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  • 19 Dec 2017
    "The wound is where the light enters."   Rumi "You don't have a soul. You are a Soul. You have a body."   C.S. Lewis "We cannot have someone else's spiritual experience. We must have our own."   Kyle Gray   I have been helping my clients heal with the Angels for over a decade. I channel Angels because I was 'called' to this work when an Angel landed in my room and woke me up at 3 a.m. on November 15, 2005. It sounded like a flock of birds and when I woke up and looked in the corner there was a very, very tall human-looking man dressed in a white robe with massive wings folded up and on his back. I could sense the texture of those wings. I was called by name. A person who has heard the call is a lightworker. A person who chooses to respond to the call is often known as a light warrior. A light warrior, I believe, is about being completely oneself. Being authentic. A light warrior is a person of integrity who aligns with the highest vibrations and practices working with the Law of Attraction for the highest good of everyone around them. The divine Law of Attraction concerns the quality of our consciousness. It concerns the conscious or unconscious energy we put out into the world. Like attracts like. It is the operational cause and effect situation that is inextricably interconnected with the Law of Free Will God/Source gave us to create our lives. For example, if we are mean-spirited, cold-hearted, self-serving and jealous of others then what we are expressing outward into the world will be severely out of alignment with divine Truth and divine Love - in other words - unenlightened. This results in an energy vibration that holds a very slow, low, dense and heavy frequency. I practice Angel Medicine with my clients having trained in California in 2006 with Dr. Doreen Virtue and being certified by her as an Angel Therapist(R). Doreen taught us mediumship, channeling, healing with Angels, psychic reading and scanning among other topics. Having seen spirits since the age of four I was more than ready when the Angels asked me to open Awakening Spirit and gave me that name for my practice. Although Doreen now only works with the ascended master, Jesus, I continue to work with a variety of ascended masters including Jesus, Moses, Solomon, Buddha, Krishna, Serapis Bey, Sanat Kumara, Saint Padre Pio, Merlin, Lugh, Isis, Ganesh and many others as well as working with the elemental realm. Over the past decade I have channeled over eighty divinities for my clients and myself. However, I work most closely with 15 Archangels.  The Archangels are the supervisors of the Angelic realm and have numerous specialties. I practice Angel Medicine with my clients to gently help them to become aware that they are responsible for absolutely everything that happens in their lives and to assist them to ask for and allow divine correction from the Angels. The Angels, who only see our Higher Selves, encourage us to do our utmost best to think, speak and act in alignment with the truth of who we are. We are divine beings. That is why Awakening Spirit's motto is "True Self is a Divine Being." When we 'awaken' to the fact that we are divine, we behave divinely. I practice numerous forms of Angel Medicine as guided by the Archangels that I work with on a daily basis. Although new Angels are being created all the time because Angels are God's thoughts of Love and God is All Love, I work with the 15 traditional Archangels that you are likely to be familiar with. Through my intuition which I have been developing for the greater part of my life I receive from the Angels the divine guidance regarding how to proceed with each client as no two people are alike and no two Angel sessions are identical. I am guided by the Angels and powered by the Angels as to the medicine (divine correction) needed within Divine Timing, Divine Order and Divine Will. Before a client is on my doorstep or connects with me on Skype I have been given some heads-up information from the Angels to help me serve the client. This information is given to me on a need-to-know basis. I am not given any information on a client that the Angels know will cancel an appointment at the last minute. The celestial Angels will always respect an individual's privacy and since they have the overview they will only prepare me for those clients who are willing to listen to divine guidance. It is also worth mentioning that as a psychic-medium I do not walk around 'reading' people on the street! Not only would that be an invasion of privacy and unethical but it is of no interest to me to do that nor would it be a wise use of my time and energy. There is not really the language to fully convey what I do because I do nothing alone. I 'tap into' and connect the energy of my Higher Self (who has a name) with the energy of the Archangels and the result might be described as Archangel Alchemy or Celestial Alchemy. I make myself a pure channel for Angels which requires living a consistently disciplined lifestyle in order to keep these channels clean and clear. The Angels perform the miracles (a miracle is a change in perception). All miracles are through me, not by me. So, before I give you some examples of Angel Medicine working for my clients - there are a few basic things that you need to know about Angels as there are a number of misconceptions regarding celestial Angels. They are not human. When they appear to us with their wings and halos they are beautiful and human-like. However, they are not human. They have no ego. And, they do not even see yours! They do not have the restrictions of time and space that our third dimension has and therefore they can be with all of us simultaneously so do not be afraid that you are pulling them away from someone who needs them more. You do not have to wait for an emergency to invoke them. Do not wait for a fire - call them at the first sign of smoke! Angels also do not wish to be worshipped. All praise goes to the Creator. God's Will is their will. Angels will help anyone who asks them and is willing to receive their help. Due to the Law of Free Will they cannot help you without your permission. Angels are non-denominational and help people of any or no religion or spiritual beliefs. God's Love is unconditional. It is not a reward for good behavior. The only time an Angel can swoop in and rescue you without your permission is if your life is threatened before it is 'your time.' Looking back on my life to date, I have been saved by Angels many times in miraculous ways - but those stories are for down-the-road. My belief is that I was saved so that I could help my future