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  • 17 Nov 2017
    Whenever I look for an article that lists things such as tools and resources I usually skip the pre-amble and get right to the list. I’m going to assume you’re the same way. So let’s get to it. 1. The Secret to Money An app that shifts your mindset regarding money. There are 5 elements to the app: Desires – where you list your top 5 desires Purchases - Every day you get a cheque from the universe to spend on whatever you want Manifested Money – Here you track manifested money. It doesn’t have to be money. It includes coupons, gifts, health benefits or anything else where you make or save money Daily Inspirations – taken directly from The Secret books, these are intended to shift your mindset about money Affirmations – new affirmations around money and abundance are loaded daily (and a lot are recycled) Cost: $6.99 one-time for Apple and $6.49 one-time for Android Pros: It’s fun spending money on whatever you want, which is the point Actively searching for manifested money in your life is a neat way to shift your money from lack to abundance It’s easy to use The inspirations and affirmations are inspiring Cons: After a while you stop getting money every day, and instead you get it once a week, unless you reset it to the beginning. Some technical glitches here and there     Bonus: Click Here for a PDF Version of this blog post! Plus new members receive a free copy of our eBook: 9 Truths That Will Turn Your World Upside Down  2. Law of Attraction Toolbox This really is a toolbox of LOA techniques that will help you manifest including: Feel as if game – Your given a positive scenario (you just landed your dream job etc.) and then asked to feel the feeling of having that manifestation Appreciation Game – The app identifies things (such as water) to be appreciative about) Receive and Spend game – similar to The Secret Game, but not as comprehensive Thank You Journal Game - You write a journal entry highlighting your feelings after manifesting something List of Positive Aspects – You identify positive aspects of something in your life (education etc.) The Magic-Daily Gratitude – identify what you’re thankful for daily Focus Wheel – If you don’t know what that is, watch this video to find out Cost: Free to use each technique once a day, or $6.99 for unlimited use for Apple only Pros: Comprehensive and really well thought out Easy to use Cons: Not yet available on Android   3. Insight Timer – Meditation App This is an insane spiritual app with the following features: Over 4800 guided meditations filtered by length, topic and your experience with meditation Spiritual “music” including chantings & mantras, nature sounds, binaural beats, drumming and more also filtered by length of time and genre 365 playlist where a new meditation is featured everyday Over 500 talks on all sorts of spiritual subjects List of over 1500 spiritual teachers Timer for meditations Spiritual groups (like on Facebook) Cost: Free to use for both Apple and Android, but there are chargeable service options that will soon be available Pros: Tonnes of meditations for any subject Easy to use Ability to connect with others Free Cons: With the amount of content on this app it can get overwhelming       4. Day One Journal Okay so this is not directly spiritual but if you’re looking for a way to journal then this is your app. Features include: Ability to add photos Reminders Calendar Past journals are stored Ability to sync across all devices (premium version only) Ability to add details such as location, time and date, temperature and weather, step count and music playing Cost: Free to download for both Apple and Android. Premium version costs $48 per year Pros: A journaling experience you can’t even replicate in real life Easy to use You can sync (for premium version) Free version has a lot of features Cons: Premium version is expensive     5. Quotes: Daily quote of the day by Ultabit LLC A simple app that shows one inspiring quote a day. Features include: Ability to share quotes Ability to create a favourite list of quotes Click on the person who said the quote and it takes you to a Wikipedia about that person Cost: Free for both Apple and Android, but there are ads. You can pay $1.99 per year to remove the ads Pros: Simple and easy to use Ads aren’t in your face like other quote apps Cons: Other apps by the same name. Not really a con of the app, but be weary. You want to get the app by Ultabit     6. Brain Focus Productivity Timer Based on the Pomodoro Technique by Francesco Cirillo, this simple app helps you focus and maximize your productivity. Basically you pick a task and decide to split it into 4 work sessions with mini-brakes in between and then after the 4 work sessions, you have 1 long break. Here are the features of the app: Choose the length of the work session and the length of the short breaks and long breaks. Statistics that track your productivity Export stats to CSV Ability to group stats into categories (unlimited for pro version) Backup data (pro version only) Cost: Free to download for both Apple and Android. Donate from $1.99 up for pro version Pros: Easy to use Great way to stay focused Cons: None       Bonus: Click Here for a PDF Version of this blog post! Plus new members receive a free copy of our eBook: 9 Truths That Will Turn Your World Upside Down  7. SimpleMind Did you know the law of attraction works for your