that gratitude process again and then same thing.
And then I said, okay, the next day I'll do it.
Same thing.
Over and over and over again.
That's just expressing gratitude.
Then you have meditation and I'd sit there for like hours going, oh my god, this is not working for me.
My mind is running, it's racing, what in the world is going on and so on you get the point right and I can tell stories all day long about the different techniques that I use that but to no avail The problem is most of the gurus are well-meaning, but what they teach you, the techniques that you can use, lack one very important thing and that's context.
Let me give you an example.
Let's say you want to meditate because you understand when you meditate, you calm your mind and you naturally raise your vibration and so you're in a place where you can attract what you desire better.
The theory makes sense.
It's true.
Actually, That's how it works.
But you sit down to meditate and immediately your mind starts running.
And you start thinking about this and you start criticizing yourself about that.
You start getting upset at person X for this and then before you know it, 10-15 minutes gone by nothing has happened.
And I know a lot of people who preach meditation say it's okay if your mind runs, but you're not actually getting any results.
Are you right?
Here's the problem The technique is only as good as your mind is You see if you haven't dealt with all the barriers blocks and triggers that you have put up along your trail your experience then all of those techniques are not going to be able to help you if you don't feel good about yourself for example then any technique in the world is not going to make a difference because you are your biggest critic so you're going to start thinking about that mistake you made last time you're going to start thinking about that conversation you had with that person who you thought went sideways you're going to start criticizing yourself let's say you do love yourself then but you lack faith in the universe.
You're like, oh yeah right this is not going to work.
I'm a very practical person.
There's no such thing as magic and so you lack the faith that things are going to work out for you.
Well, then you can visualize till the cows come home but if you don't truly believe that what you want is going to come to you it's not going to make a difference now is it you can say affirmations all day long I am a millionaire I'm a millionaire I'm a millionaire I've done that countless times but if you don't believe it or if you're not behaving or acting with some sort of purpose or intent or if you're saying I am a millionaire but you have major financial blocks that you put up along the way and those blocks are triggered then no amount of affirmations in the world is going to make a difference.
In other words in all areas of our lives we have picked up barriers we put up walls to to quote Pink Floyd and until you deal with those walls you're not going to be able to use those techniques in any effective way.
Moreover you're not going to be able to use those techniques in any effective way Moreover you're not going to be able to listen to your intuition You're not going to be able to connect to who you truly are to your true power You're not going to be able to pick up on the signs from the universe and be guided in a proper way.
You have to go and deal with those triggers before you can do anything else.
In fact, not only do you have to deal with those triggers, it is far more effective to deal with those triggers in a certain order kind of like a foundation that you that you use to build your house.
You need to build the foundation first in order to for the house to stand firm.
If you build a house on sand, it's not going to be very effective now, is it?
So you need that kind of foundation and through my experience through trying and through hundreds of hours of trying to figure this out and through eventually being guided and listening to my intuition I figured out how that order works.
First and foremost you have to be confident in your future.
You have to know that the law of attraction is something real and that you can use it and leverage it to bypass any major blocks that you have in order to gain control over your future.
And then once you do that then you need to focus on yourself.
If you don't feel worthy, if you don't love yourself, if you don't feel like you deserve that which the universe wants to send you then it won't matter what you do.
So you have to work on yourself.
You have to remove the barriers of self loathing and criticism and being your critic your biggest critic and move to a state of self love you have to build faith into the universe in the universe you have to know that your universe I call it the field which I'll explain in another video or your your soul or your true self or your inner being or whatever terminology you wanna use it, is something that's real.
And that wellbeing is flowing to you all the time.
Think about it.
When you cut yourself, you begin to almost immediately heal without any effort on your own.
That's well-being flowing to you.
Why is it only applied to the body and not everything else?
It applies to everything else.
So you need to have faith that you are moving in the right direction.
You need to have faith that all things are going to work out.
So you need to work on your faith.
Then you need to work on your purpose and your intention.
You have to approach all of life with a purpose, but you see most people focus on their purpose, but they look for something too specific.
They think that a purpose is a career or job or a particular field that they need to move into.
No, your purpose is far more broader than that.
You need a purpose that is all-encompassing.
You need to remove the barriers associated with relationships.
Most people think that they have to change the other person when it comes to relationships but the only reason you struggle with most relationships is because the barriers you've put up yourself, the defense mechanisms, the past coming back to haunt you if you will and so you need to figure out how to tear down those barriers barriers to relationship and speaking of barriers, you also need to tear down the barriers to money.
You see, it's a loaded subject and over time, we put up a whole bunch of walls that we need to work through and tear down in order to feel our true abundant selves.
You need to deal with your anxieties and fears because those things can trip you up right and the fears we pick up along the way as you have probably heard many times.
There are only two true fears right fear of heights and fear of loud noises.
I believe those are the two and everything else is something you picked up along the way.
So we need to deal with those fears and your anxieties anxieties about the future anxieties about what's going to come Only then can you shift into using spiritual tools leverage things like meditation visualization gratitude Letting go releasing etc in such a way that it can actually be useful for you and you can leverage for the law of attraction.
And then finally, once you have all those factors in place, then you'll be in a wonderful place to connect with your true self, to gain guidance from your inner being if you will your intuition and behave and act from a place of who you really are your true power if you will you see those are the steps you have to take their nine steps in total in order to be able to make the law of attraction work for you and I know it sounds like a lot of work but you know what it's a lot less work than just trying random strategies that don't necessarily work for you because they're random look if I gave you a hammer and I said knock down this tree with a hammer you're gonna go I can't do it this tool is useless well the tool is not useless it's just you're using it in the wrong context you have to understand that the tool is effective when you use it in the right context And you have to understand that the tool is effective when not only do you have the right context But you have all the knowledge and foundation in place to use the tool properly right and that's what I'm Sharing with you here.
That's how you make the law of attraction work for you So What I'm trying to tell you at the end of the day is stop the random strategies.
Stop trying the latest technique that's out there. That will help you if you're frustrated with law of attraction.
Take a look at yourself and try and learn where your walls, where your barriers are in all areas of your life in terms of what you think about the future, in terms of yourself, in terms of faith in the universe, in terms of living with purpose and intent, in terms of your relationships, in terms of money, in terms of anxieties and fear, in terms of how you use your spiritual tools and in terms of connecting with your true self.
That is how you make the law of attraction work for you.

I've actually put this in a program called Total Manifestation Mastery.
It's a nine step program that takes you through everything.
I'm not going to tell you on this program right now.
In fact, instead I want to share with you my free cheat sheet and training to help you understand this at a deeper level than what you understand in this video.
So, wherever the link is, whether it's in my bio or below, click on the link, download this free training.
You're not going to feel so be sorry about it.
It's going to be awesome and hope you found this helpful.
I hope you stop using random techniques and wasting your time and money on random techniques and that you follow the process.
You build a foundation whether it's with me or on your own because you can figure this out on your own.
I have so you can too.
You'll be much farther ahead.
Even just starting with something as simple as learning to love yourself will go a long way to making the law of attraction much more effective for you.
Hope you found this video helpful and see you in the next one.
Take care and hope this helps you if you're frustrated with law of attraction.