clients fulfill their spiritual potential and live their best lives. I would now like to tell you about a few of the Archangels and how they work with me in my practice. I wanted to write about each of the fifteen; however, I do not think that it would be a service to either of us to sit that long at the computer! We need fresh air and exercise. Angel messages come in on the molecules of oxygen when we breathe - the Angels told me. So, I will endeavor to share with you a few stories from my 11 years or so working with Angel Medicine. By the way, although the Angels do not wish to be worshipped, they do love it when you say thank you. We are each given our guardian Angels before birth. We each have one to three. Our Angel/s never leave our side and know us better than anyone. I was issued 3 Archangels as guardians. Michael, Raziel and Jeremiel. Because these Archangels are my guardian Angels they are at all of my sessions. Angels do not really have a gender. However, they often appear as either a man or a woman and that is because they have energies that we experience as being masculine or feminine. However, they are androgynous. Archangel Michael's name means "He who is like God." Most of you likely know about Archangel Michael as he leads and protects us lightworkers. Michael's aura is royal purple and He heals fear, nervousness and clears energy. Archangel Mike (as I lovingly call him!) is so handsome that women, of all ages, swoon when they see him! When he first appeared to me in his full Angelic robes - I must say his looks were distractingly beautiful. He frequently carries a sword which he uses to release us from the trap of fear. His energy is fiery and when I call him in for my clients they often notice the heat in the room. Some of them see his flashes of electric-blue/purple light. I see them every day. Archangel Michael's specialties are too numerous to detail here; however, I invoke Michael at every session and it is usually to cut etheric cords binding my clients to negative situations and people or to perform a psychic vacuuming or a spirit-releasement or encourage them to dis-cover their courage. Every client of mine has experienced Michael's energy and been the beneficiary of Mike's loving, warrior-like energy. When we ask Michael to be our body guard - we truly need no other. Archangel Raphael's name means "He Who Heals." Raphael's aura is emerald green. He is the top healing Angel and therefore is at every session of mine. Those who receive help from Raphael heal rapidly. However, because Angels cannot interfere with a person's free will - if an ailing individual refuses spiritual treatment, it cannot be forced. Raphael works with me during my in-person readings and healings and also my distant readings and healings. You are likely aware that Raphael and Michael often work together to exorcise negative energies and escort them away to the Light.  In The Testament of Solomon we have the description of how Raphael bought the magical ring to King Solomon, inscribed with the six-pointed star. Solomon used the ring and its symbol to subdue demons. Therefore, part of Raphael's healing work involves spirit-releasement and space clearing.  So-called "demons" are merely extensions of torment and fear - negative energy that has grown and grown. The opposite of love that has grown and grown. I personally do not believe in demons. Therefore I never encounter any. However, I have helped many people who do believe in demons to work with the Angels, particularly Archangels Michael and Raphael to dispel this dark energy from people and places. It actually is one of my specialties. The Angels with their love & light are easily able to escort dark energies away. When I perform a distant house-clearing with the Angels my clients have told me: "The chaos subsided after light flashed across the room and then everything became still, quiet and peaceful." And so it is. Do not believe the Hollywood-hype about demons. It makes for a very financially lucrative horror story but everything is just energy. Archangel Raziel's name means "Secrets of God." His aura can sometimes be rainbow-striped like Reiki energy or sometimes it is golden. Raziel heals spiritual and psychic blocks and helps us to understand the spiritual laws. He is like a Divine wizard. Invoke him to help you to open up your own psychic abilities so that you can see, hear, feel or know your Angelic guidance. Raziel also helps you to understand the principles of manifestation, sacred geometry, quantum physics and all manner of high-level information. His messages are profound because he holds the Divine secrets of the Universe. His energy is very loving but also very subtle. Most people need to invoke him over a period of time before they are able to sense his energy. I invoked Raziel to help my client, Ray, (not his real name) over ten years ago. Ray was an only child of parents who had only told him part of a mystery about their encounter with a UFO. They died before telling Ray the 'whole' story. Ray felt that they had left him in a kind of intellectual limbo and came to me to see if the Angels could solve this mystery for him. Archangel Raziel filled in the pieces of the puzzle for Ray during one of his sessions with me. Although I channeled what Raziel was giving to me, a good part of the time I did not know what I was talking about - so - imagine my surprise when Ray did understand! Ray's insatiable curiosity had been satisfied. He felt peaceful. Later on down the road, I received a manila envelope in the mail and Ray had sent me drawings of this UFO and explained the physics and metaphysics behind Raziel's information and what he already knew. I still have it and haven't looked at it for these past ten years. Who knows  - I might now understand it! At our last appointment Ray gifted me with a small figurine of an elfin female warrior. That is how he saw me. It sits on my altar. Archangel Uriel's name means "God is Light." Uriel's aura is yellow. Uriel assists us with joy, energy and problem-solving. I experience his energy as like that of a loving, wise and very powerful grandfather. He has a reputation as being one of the wisest of the Archangels. Uriel has an affinity with weather, having warned Noah of the impending flood. He will help us all with natural disasters. Seven years ago one of my regular clients, Amber, (name changed) was getting married. The ceremony was to be held outdoors at a location and time known for rainy-cold weather. Amber really wished for a day that was not cold and had no rain. Amber asked if I could deliver to her a day like that? I said, "I can't, but Archangel Uriel can and I will give Uriel your