thoughts as well? That’s right, the more you think about a particular subject, the more like thoughts are attracted to you. That’s why this brainstorming and mind mapping app is so helpful. It allows you to map and brainstorm your ideas and do it long enough and LOA will kick in, making it easier for you to come up with awesome ideas. Features include: Ability to create mind maps Ability to color code them Ability to create unlimited mind maps and brainstorms Ability to use auto layouts Add media and documents Sync with other devices Ability to share Cost: free for the basic version for both iOS and Android. Pro version $6.99 if you upgrade within the free app. Pros: Tonnes of cool features Flexible Multi-functional Cons: Can take a little while to figure out     8. Good News Network A simple app that only shares good news. Keeps in perspective that there is a lot of good in this world and helps with your mood and mindset. Features include: Split into categories including news, culture, uplift, this day in history, photo of the day and animals Ability to comment Ability to save as favorite Ability to share Free to use for both Apple and Android. Pros: Lots of good news stories Easy to use Beautiful layout Cons: None       9. The Kindness App A cute app with about 100 kindness challenges that you can do every day. What's great about this app is that the developer is doing this out of the kindness of his heart. He makes no money off of this whatsoever. Features include: A list of kindnesses you can perform every day Ability to document and revisit your progress Ability to start a compassion challenge Ability to suggest your own kindnesses for others Audio exercises to help you build compassion Free to use for both Apple and Android. Pros: Very easy to use Intuitive Made with love Lots of cool kindness ideas Cons: None Bonus: Click Here for a PDF Version of this blog post! Plus new members receive a free copy of our eBook: 9 Truths That Will Turn Your World Upside Down 
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  • 24 Nov 2017
    I know this title is loaded. I’m actually suggesting that if you read these books, your life will change, which is a pretty bold statement.   But I’m confident they will. Why? Because they changed my life. In case you have no idea who I am, my name is Dave and I’m the owner of this site, which is a free online spiritual social network.   You see I’ve been on a serious spiritual journey for years now and I’ve read an incredible amount of books on the topic, and while I believe that you can take something away from every book, some are so profound and offer such a shocking perspective on life and who we really are, that you can literally finish that book a different person than when you started.   And if you read a combination of all these books, the impact will be even greater because you’re gathering important input from each of them and combining them to come up with your own healthy model of the world.   Bonus: Click Here for a PDF Version of this blog post! Plus new members receive a free copy of our eBook: 9 Truths That Will Turn Your World Upside Down    Anyways, enough of me rambling on, let’s get to the 8 spiritual books that will change your life:   Conversations with God: An Uncommon Dialogue, Book 1     Author: Neale Donald Walsch   Published: 1996   The first book in a series of three, this incredible conversation between Neale and God will provide you with a new perspective on how life really works.   Touching on such subjects as Law of Attraction, who you really are, and your purpose, this book is like the Matrix of books.   Once you take the red pill you can never go back, which in this case is preferable because you begin to understand that the World is much friendlier and you are much more powerful than you ever imagined!    2. Ask and It Is Given   Authors: Esther and Jerry Hicks   Published: 2010   Based on the teachings of Abraham, a collection of non-physical entities explaining how life really works through Esther Hicks, this book will open your eyes to the universal laws governing our world and techniques that you can employ to start creating the life of your dreams.   Regardless, if you believe the basic premise of Abraham or not, the impact of this book really comes down to how much the concepts identified resonate with you.   And based on my experience with Abraham teachings and hundreds of thousands of others, it resonates quite strongly and with an open-mind will shift your view of the world.   Though there are several incredible books written by Esther and Jerry, I believe this one will have the greatest impact.    3. The Power of Intention   Author: Dr. Wayne Dyer   Published: 2005   I knew I was reading something magnificent when early on in the book, I read the following quote:   “A tiny acorn with no apparent power to think or make plans for its future contains intention from the invisible field. If you cut the acorn open, you won’t see a giant oak tree, but you know it’s there.”   - The Power of Intention   The late Wayne Dyer published, more than 40 books (21 of them bestsellers) and this one, in my opinion is the best one.   It also departures from Wayne’s earlier works because he focuses on co-creating the life of your dreams by working with the energies of intention and the universe, as opposed to working hard on your own to succeed.   