request well in advance of the special day!" I reminded Uriel of all that this lovely young woman had gone through and asked him if he would please provide her with a beautiful day for her wedding. Uriel did. The day was so unusually warm and rain-free for that place and time of year that it was even mentioned on the national news because every other city and town in a wide area had a deluge of rain. No surprise to me, of course. Archangel Ariel's name means "Lioness of God." I work with Ariel often and sometimes see her in her lioness form walking down my hallway. I love animals and Ariel is an advocate for and helps animals - especially wildlife. One of my clients, Shelby, (not her real name) a very gifted artist, (I am fortunate to have a number of artists as clients) came to the Angels with a self-diagnosis of deep depression. Shelby, like all my clients, is a very sensitive person. One of her grown-up kids would not forgive her for what he perceived as her inadequacies. Her son's lack of forgiveness was resulting in his mother's feelings of sadness and anger turned inward. Depression is anger turned inward. Archangel Michael cut Shelby's etheric cords to her son and the situation between them and filled them both with light after a psychic vacuuming of both. (The son's Soul gave permission). Shelby's eyes immediately brightened. Archangel Ariel then joined us and guided Shelby to explore her passion for animals and where it could take her both professionally and personally. Today, Shelby is not depressed. Her physical ailments have disappeared and Shelby now runs a sanctuary for wildlife. It is a bit like Noah's Ark in that Shelby has some animals that are under threat of extinction. She is saving them for us all and our children and grandchildren. Archangel Azrael's name means "Whom God helps." Some refer to Azrael as the Angel of Death. Azrael is the Angel that helps us to the Other Side when we are finished with our physical vehicle. Azrael has told me that what my Spirit Guide, Josephine, told me about death is true. It is "like removing a pair of very tight shoes that you have outgrown." Besides helping the so-called "dead" cross over and helping loved ones with their grief,  Azrael also helps those of us undergoing metamorphosis. Sometimes this feels like a death even though it is actually the death of the 'old' in your life to make way for the 'new.' I have undergone more than one transformation in this current lifetime and so Azrael has helped me with these and Azrael also helps me with mediumship. Azrael's aura is white. As a psychic-medium I work with Azrael to console people recovering from the death of a loved one. There is no grief like the grief experienced after the death of a loved one. However, there is some comfort in knowing that a loved one is safely in Heaven and receiving a message that could only come from them. This is what occurred with my client Maggie (not her real name) who came to ask about her best friend, Bernadette (not her real name). Bernadette had been killed suddenly in an accident and everyone who knew her was in shock. She was still a very young woman (in her 30s). I never promise that I can connect with a departed loved one, although so far, when asked, I have been able to. Sometimes I do this through a relay system with the Angels and other times I use the method of inviting the person into my heart chakra. A few times the Angels have told me to try again 3-6 months later when a person who has died traumatically or unexpectedly is being "cocooned" for awhile in order that they are gently oriented to Heaven. Anyway, Archangel Azrael connected me with Bernadette, a truly lovely Soul. Bernadette shared stories from her childhood friendship with Maggie. Most of these stories centered around their adventures in the woods in a cabin in their youth. The only person who knew Bernadette's animal totem was the fox was Maggie and Bernadette told her to go back to the cabin and explained a ritual for her to do that would demonstrate to Maggie that they are connected forever! Naturally, Maggie burst into tears and let them flow freely. She laughed and cried simultaneously. Tears have a natural opiate in them that is soothing. When Maggie left Awakening Spirit, she knew that while Bernadette's body was no longer alive, Bernadette, as her true self is. As you are likely aware - mediumship is not for the purpose of entertainment - it is not a frivolous event. Archangel Haniel's name means "Glory of God." Haniel's aura is pale lilac and her related crystal is moonstone. Haniel helps us to recover the lost secrets of ancient natural healing remedies and re-awakens our abilities to heal that we employed in our past lives. Haniel helps us to harness the moon's energies in potions, powders and crystals. Haniel helps us to understand our sensitivity and intuition. One of my clients, Lola, (name changed) came to the Angels even though she was very fearful of being judged. She told me that she was so scared that she almost didn't come out of the car when she came to Angel Cottage. In Lola's past she had been drugged and then initiated into a dark cult which had destroyed her self-esteem and her self-confidence. Lola had shown tremendous courage to eventually extricate herself and turn her life around. However, she was still carrying around feelings of guilt and shame. Archangel Michael, upon my request and Lola's, did all the usual Angel treatments necessary to help ease these burdens of the past. Then, I clairvoyantly 'saw' a vision of a little girl out under the moon in a little white dress - she was putting crystals under the moonlight to cleanse them and fill them with moonlight! I asked Lola if this meant anything to her? Lola lit up! As a child she was fascinated with crystals and stones and was drawn to the moon and to be out at night dancing under the stars. I described to Lola that the Angels were indicating to me that Lola resonates to the archetype of the Moon Goddess and has strong psychic powers and natural healing capacities to work with crystals. Haniel joined us to assist Lola to reconnect with that little girl within and now Lola is aware of herself as a crystal healer helping others on the path to wellness. Archangel Gabriel's name means "Messenger of God." Gabriel's aura is copper. Gabriel helps us to speak our truth and also helps with motherhood issues as well as many other specialties. Gabriel helped my client Jake (not his name) begin to speak and live his truth. Jake came to me for a long period of time a decade or so ago, as he made his transformation with the help of the Angelic realm. Jake's life was complicated. He was looking after elderly