This book has so many insights, you’ll want to read it twice and then probably want to read his other books. That’s what happened to me.   This book is also full of practical advice, helping you understand what the faces of intentions look like, obstacles to connecting with these energies and how to apply it in certain situations in your life.   Definitely worth a read!   Bonus: Click Here for a PDF Version of this blog post! Plus new members receive a free copy of our eBook: 9 Truths That Will Turn Your World Upside Down     4. The Power of Now   Author: Eckhart Tolle   Published: 1999   Without actually using the term, Eckhart identifies the power of mindfulness like no one else.   This book is both esoteric and practical at the same time and when you actually take the time to understand what he’s saying you begin to sense the importance of this very theoretically simple concept.   In the book Tolle draws on both the teachings of Jesus and Buddha, but not at all from a religious perspective. He takes their words and interprets them from a spiritual perspective.   While it can be complex at times, paying attention to the implications of living in the moment will help you take a look at yourself and understand where you may be tripping yourself up in terms of living the life of your dreams.   This is definitely an incredible book that I believe will stand the test of time.    5. Life on Earth: Understanding Who We Are, How We Got Here, and What May Lie Ahead   Author: Mike Dooley   Published: 2016   Relatively new and not as well-known as the other books on this list, this one is similar to Conversations with God but almost seems to be written as a complementary guide to Conversations.   This book is really a collection of questions and answers gathered throughout Mike’s life.   The strange part is it was him doing both the asking and answering.   Kind of in the spirit of Abraham Hicks, Mike seems to have tapped into his higher self for the answers and in the same spirit of Abraham, it’s not a question whether you believe it or not, but rather how well the answers resonate with you.   And let me tell you, they resonated with me. He also touches on subjects such as Law of Attraction, but also focuses on concepts such as suffering and “accidents” and also provides a bunch of practical techniques you can use to create your ideal life.   Definitely a new book that I believe will gain popularity as time goes on.   6. The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself   Author: Michael Singer   Published 2007   This book blew me away! Plain and simple.   Written by Michael Singer, a man who has lived an extraordinary life, his ability to help you discover who-you-really-are and how to connect with that power within is amazing. And with such simplicity.   He also takes complicated subjects and breaks them down into simple, easy to understand concepts that anyone can apply.   The funny thing is I thought I had a strong grasp of spiritual concepts before I touched this book and then realized that I didn’t and that this book elevated my spiritual experience to deeper level.   If there is one book on this list, that will have a large impact, quickly, this is it.   7. Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender     Author: David R. Hawkins   Published: 2013   Closer to the beginning of my spiritual journey, I glossed over the concept of letting go/surrendering/releasing, probably because I had to deal with a whole bunch of other issues first, but as my journey continued, I began to see the importance of letting go.   What’s more interesting is that books I previously mentioned discussed the concept but it never resonated with me.   You can’t miss the concept of letting go with this book, because that’s the whole point of this book. Moreover, through this book you begin to understand the importance and power of letting something go.   It is in fact so powerful, that this mere act alone can change your life.   And while on the surface it may seem like a simple thing to do, be warned that the mere act of letting go will bring up a whole host of uncomfortable issues, but trust me when I say you’ll be a different person on the other side.   8. The Brain That Changes Itself   Author: Norman Doidge Published: 2007   Okay, so I have to confess something. This isn’t a spiritual book. In fact it’s based on science, but I believe the concept behind it is so important and will have such reaching implications on how you view life, I couldn’t leave it out.   If you’re wondering what it’s about, the title says it all.   Science recently confirmed that our brains are malleable. Termed neuroplasticity, our brains can literally re-wire itself with some practice, no matter how old you are.   And the implications are extremely exciting, because it confirms that you’re never too old to change, your mind or your life. So step away from the spiritual books for a little and read this one. You won’t be sorry.   So there you have it. 8 books that will change your life.   Of course there are others. Hundreds of others that will impact your life and I’m quite sure that as I continue down my journey more will be added to me list, but in the meantime, these 8 books will significantly move you down your path.     Bonus: Click Here for a PDF Version of this blog post! Plus new members receive a free copy of our eBook: 9 Truths That Will Turn Your World Upside Down  Now I’d love to hear from you. What books do you absolutely love and recommend?  
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  • 08 Dec 2017
    Do a search for Abraham Hicks in YouTube and you'll find over 1M hits. Now not all of them are Abraham talks, but thousands of them are.   As a result, it's hard to wade through all the videos and find the gems that will appeal to you. And that's why I put together this list of (definitely not exhaustive) videos, which shift your vibration, make you see things in a new light, inspire you and more.    So happy viewing and please leave a comment at the bottom if you have any Abraham videos you'd like to add.     Offer: Click here if you're interested in a 2 hour Abraham Hicks audio on The Art of Allowing   Video 1:   Abraham Hicks - Things you must do everyday     Here's the YouTube Channel.   This video is 8:37 and in it Abraham focuses on 4 things you must do every day to align with who-you-really-are. Consider this video kind of like a list of habits that someone who wants to tap into the Law of Attraction needs to do.   These “must do’s” are simple in practice, but will take some time. According to Abraham though, taking the time do align with your source is the most important pre-condition to achieving all of your life’s desires.   Video 2:   Abraham Hicks: How easy it's to get a lot of money, just apply the simple rule   Here's the YouTube Channel.   This video is 11:11 and the topic focuses on how to get the “big” money in your life. “Big” is in quotes because Abraham highlights the issue with classifying money as “big” or “not big”. The issue being that the very classification of “big” implicitly equates to something that is harder to attain.   When you consider something harder to attain, then you’re adding resistance to the coming of that desire. Abraham then proceeds to offer a formula to remedy these thoughts and help you get in the right vibrational state to manifest whatever it is you desire.   Video 3:   Abraham Hicks - The easiest way to start positive momentum     Here's the YouTube Channel.   This video is 14:28 and focuses on the easiest way to start down the path of positive momentum, even when nothing seems to be going right in your life. Abraham’s advice is to go general and what that means is explained in the video, including a detailed rampage of general positive momentum. And these examples can be applied by everyone.    Abraham also highlights that positive momentum is just that; momentum that you can get swept up in for any subject you can imagine. And that’s because law of attraction also attracts like thoughts to you. So if you’re focusing on something that makes you feel good, for example, then more feel good thoughts will come to you. And when you’re in this mode the amount of resistance you feel goes down significantly.   Further, once this positive momentum becomes a habit, then you will attract others in the same vibrational field as you.     Video 4: Abraham Hicks ~ Let go and Dream Big   Here's the YouTube Channel.   In this video, Abraham identifies a common issue that most people have when it comes to their desires, and that’s namely the issue that our desires have yet to manifest in our physical reality.   And because we place our feeling good on the condition of manifesting that desire, we choose not to pay attention to our desires because we find it painful to think about, because it’s not yet here.   In other words, we hold ourselves in resistance to the allowing of our own manifestations by ignoring our desires.   But this doesn’t have to be the case. We can decide to feel good regardless of whether we have achieved our desire or not. And that’s because we’ll never run out of our desires.   We’ll never stop wanting more, so placing your happiness on the achievement of our desires will result in us never feeling good.   An alternative is to feel good without the manifestation. In fact you can feel good about the desire by focusing your attention on how good it will feel once you have it. You just have to activate that positive vibration within you.     Offer: Click here if you're interested in a 2 hour Abraham Hicks audio on The Art of Allowing   Video 5:    Abraham-Hicks/ Change vibration instantly     Here's the YouTube Channel.   