parents who were "set in their ways." He had an ex-wife who appeared to be making unreasonable demands on his time and his financial situation. He had a judgmental sibling who did not approve of him or his job and he was forever trying to get attention and love from that sibling without success. He also had a teenage child who was very needy from Jake's perspective and although he was very protective of his child - he felt stifled as to the possibility of living his own life with all these complicated factors and being surrounded by chaos on a daily basis at home and work. Jake needed a great deal of help, a lot of Angel Medicine, and he asked for it and received it. I worked with Jake for the longest period that I have worked with any one client. He was a loving, gentle and sensitive person with a lot of psychic abilities but was very afraid to speak his truth and upset the apple cart - so to speak. I facilitated Angel Medicine for Jake and every member of his family. Archangel Michael helped Jake dis-cover his courage and the end result of our work together with numerous Archangels and many ascended masters? Jake became Crystal (not her name).The last appointment was with Crystal decked out in a new wardrobe. Crystal has a new and loving relationship with everyone in her life now and thanks to Jake's courage and commitment to his own truth and with faith in Source and the Angelic medicine Crystal is now happily engaged making a difference in the lives of many others. These are just a few of the many examples I could give you; however, I hope I have helped you to understand that the Angels are happy to help us with anything that would give us peace. Angel medicine is definitely not a substitute for conventional medicine. Always consult your doctor or health provider with your medical concerns. Angels work with and through them. As a retired registered nurse I have great respect for our Western medicine; nevertheless, I am also aware that people across the world have personally testified to the power of their Angels for their experiences of overcoming their medically diagnosed terminal conditions. Miracles happen every day. Seeing is believing, however, believing is also seeing. I wish for you that this blog has given you some knowledge that you can employ in your own life as you continue or begin your work and play with the Angels. We have everything within us that we need and all we need do is to raise our vibrations and continue to open ourselves up to the fact that we are unlimited spiritual beings experiencing a human existence. All you ever need do is say, "Angels, help!" and they will flock to your side. Create a relationship with them. We are never, ever, alone. Love & Light,   Monica                        
    1013 Posted by Monica Hemstock
  • 12 Dec 2017
    "Now you possess the same secret as Moses - the Sacred Name of God. When you learn how to unleash its amazing energy in your own life, you'll discover what the greatest minds in history understood: The power of God is within you, and you can do whatever you want with it."   James Twyman "Once you learn the Moses Code & practice it, your abundance will reflect your freedom & everything you've ever desired will be yours."   James Twyman   In 2006, six years before the Cosmic Moment of 2012, people around the world became enthralled with a documentary called "The Secret". I was one of the enthralled. This film was entertaining while also educating us about a major law of the Universe - the Law of Attraction. My psychic mentor, Grace, had taught me about this Law many years before this movie was released; however, the information did not capture my full imagination until I saw this movie and then began consciously employing the Law of Attraction in my own life on a daily basis. It worked! I was able to manifest the material assets that are required to live a safe and comfortable life in this physical dimension. These basic material objects such as a house and car as well as appliances and furniture had been stripped away from me following my Angel Awakening of 2005. Using the principles of the Law of Attraction after attending a lecture with Esther Hicks led me to where I am today offering my services as a Law of Attraction coach certified at the advanced level by Joe Vitale of the inspiring movie mentioned above! As we are all aware, there is nothing wrong with using the Law of Attraction for our earthly needs. There is nothing inherently spiritual in poverty. In fact, knowing that God wishes us all the Good that we wish for ourselves we use the Law of Attraction to create our own abundance in order to help others attain their desires. Manifesting abundance allows us the opportunity to donate our money, time and energy to various causes close to our hearts. As lightworkers we care deeply about our planet and we are working within our own areas of interest and expertise to do things such as cleaning up the water, air, soil, and caring for the plants and animals so that future generations may live a healthy life. Creating abundance through consciously leveraging the Law of Attraction helps each and every one of us because we are all ONE in spiritual truth. Lightworkers employ the Law of Attraction to create way beyond the riches of the material world. We use our understanding of the Law and the principles of manifestation to seek for the riches of Heaven well beyond the material realm. We answer a deeper call that leads to peace and harmony. Our 'real' journey begins when we make the decision to allow ourselves to receive everything that our hearts truly desire. This can feel scary to most of us at the beginning. Also, sometimes fear and excitement are difficult to distinguish from each other. As lightworkers most of us are very familiar with giving. Less so with receiving. Employing the Moses Code we experience in a unique way that giving and receiving are actually one and the same. I do not remember when I actually heard about the Moses Code. As James Twyman points out in his book of the same name, it was hidden away for thousands of years because it was considered too powerful a tool to be used by any other than a high initiate. I was aware that James, called the Peace Troubadour, had written a book called The Moses Code because I was initiated as a Usui Reiki Master in 2008 when the book was released and one of my teachers is a friend of James and mentioned it. However, although I joined, energetically, some of James's group meditations for peace in various war-torn countries, it was only in October of this year that the Angels asked me to read about the Moses Code so that I could write about it. I would never recommend a