This video is 14:37 and focuses on techniques you can use to deactivate a limiting belief (which is really a very active vibration) and eventually replace it with more aligned beliefs.   Some suggestions include not talking about your beliefs (or at least talking about it less than before) and if you find yourself in a conversation with someone who brings that belief up, knowing how to respond to lessen the active part of it.   Abraham also identifies how to treat yourself when you do find yourself thinking or talking about that limited belief, specifically focusing on not judging yourself for thinking it in the first place.     The whole objective is to bring some awareness into how you feel, what to say and how to behave, with the intention of shifting your focus from unwanted things to wanted things.   Abraham then takes the concept to the next level, highlighting what will naturally happen to you when you deactivate your limiting beliefs. What’s said in this part of the talk is profound and helps you understand deliberate creation in a new way.   Video 6:   Abraham Hicks: Heal yourself, start regenerating your body cells, become young and strong again     Here's the YouTube Channel.    This video is 10:40 and focuses on how to heal your physical body. Abraham goes into some detail about the cells in our body and how they are regenerated and also what the cells represent in terms of our connections with source.   When left to their own devices, our cells know how to automatically fix any imbalances in our body and bring our body’s back to perfect health.   What affects our cells though is the mind and what we think and how we feel. In other words we are the gatekeepers of how our body feels by either allowing our natural well being to flow or not.   Finally, Abraham offers advice about how to allow when you’re not feeling well.   Video 7:   Abraham-Hicks~ How to be unconditionally HAPPY!     Here's the YouTube Channel.   This video is 15:27 and focuses on being happy no matter what's going on in your life.   This was touched upon in another video, but this one really gets at the heart of it. Essentially, we are all looking for the condition of the manifestation to occur before allowing ourselves to feel good.   The issue is the desires that precede the manifestations are loaded with our past beliefs and conditionings and therefore automatically introduce resistance into the equation.   To explain this in some more detail, a desire is born out of contrast. Meaning an unwanted experience causes us to desire something we don’t have in our lives (usually the opposite of the unwanted experience). So if you can’t pay your next bill for example, then the desire for more money comes about.   However, the wanting of money, to continue the example, is loaded with the bad feelings that comes from not paying the bill and keeps you focused on the fact that you don’t have the money, making you feel worse.   And now you’ve created the condition of having money before feeling good. “My bad feeling associated with not paying the bill will go away once I have the money.”   Unfortunately, you’re stuck in the vibration of “not having enough money” meaning you’ll continue to attract the like vibration of “not having enough money”.   Instead you need to do the opposite. You need to feel good first and then the manifestation will come. You become happy by gaining momentum and aligning with who-you-really are. And then the ideas start to flow, the inspirations start coming and the coincidences start to show up.   The key takeaway is to feel good no matter what.     Offer: Click here if you're interested in a 2 hour Abraham Hicks audio on The Art of Allowing   Video 8:   Abraham-Hicks | Signs MANIFESTATION is NEAR!     Here's the YouTube Channel.   This video is 14:25 and at the beginning focuses on when to use certain tools such as meditation and visualization during the manifestation process.   More specifically, meditation is to be used to kind of reset your vibrational patterns allowing for more positive vibrations to flow through your experience, whereas visualization is better when you’re in a positive state and the actual process of visualization adds to the already good feeling.   Abraham then expands on the concept by highlighting signs that manifestation is near. The first thing you need to recognize and accept is that the manifestation has already occurred at a vibrational level.   Then ideas start to flow. You’re becoming clearer about the next steps to take. You start feeling good about that desire, even though it hasn’t shown up in your physical reality. You also have positive expectation about the manifestation.   This though can only work as long as you’re not offering resistance to it. Meaning not being discouraged by the absence of it or upset or anxious. In other words, like Abraham’s message in the other videos, you have to unconditionally feel good first.   Abraham also reinforces that you don’t need to try so hard to get the manifestation. Allow it to come into your experience. Allow the ideas and thoughts to come to you instead of trying to figure it out.   Video 9:  Abraham Hicks - Are There Spiritual Forces With Us   Here's the YouTube Channel.   This video is 12:30 and the first 7 minutes focuses on a topic completely unrelated from the title of the video.   The topic focuses on how to feel about the contrast. For those unfamiliar with the teachings of Abraham, contrast is the first step in the formation of a desire.   When you experience something you don’t want, a desire associated with what you do want is born. That experience is called contrast.   Oftentimes we feel bad when we experience contrast and the reason is because we condemn ourselves for feeling bad.   Abraham clarifies that contrast is a necessary step of the manifestation process that will always be there, whether you want it to or not. It’s the genesis of expansion and no matter how hard you try, it will always be there.   Therefore, it makes more sense to recognize it as a necessary step in the process and more importantly the start of a delicious new manifestation. The main message, therefore is when you experience contrast in the future, make sure to go easy on yourself and recognize it for the value contained within it.   The second part of the video answers the question asked in the title. The short answer is yes, in fact we ourselves are spiritual forces, or in other words we’re much more than our physical selves. We are non-physical beings in a physical body.   Video 10: Abraham Hicks ~ Creating Self Worth     Here's the YouTube Channel.   This video is 14:43 and focuses specifically on how to create self-worth.   The video begins by Abraham defining fear, which is explained as having a desire while at the same time holding a belief that contradicts the desire. She likens it to sticking a pencil in a well-functioning fan.   She then expands this concept to all negative emotions including lack of self-worth.   Whenever your thoughts are negative, they are in contradiction to who-you-really-are, which is an extension of source energy (or God, or pure positive energy or whatever you call it). And that’s why you feel bad. Because you are in contradiction of your true essence.   The irony, based on this understanding, is that you don’t have to find self-worth, or happiness, or joy, or loving feelings or anything. You already are all of those things. You simply have to remove the negative thoughts and self-worth, love, happiness and joy will naturally arise within you.   To better understand this, Abraham uses the example of holding a cork under water. You holding the cork under water is equivalent to your negative thoughts and you letting go of the cork and letting it naturally rise to the surface is you letting go of your negative thoughts.   Now Abraham stresses that negative feelings are not a bad thing. It’s an important indication of your disconnection with who-you-really-are. In other words you have a guidance system (your emotions) that helps you understand how close or far away you are from the real you.     Offer: Click here if you're interested in a 2 hour Abraham Hicks audio on The Art of Allowing   So there you have it. 10 videos that will you see the world in a new way and understand why you do the thins you do and how to feel good no matter what.    