spiritual tool that I have not employed myself (even though I greatly respect the work of James Twyman) so I told the Angels that I would read this book if they would help me locate one - which they did. There was only one in the store. I read it and practiced all the suggested exercises for two weeks. My goal, using the Code, is to spread love and compassion and so I asked God/Source to help me to share my message with a wider audience than I currently have. Then, as often happens (due to the fact that I spend a lot of time in the Fifth Dimension where there is no time!) I forgot what I had asked for! I carried on with my usual daily spiritual practices which include other methodologies for manifestation and told the Angels that when my desire manifested that I would write a blog about the Moses Code. Within about two weeks or so I realized that I had indeed awakened the Moses Code. I received a lovely email from one of my friends who is the Spiritual CEO of Tryary. He told me that he valued my work and offered me the opportunity of sharing my spiritual knowledge and experiences with Tryary's community. Naturally, I am very excited to now be sharing my love and light with a larger number of lightworkers who share similar interests and purposes as myself. I can now testify to the amazing power of the Moses Code without any hesitation whatsoever. As you are aware, when we manifest we hold a clear intention. However, we do not specify 'how' our goal is to occur. We send our intention out to the Universe and then with complete faith we leave the 'how' up to our unlimited Source. When I mobilized the Moses Code last month I had no idea as to how I would reach a wider audience for my message. I did believe that my opportunity would be revealed to me within Divine Timing. And, it was. In James's book he calls the Moses Code "the most powerful tool in the history of the world." That is quite a claim. He also describes it as being at the heart of the practice and function of the Law of Attraction. I am happy to testify that it worked for me in a way that is miraculous. Over the last five years I have had a strong desire to share my spiritual knowledge and experiences with like-minded people. This desire manifested after my solo pilgrimage to Bath, England, where I travelled to "take the waters" and undergo a sacred ceremony attended only by my celestial Angels and facilitated by Archangel Michael and goddess Sulis. I let the 'old' Monica take her last breath there and let the 'new' Monica return to Canada. Since then I have been guiding people through their own transformations with a stronger sense of a mission. Numerous people have come into my life and told me that they wanted to help me to share my message. Though I know that they were well-intentioned - they did not follow through with any action. The Moses Code has made a big difference in my life already and I have mobilized its power only once. The last oracle card that I pulled for myself a few days before being offered this opportunity to talk to you - said "Someone wants to help you."  I said to the Angels, aloud, "Please get whomever wants to help me to contact me - because I do not know who this refers to." Within two days I was contacted by my friend and fellow-LOA practitioner, Dave, offering me the honour of speaking with this spiritual community. We each have everything we need within us to create the world of which we dream. James says: "The Moses Code is in our bodies and our minds. Every cell sings the same song, the song of creation, and every heart beats to the rhythm of that melody. It's an energy that transcends anything our minds can comprehend and unites us with elemental forces that evade the intellect. The most learned scholars on Earth will never be able to dissect the complexity of this secret, yet the most innocent among us resonate with it already. It is who we are, and when we unlock the Code, we're really unlocking the deepest part of our own nature." (page 49) What it boils down to is that we unlock the Code when we enter into the same conversation with God that Moses did. One of the many ascended masters that I channel is Moses, and like Solomon, whom I also channel, I find his advice regarding spiritual matters very down-to-earth. Being familiar with the energy of Moses, I believe, helped me to activate the Code. We activate it using our breath and the power of God's name. There is nothing we need do after that but allow ourselves to receive. If you are already using the Moses Code then you are letting your blessings flow out to everyone around you with no holding back. Your Soul wants to give the way God gives. Ask your Angels to light the way. Angel Blessings,   Monica     
    783 Posted by Monica Hemstock
  • 07 Jan 2018
    "We can never obtain peace in the world if we forget the inner world and don't make peace with ourselves."    The Dalai Lama "Everything in the future will improve if you are making a spiritual effort now." Yogananda   To experience the divine and to recognize yourself as an heir of Heaven you need to attune yourself to the Angels constantly, not just when you feel desperate. Angels are waiting for an invitation into your life. All you need do is say,"Angels, I am ready to know you." When we communicate with the Angels we are speaking directly to the heart of God/Source. Creating a relationship with God can be challenging. Angels are the intermediary step to reconnect with the Divine. Angels are God's thoughts of Love and are just waiting for the call into your life. Part of my work at Awakening Spirit is to assist my clients to have their own connection with the Angels. A big part of my work is teaching my clients to engage their soul senses rather than their human senses when connecting to Angels. I teach people how to open up their "clairs" so they can receive divine guidance and claim their divine inheritance of spiritual abundance. The Angels remind us that we are not separate from Love, we are love. Working hand-in-wing with the Angels we dis-cover how important it is for us to learn to receive and how this restores the balance of the Universe. Can you imagine how much the Angels love you? You may be unaware, as I used to be, that we have a part to play in the lives of the Angels too. The Angels feel the same awe and love when they look at you as you do when you perceive them! When you allow yourself to be open to Their love, which is God's Love, then you raise your vibrations and open the gateway to spiritual abundance. If you have been living your life up until now feeling 'boxed in' and/or separate - when you commune with Angels - the walls begin to come down. The barriers that you