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  • 13 Nov 2017
    We’ve all heard the saying: “There’s no time like the present”, which of course means the best time to take action is now. But that statement is more than a cute quote; it’s the most accurate statement you can make. There is no time like the present, because the present is all that exists. The past and future are constructs of our mind and cannot exist outside our mind. Now is all there is. Put simply, mindfulness is the acceptance of now. When you’re mindful you’re moving your mind beyond the past and future and simply being in the present. It sounds obvious and it is, but very few people live in the now. At most, we experience glimpses of mindfulness (especially in a life or death situation), but most of the time we either fret over the past or are planning for the future. In order to better understand mindfulness, it’s important to understand what it’s not, as much as what it is. Mindfulness is NOT about distracting yourself with whatever is around you. Examples include looking at your phone every 5 minutes, or checking your Facebook profile constantly, or reading the news or even multi-tasking. It’s also about not letting yourself get distracted, which is quite easy today. Email notifications, advertisements, and the conversation from your work colleagues down the hall etc. In other words, it’s fully being in the moment no matter what else is around you. There is no one right way to be mindful, but the popular suggestions are to focus your attention on whatever you’re doing at the time. For example, if you’re eating, you pay attention to every bite. You see, feel, taste and smell the food and appreciate every morsel you ingest. When you’re walking you pay attention to your body and how it moves and every step you take. When you’re speaking to another person you are solely focused on that person and what they are saying and fully engaged in every word of the conversation. When you’re working, you pay full attention to the work at hand. When you’re driving you only focus on your movements while you drive and the traffic around you. All of these suggestions come down to accepting the now and not letting your mind move to the past or future (i.e. while eating lunch you’re planning the rest of your work day). From my perspective, true mindfulness requires two steps. Accepting the now (difficult enough for most people, but possible) and deliberately interpreting the now as positively as you can. It’s one thing to accept and live in the now of a traffic jam, it’s quite another to accept the traffic jam as an opportunity to appreciate the car you sit in, the ability for you to drive at all, how well traffic flows overall, the scenery around you etc. That’s true mindfulness, because not only are you conscious of the now, your conscious of how you’re feeling about the now. Deliberate interpretation of the now seems like a contradiction, because when you’re mindful you’re not thinking, you’re simply being. But for many those are fleeting moments that are difficult to sustain. Your mind will come back, so why not use it as a tool to continue to focus on the now in a positive way. In other words, you direct where your thoughts should go, in the present moment. So there you go. Mindfulness explained the Dave Asch way. What do you think? Agree disagree? Let’s extend this conversation further by sharing your thoughts.
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Law of Attraction 2,668 views Nov 13, 2017
Law of Attraction (A simple definition)

A lot of people have heard about the Law of Attraction, mostly through the movie The Secret, but few truly understand it. I’m writing this post to help you understand law of attraction.

In its simplest form, thoughts become things. This is a universal law (like gravity), meaning that it applies to everyone. Your dominant thoughts about any particular subject has to become reality. There is no external or outside force that can change or influence this law. Though an external force can influence your thoughts, if you allow it.

Your thoughts impact how you feel and how you feel is literally a reflection of your vibrations. Scientifically speaking, nothing is solid in our world. Break anything down into its smallest components and you’ll see energy moving at various frequencies. That’s what’s meant by vibration. You attract people and things in your life based on your vibrations, or in other words, based on how you feel. And each feeling vibrates at a different frequency. So if you’re angry, you’ll attract more things to be angry about. If you’re happy, you’ll attract more things to be happy about and so on. If you’re having a hard time believing this, think back on your life (or someone else’s) and you’ll quickly see it to be true.

Now the biggest criticism of The Secret (warranted or not) is that it only focused on the thought aspect of the law of attraction and not the action part. Criticisms aside, action is necessary when it comes to law of attraction. But not all actions taken are equal.

Trying to do something in a frustrated state is not the same as trying to do something in a calm positive state. And that’s the point. How you feel plays a huge role in the actions you take. And how you feel is a direct result of what you think. When you think loving thoughts, or thoughts of gratitude, or abundant thoughts, the same feelings and actions follow, leading to an outcome commensurate with those thoughts.

Further, you perceive the world through those lenses (including other people), resulting in a process of actions and reactions.  

Of course, there is no fooling the Law of Attraction (just like there’s no fooling the law of gravity). You cannot pretend to feel good when you really don’t. Your vibrations don’t ever lie.

So there you have it. Of course, law of attraction can (and does) go into much more detail, including how to use it in your favor, but that will be saved for future posts.

If you feel you have anything to add, or have any questions, please leave a comment and extend the conversation beyond this post.  


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