have created to resist dis-covering your divinity, as an heir of Heaven, begin to dissolve as you remember your divine origins. You are the divine, expressing itself in human form. Of course, it is one thing to understand this as a concept on an intellectual level and another to know it with every fiber of your being. For most of us, this is an odyssey rather than a short journey. An odyssey worth all the 'inner work' releasing layer upon layer of conditioning from this current life and from past lives. You see we are not here merely to get something from the divine but to express our divinity. This gives divine love, the Love from our Creator and our Angels, a purpose. We have our part to play in the Angels' existence just as the Angels have a part to play in ours. The Angels are part of the grand picture and so are we. Therefore, when we are willing to do what we call 'the work' in order to dis-cover our divine origins - the Angels will give us signs and symbols but will also make sure we do not rely on them. Why you ask? Because the Angels wish to empower us. They help us to move back into our own power as heirs of Heaven. Angels are for everyone. We are equally loved and equally valued by God's Angels. The Angels love us unconditionally as God loves us. God's Love is not a reward for good behavior nor is it a reward for being part of a specific religion or spiritual group. Working with Angels is a miracle available to all those who sincerely wish for this miracle. I have found that it requires a lifetime commitment to spiritual growth and a willingness to receive spiritual abundance. How can you attune to your Angels? You can thank the Angels for their support (your guardian Angels are always with you) using the present tense and remember that the words are not the miracle - the feeling is. Ask. You must ask due to the third dimensional Law of Free Will. Say "thank you" knowing it is already given. Do not let prayer be your last resort option. Ask now. Sometimes in our lives the greatest service we can give is to receive a miracle. Think about how you will spread that miracle around into the lives of others. That is what you came to do. So, please receive it on behalf of yourself and all of us  - because it comes to you from All-That-Is. We are inheritors. Help to restore the balance of the Universe. The Universe wants to provide and the cup is overflowing - it behooves us to cultivate an open receptivity to miracles so we can spread the love and joy. Angels 'take on' many different forms in Their service to God. To experience celestial Angels is to become more like an angel. Leverage the Law of Attraction to call more Angels into your life. Begin to think of people in a more loving way. Why not follow the example of Scotland's Angel Communicator, Kyle Gray, and "imagine a cherub kissing their forehead." You know, one of the many revelations that we learn from A Course in Miracles and also from communing with Angels is that the part of us that asks feels separate and the part of us that receives feels Oneness. In spiritual truth, we are ONE. Angels are willing to assist you with anything that would give you peace. If helping you to find a parking space (give them a heads-up please!) or to locate lost keys or glasses (Archangel Chamuel helps with this as one specialty) gives you peace then the Angels are on standby. We sometimes forget when we get caught up in life's 'busyness' that Angels are part of God's plan for peace and that whatever helps you to become peaceful helps you to remember your divinity and is God's wish for you. Just as Angels are thoughts of God's, so too are we. We are not celestial Angels; however, we are aspects/sparks of God in human form. We exist, forever, in the Mind of God. We are not now, nor have we ever been, separate. The odyssey is the journey Home. (That sentence sent shivers down my spine - confirmation from my predominant clair - clairsentience) And, yes, we can reach Home/Heaven while still on Earth. We can make Earth a heaven or a hell. Choose heaven. In the same way that we must be open to receiving our manifestations in unusual and surprising ways, so too do we need to stretch our minds so that we can receive our divine guidance in different and surprising ways. If you look for guidance in a particular way - you may miss it! Do not worry, the Angels will keep sending you signs and symbols so you will have many more opportunities to receive and act upon Their communications. Ask Them to help you to make yourself available to Them. Meditation is key. No one is blocked from communicating with Angels who sincerely wishes to do so. Not one of us is 'broken'. There is nothing that we need add to ourselves as everything we need is within. We merely need to let go of what no longer serves us and forgive ourselves and forgive others everything. God does not forgive, because God has never condemned. Claim your Self. Own your power. You are a divine being.  An heir of Heaven. Love & Light,   Monica         
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  • 23 Feb 2018
    "The fact that the Law of Attraction remains constant and stable throughout the universe was a big factor in your confidence as you came into your new physical environment, for you knew that the feedback of life would help you to remember and gain your footing. You remembered that the basis of everything is vibration and that the Law of Attraction responds to those vibrations and, in essence, organizes them, bringing things of like vibration together while holding those of not like vibration apart."  Abraham (via Esther Hicks) You are always attracting. The question is, what are you attracting? Why are you attracting it? Everything in this universe is energy - electromagnetic energy. Everything and everyone emits energy, absorbs energy and responds to energy. Energy goes out in waves, and those waves are measured in two ways: frequency, which is how often the wave peaks, and amplitude, which is how high the wave peaks. When it comes to the energy of attraction and manifestation, frequency is determined by how often you focus your energy and actions on a particular outcome, and amplitude is determined by how strongly you focus on it. Everything and everyone also vibrates at a particular frequency which is an energetic signature, or a station like on the radio. When you are attuned to a particular frequency, you attract and experience everything that is on the same wavelength. If you want to change your experience, you have to attune yourself to a different frequency, and you do this by shifting your thoughts, feelings and actions to align with your desired outcome. In other words, if you want a different tune you have to change the channel. Confidence is the number one thing that people find attractive. However, confidence is not cockiness or arrogance (which are masks for insecurity). Confidence is owning your own power. Power to, not power over. To access instant confidence, put your right hand over your solar plexus (your diaphragm at the base of your ribs) - breathe into your solar plexus to center yourself in your power and stand tall. Over the past decade I have worked hand-in-wing with Archangel Michael to help my clients take back their power from those to whom they gave it away. During an Angel reading &/or an Angel healing I often see or feel etheric cords attached to my clients that are draining them of energy and leaving them feeling that they are lacking in confidence. The solar-plexus chakra is the chakra related to issues of power and control. The Angels remind us that no one can control us without our permission. We always have options and choices and the Angels are happy to help us when we ask. With Archangel Michael I cut the etheric cords between my clients and those to whom they have given their power away. If you wish to do this today, here are the action steps that we Angel Therapists(R) take: Sit or recline on your back in a safe, quiet location where you will not be disturbed. Focus on your solar plexus (energy center behind your belly button) Say, aloud or silently, "Archangel Michael, I call upon you now. Please cut any cords of fear from my solar plexus to anyone whom I've given my power away to." Then inhale and exhale deeply as Archangel Michael cuts the etheric cords to those you feared were controlling you. Then say, "Archangel Michael, please give me the courage to take complete responsibility for every area of my life." I find that this needs repeating sometimes down the road, as these cords can grow back if you give your power away again. Always remember to thank the Angels and guides you work with. Jacqueline Whitmore, a business expert and entrepreneur coach, has some advice about mastering confidence which she says is a skill that can be learned. She advises that we "act the part." Body language can demonstrate confidence or insecurity so she reminds us to stand tall and look people in the eye and avoid the limp handshake. Acting confident, she says, is also "dressing the part." She recommends that we suit up for success and then let our personality shine through. Confident people speak assertively - however - do not make the mistake of equating assertive with aggressive because they are very different energies. If you have difficulty distinguishing assertiveness from aggression then I suggest that you read Dr. Doreen Virtue's book called Assertiveness for Earth Angels. I took my Angel Therapy(R) training in California with Doreen and she is a kind, gentle and sensitive person who had to learn assertiveness herself. Think and act positively. Justin Trudeau credits his majority election to his "sunny ways" and his positive attitude and refusal to run a negative campaign. Ironically, before his election, his detractors were writing him off as someone absorbed by "unicorns and rainbows." Negative talk leads to negative outcomes. Also, surround yourself with happy people because this will raise your own vibration and help you develop your confidence. Taking action also helps to develop confidence. Inaction tends to breed doubts and fear while action even small actions, breed confidence. Focus on your strengths not your weaknesses. The old guide and scout motto "be prepared" is a good one. The more preparation that you do the more confident you feel. Baby steps forward work for most of us. I always call in the Angels of Confidence for my clients who are feeling down-trodden or beaten down by life. Their feedback tells me that this works! My own confidence in my work is due to the positive and often detailed feedback from my clients who phone me and send me notes regarding their results of working with me and the Angels. Do you currently know anyone lacking in confidence? Why not take the time to sit quietly and send them thoughts of increased confidence. This will help both of you. What you send out always returns. We are all ONE. Focusing on gratitude for what you already have created always increases confidence. Gratitude is a high vibration and very attractive. Concentrating every day on what you are grateful for increases your attractiveness. I am also a great believer in 'mining the past' for confidence. Sometimes this can include past lives. What have you attracted and achieved in the past? As Dr. Deepak Chopra says, "When you look in the ashes, look well." There is always a way to dis-cover confidence. Tiger's eye is a great stone to carry for fostering self-confidence. It works directly with the sacral and the solar plexus chakras to enhance your connection with your personal power and strengthening your resolve while also softening your stubbornness. It has a reputation for increasing a person's poise and self-esteem and Red Tiger's Eye is the perfect stone for increasing your confidence as a public speaker. My own little 'magic' when I feel any lack of confidence about anything is to 'borrow' confidence from an ascended master. I later found out that others were doing this too!  Who knew? So, any ascended master will help you if you ask sincerely and are willing to receive. Of course, as you know, Archangel Michael is the go-to Archangel for increasing our courage and confidence; however, I have also asked numerous goddesses (such as Pele and Kali) to increase the confidence of my clients who are all lightworkers doing wonderful things in the world. Of course, if you call upon these goddesses for help - you need to be ready for change. They help people of all genders but are known for their strong energy which can be intimidating for some. Your confidence is so attractive and attracts other confident people to you. It is a source of Good for yourself and others and grows and grows as you continue on your path. Move forward with joy. Love & Light,   Monica        
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Ground & Energize Yourself

"The present moment is where life can be found, and if you don't arrive there, you miss your appointment with life."   Thich Nhat Hanh

The point of attraction is always the present moment. Because it is the only moment. When we are both grounded and energized in the NOW we can keep our appointment with life and manifest our dreams. Blocks in our abundance can be caused by places where our energy isn't flowing, such as in our physical body, emotions or our relationships with other people.

Lightworkers going through difficult times often want to escape the harsh energies of earth. Therefore, it is important that we ground ourselves by imagining roots like those of a tree coming from our feet and firmly implanting themselves into the ground. Sit and maintain this visualization for as long as you need in order to feel grounded to the earth. Every morning when you wake up, plant your feet firmly on the ground and visualize your roots going deeply into the earth. This grounds and centers you making you feel more empowered.

Smoky quartz is known to be great at helping you during your meditation to ground and center yourself and also aids in the elimination of fears and enhances your dream awareness.

Fill yourself with vital energy. Eat energizing foods, read inspiring material, watch enlightening programming and spend lots of time in nature and with animals and doing the things you love.

Keeping your energy high is important for manifestation. If our physical, mental and spiritual energies are not functioning at their optimum level, then our manifesting is less likely to work. If our mental energy is low, then we often lack ideas or motivation or perhaps both. If our physical energy is low, then we often lack the ability to put our ideas into practice and to manifest them; therefore, our dreams remain dreams. And, if our spiritual energy is low, we may manifest for selfish reasons in a spirit of aggressive competition - which is unlikely to work. However, if we are energized and in balance - we have a reservoir of fuel in our Dantien (Qi Gong's word for the body's creative energy storehouse) and we are able to manifest with ease.

A number of years ago now I took a week-end retreat with the astounding Qi Gong Master, Robert Peng, the founder of Liquid Light Qi Gong. There was a small number of participants so we got great attention. Master Peng taught us that our physical energy is stored in the Dantien but is depleted by excess stress. He showed us that the Dantien is not only the body's energy store but it is also the body's center of gravity. A constantly revolving sphere it sits on top of the sacral chakra and acts as a kind of higher octave of that chakra to refine and stimulate creativity and new ideas. To be empowered and dynamic, this storehouse needs replenishing. This can be done in a number of ways - one of which is the practice of Qi Gong.

High energy and staying grounded is part of the manifestation process that I learned from one of my teachers, Doreen Virtue, in California. Doreen also taught us that "trying too hard" is counter-productive. Whether we are manifesting our dreams or communicating with our Angels, we need to let go of the belief that it is "difficult" while also letting go of beliefs in struggle and suffering. We trust, believe, and let go. Easy does it!

In order to keep your mental energy high, your mind needs to be active. Active, yet not overactive. Because, if you are too busy to hear your inner guidance, then you are self-sabotaging your manifesting, whether you are conscious of this or not. In order to manifest we must also take care to avoid depression while simultaneously remembering that some form of action, however small(a phone call, email, telepathic communication supporting someone etc.) needs to be taken as and when guided and appropriate. We often waste our mental energy through worry, guilt and other low energies. Hand these to your Angels so they can take them to the Light for purification and transmutation. Substitute prayer and meditation.

We can keep our energy high with carnelian. This stone can banish emotional negativity. The ancient Egyptians used it to energize themselves. Also, other people's jealousy can block our progress and so carnelian releases this.

A great way to keep your energy high is to sing and dance. The Angels often advise my clients who say they feel sluggish to do this. This keeps our energies high while also opening our psychic senses.

No matter what you are manifesting, remember that a dispassionate detachment from the outcome is a gift that you give to yourself. Emotional involvement is definitely necessary for manifestation; however, emotional investment in the outcome is a block. That is one of the reasons why letting go is so important. Remember too, that when you send forth your desires into the universe you add the phrase, "this, or something better manifests for me NOW." The ingenuity of Heaven can devise a plan that is beyond the scope of human imagination!

Love & Light,   Monica






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